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Jamiet99uk (60 D)
Sun 03 Dec UTC
((Please do not post in this thread unless you are a participant in the game))
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TrPrado (372 D)
07:36 PM UTC
But I will say, I’m becoming considerably more confident that bozo is scum.
TrPrado (372 D)
07:52 PM UTC
FUCK. I meant to copy the case with CTRL-C, but accidentally hit shift. Thank god I had an earlier version copied. I’m using a google doc now.
RagingIke297 (147 D)
08:23 PM UTC
**Co-Gm Anecdote:

Shift-X, shift-C and shift-V get me all the time. Notepad is the worst when that happens. You do not pass go, you do not get to undo, go directly to upset and depressed.
Foxcastle (159 D)
08:31 PM UTC
No Ctl-z to undo? That usually works for me...

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zultar (3900 D Mod (P))
Mon 06 PM UTC
Official webDip Holiday: On the first day of Xmas, my zultar gave to me
Joys, fun, and prizes inside, 2017 edition, 3rd annual holiday!
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Peregrine Falcon (1290 D Mod (B))
20 Oct 17 UTC
Study Group - Fall 2017
Fall 2017 Study Group Lecture and Discussion Thread. This semester will be taught by Professors Tom Bombadil and StackelbergFollower.
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Peregrine Falcon (1290 D Mod (B))
18 Oct 17 UTC
School of War - Fall 2017
Fall 2017 School of War Lecture and Discussion Thread. This semester will be taught by Professors ckroberts, eturnage, and Djantani.
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damian (395 D)
Tue 05 Dec UTC
Century Leagues
The Full Press Tournament You've All Been Waiting For!

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Jamiet99uk (60 D)
Wed 11 AM UTC
(Un)Official webDip Xmas Holiday Party!
webDip members and ex-moderators in good standing are invited to the first annual webDip Xmas Party. See below for the rules.
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Thaneofwhiterun (1187 D)
Tue 03 AM UTC
Underrepresented minority groups.
I think that when people have been singing the praises of both vanilla and strawberry milkshakes, the truly greatest milkshakes have fallen to the wayside. Chocolate-Peanut butter shakes are the best and you all need to see the error of your ways.
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Literary Pugilist (185 D)
Wed 09 PM UTC
Resulting Fallacy
This article is about decision making in poker, but I think it equally applies to Diplomacy and well lots of other things too. I think a lot of players, including myself, fall into this trap of believing everything that works was a good decision and everything that doesn't was a bad one.

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MajorMitchell (991 D)
23 Nov 17 UTC
Ashes Test Cricket
Hoorah !!! England's Cricket Team is in Australia for the Ashes Test Cricket Series
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VashtaNeurotic (1162 D)
Wed 03 AM UTC
Alleged Child Molester Loses Election
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brainbomb (420 D)
Sat 09 Dec UTC
Webdip Chess Challenge
I would like to challenge webdips finest chess players. I am a USCF 1500 player. A bit out of practice. But I think itd be neat to get something going through chess.com.
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DemonOverlord (558 D)
14 Nov 17 UTC
webDiplomacy Mentor-Apprentice Program
See below
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datapolitical (100 D)
Sun 10 Dec UTC
Postal Game
There was a postal game organized on here a couple years ago that I really enjoyed. If there's interest in it doing it again, I'd love to organize one.

Couple weeks for each turn, communication only by postal mail.
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dank57 (49 D)
Wed 03 AM UTC
Brainstorming on getting more no-press live classic games
Arg! We had 6 for a no-press (i.e. no-chat) live game tonight, no cigar. And there haven't been a lot of no-press Many years ago, my FTF Dip crew had a similar problem ... some wanted and had time for no-press, others didn't, so we couldn't get 7 ... and we came up with a neat solution, which I'll share in a minute. But first ... anyone have advice on how we drum up support for a live no-press game?
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brainbomb (420 D)
Wed 02 AM UTC
ANTIFA recruitment drive
Lets get signuos going for the Webdip Antifa chapter. Given the rules we should stress that our chapter will be a non-violent one. Our focus will be bringing rainbow colored punch to racist rallies and encouraging patient nonviolent discourse about the dangers of facism. Sign up here!
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Smokey Gem (123 D)
Sat 09 Dec UTC
Non Rhyming thread
One word only and it can't rhyme with any previuos word.
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Nikola Maric Eto (13713 D)
Sun 11 PM UTC
Five years on WebDiplomacy
Cheers to you, souls! :)))
I'm high and drunk. Which is good.
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MadMarx (31689 D (G))
08 Sep 17 UTC
MadMarx Casual Anonymous Classic France vs Austria Tournament
Details within
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SkiingCougar (517 D)
Sat 09 Dec UTC
My favorite user on webdip
Yoyoyozo is a fantastic member. He's super kind and really good at Diplomacy. Who is your favorite user on this site?
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damo666 (16 D)
Tue 11 AM UTC
Where did Christmas points gift thread go?
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CAPT Brad (2067 D (B))
23 Oct 17 UTC
Oklahoma for Native Americans!
Oklahoma was cursed ever since it was stolen from the Native Americans. All the 'white' and 'brown' and 'black' and 'asian' folks (and any other non-native folks) should pack up and leave to texas or some place else and give it back. What say you?
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dargorygel (350 D Mod (G))
Tue 09 PM UTC
Non Sequitur Thread
Here is a thread for typing arguments and statements that make no sense, and have nothing to do with the thread topic, or the previous entries. So you don't have to post them on real threads. Have at it.
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curupira (2635 D)
Mon 05 PM UTC
AlphaGo Zero
I invite the members to share any thoughts about the recent achievements of Alpha Go Zero applied to Chess.

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Maniac (344 D (B))
Sun 10 Dec UTC
Famous people who play diplomacy
Just been watching a repeat of "Would i lie to you" and David Mitchell mentioned playing diplomacy as a child. Anybody know any other mentions of the game?
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dancing queen (100 D)
Fri 08 Dec UTC
New video series on Diplomacy
New project for me: Diplomacy Academy. Its still a bit rough as I'm working out the best way to execute in the format. I think there's some value to be had and its improving! https://goo.gl/yxGQbY
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WyattS14 (0 D)
Mon 12 AM UTC
My cat is currently walking across my keyboard
He's a black cat that I inherited from someone with the name, "Fun- Fun". He likes to apodfjvs aiowpucvsjpwioarjdsvncbhoizo;adsclx zpi90432 u8 regihfjvk;czxlmlfa;dslvjcnx 0[4
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Hellenic Riot (1528 D Mod (G))
08 Nov 17 UTC
Winter 1v1 Champions League
The Champions League returns! See inside for details.
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c0dyz (90 D)
Tue 08 AM UTC
Public Press
I really love public press, who wants to get a game going?
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Condescension (348 D)
Sat 09 Dec UTC
Has anyone noticed the forum getting better?
With KB banhammered, all the nazis being ignored and laughed at rather than engaged and educational material everywhere, the forum has gotten noticabley less toxic and more useless. We need to fix this.
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Smokey Gem (123 D)
Sun 10 Dec UTC
My least favourite player on webdip.
Can this be done without getting personal ??
name only no reasons ..
this should make condesension happy.
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