webDiplomacy is proud to announce that we now support gameplay with artificial intelligence! For information regarding this one-of-a-kind game mode, click here. To hear more in an interview from jmo and pw, click here. To sign up for the Terminator Tournament, click here.

Congratulations to Scarabus, Brumark, and Claesar for sweeping the podium at MaccCon!

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Mentor Program

Mentor-Apprentice Program (External Link) This is a program to allow new members to receive advice and guidance on the game from our more experienced members.
If you are a new member and want a mentor, click here to sign up.
If you would like to mentor a new member, please click here to sign up.
Any questions on this program can be directed to webdipmentors@gmail.com.

Contact Information

If you need to contact one of the site owners, or see more about what the moderator team and owners can help you out with, see their Contact Information here!

DATC Adjudicator Tests

For experts; the adjudicator tests which show that webDiplomacy is true to the proper rules.

GNU Affero General License

The OSI approved license which applies to the vast majority of webDiplomacy.

Developer Info

If you want to fix/improve/install webDiplomacy all the info you need to make it happen is here.


The Credits. All the people who made this site possible. Includes a list of active moderators.

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