Developer/webmaster info
If you want to fix/improve/install webDiplomacy all the info you need to make it happen is here.

Links - The forum for developers. - The project page. - The github .


README.txt - Installation data for webmasters

AGPL.txt - The license protecting this code, if you make changes to the code you've got to share those changes.

Some of the data below may apply mainly to 0.8x, and not be up to date for 0.9x, but the differences are mostly minor.


If you want to make a change this is where you should start. The two images and text files below will give you a feel for where everything is and how webDip is structured, so you know where to go to find whatever you need to change.

layout-code.png, layout-code.txt - File/directory layout image and text file; how the code is structured and what different files do

layout-database.png, layout-database.txt - The database layout image and text file; how the database is structured and what different tables do


To get a patch submitted first check that the idea is okay. If it's not in the todo-list at post it to the ideas section.

Once the patch is done post a link to a demo site where it's working, along with the code, and it'll get added in once it has been checked.

Misc notes

javascript.txt - JavaScript info

gotchas.txt - Annoying quirks

archive.txt - Info on the archive tables

coasts.txt - Info on how coasts are handled