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miil233 (0 D X)
26 Feb 18 UTC
Servo Frein manufacturers
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miil233 (0 D X)
26 Feb 18 UTC
China Good Quality Bonell Spring For Mattress suppliers
China Good Quality Bonell Spring For Mattress suppliers
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miil233 (0 D X)
26 Feb 18 UTC
3000 Series Aluminum Sheet manufacturer
make-up plate, photocopier roller, and marine usage.3000 Series Aluminum Sheet manufacturer
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miil233 (0 D X)
26 Feb 18 UTC
wholesale Hand Dryer
Our factory
Product Applicationwholesale Hand Dryer
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TomAikins (100 D)
27 Jan 18 UTC
Cant't Join A Game
I have finally found a way to sign up for a game but I keep getting an error message when I enter my password to join the game.
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David E. Cohen (100 D)
24 Jan 18 UTC
New Variant: Dawn of the Enlightenment
It is on a temporary homepage,, since I am having a bit of trouble editing my main website. Please take a look. I would love to get comments, suggestions and criticism.
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leon1122 (211 D)
14 Jan 18 UTC
Interesting Subject
This is an interesting subject. Please discuss.
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joshaj8 (100 D)
10 Jan 18 UTC
Playing with less than 7?
Does anyone know if we are able to play a game with less than 7 people? And if we can, does anyone know how we go about doing that? Our current game will only start if we have 7.

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MajorMitchell (984 D)
23 Nov 17 UTC
Ashes Test Cricket
Hoorah !!! England's Cricket Team is in Australia for the Ashes Test Cricket Series
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Jamiet99uk (100 D)
03 Dec 17 UTC
((Please do not post in this thread unless you are a participant in the game))
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toms (0 D X)
03 Jan 18 UTC
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Peregrine Falcon (1531 D (B))
20 Oct 17 UTC
Study Group - Fall 2017
Fall 2017 Study Group Lecture and Discussion Thread. This semester will be taught by Professors Tom Bombadil and StackelbergFollower.
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Peregrine Falcon (1531 D (B))
18 Oct 17 UTC
School of War - Fall 2017
Fall 2017 School of War Lecture and Discussion Thread. This semester will be taught by Professors ckroberts, eturnage, and Djantani.
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datapolitical (100 D)
30 Dec 17 UTC
Sunday morning/early afternoon live game
Who's up for a Sunday morning (10AM PST/1PM EST) live game?
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JamesYanik (548 D)
31 Dec 17 UTC
so does the old forum still work
am I alone here?
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WyattS14 (100 D)
14 Dec 17 UTC
Alright, Brainbomb.
Are you ready for a poem I wrote at 3AM?
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brainbomb (474 D)
21 Dec 17 UTC
Youve become a veritable weird al
WyattS14 (100 D)
21 Dec 17 UTC
I like to see myself in the future as a contemporary eye opener
WyattS14 (100 D)
21 Dec 17 UTC

This is one of my favorite pieces from Watsky. I think I have like 3 quotes from it on my profile
WyattS14 (100 D)
22 Dec 17 UTC
This collection of gifts created and collected but never given away

They sit on this shelf I'm staring at now, rusting away

It's gifts to people from the past, present, and inevitable future

people that have passed away, passed by, passed on, will pass, are passing, are fading, and some that are so, so close to being gone

The first gift is a trombone figurine
I made it figuring
it'd be a cute means of reminding
Her of what we've gone through,
where we've been,
What we've seen,
And how far we've gone

But now she's gone

That trombone still plays in my heart
With that reverberating tone as full as the fullest of all parts
It's truly music converted to art,
People like her are the reason they call music the arts

The auditorium was her canvas
Painting smiles,
Jamming this emotion in to people on all walks of life, people on the highest ups and even people on the lowest downs.

The second gift is two letters
Two letters to remind me of who I am
A syllable that exhausts all of yourself into a room, your air, your voice, your life
And I
I can be a quite simple
I can be delve into
I use memories to quantify my valued
I can be read like a book
I can also chose when to close
I can shift and contort my memories and dream aloud
I can confuse myself
I hate hearing horrendous hints
hinting at hopeless, hateful whores
who hallow away and help themselves however their horrible minds
have the hope of hoping to do

This "Hi" helps me see who I am by reminding me how I hated the person I miss so much now

Who would've thought I'd be here
looking at all I have left,
but that's slipping away from me so fast

Gift number 3 is a wooden heart
It beats for me when mine forgets to,
Or rather when I want it to forget how to

The remaining life it has to siphon in to me
Once came out consistently
But now it comes out slowly

In tiny bursts that allow me to breathe again
For just a little bit
To just for one second be reminded that I have one thing left

But I can see that blackness spreading across that heart
As I lay in bed staring at that heart I realize how much I miss that trombone
How much I miss that whore
That once lively heart is now blackening
Must like that trombone rusted

I'm just hoping I have enough air left to heave out a final, heavenly

brainbomb (474 D)
28 Dec 17 UTC
Im on that path
One road
Mile markers slowly showing how far I gotta go
One mission
Prime math
Permission to find yourself is hidden in your laughs
Im on that journey
My adventure is a ride down the side of a canyon by a cliff red rocks two streams with smoky rings and rapid rocks as the rafters walk
One hand out a window
The breeze in my face reminds me life isnt free
You have to make it yours
If you wanna get owned let the air claim your pores
Im going down a 6% grade
Mountain songs by the shimmer of the long glacial pond make it impossible for these mark on my mind in my soul in my time to ever fade

The distance is the task
Relief is a constant
There is no at last
Im on that path
Im on that path
Im on that path
brainbomb (474 D)
28 Dec 17 UTC

The room grows restless
Once I caught a peek through the crack in the light wings back from the side a sight of people filling seats in the stack
So many empty spots though
So few faces though
What the hell is this man, fail?
Months of rehearsals
What is this jail? Locking up rods and reels?
Feels like im back as a kid on a rental in boat on a lake trip to minnesota
Fishing two weeks but we never caught our carp quota
This crowd is kinda crappie
Must not have got the fliers or forgot to make copies

Or am I really so fameless I cant come up with an admirer, this place is gettin sloppy

If people love a laugh
Had a thought or iota
Id take a scenic route home through North Dakota
My mind is always wandering to the future and the past
Sittin in the wings hoping this wont be my last
The latter seems more anxious
Who cares if crowds are full
After all Im just here to practice patience
Why are there so few guests who go?
Dont they know im in this show?

Fameless dont ya know?

Five years later
Im hangning up my board to give up being a skater. Okay that never happened, I had roller blades, a bike and now im quitting acting.
Started painting tops and bottoms maybe ill become creative
Dont hold a vigil yet
I framed some work
Got some debt
Picked up a brush
Some colored sticks
By the old dirty lake I learned some tricks
Became a paper magician
A canvas wizard
Blended in with artisans
Defend works I now paint over
Took the drums and painted jars
Beating hearts and stolen cars
Painted through relationships
Breakups and all the fuck you's
Heard 'yer a psycho' a time or two
Painted love
With it and without
Had muses
Made music
Drank too much
Created songs
Canvassed late
Deep into nights so unafraid
But one simple truth remains the same

Still fameless
Can you feel me
Still fameless
Theres a place deep way down south
Across the mississippi and its mouth
They call it Heath
Heath Kentucky
I guess im famous doing things I always did - maybe made me lucky

Never shut down
shut up
stop slick as a wordsmith moth in a tupperware container fried chicken shit ass complainer should of shut my lid.

Writing verse famelessly fluidly shamelessly blew it like an inkless squid

Took another peek through the crack at the crowd
Im back in the wings
Its getting rowdy and loud
Filling up the room
Better get my validation
Say you wanted TV its time to switch the station

If you want lost
Ill cook you aimless
Remember every bite
Itll be fameless.
WyattS14 (100 D)
31 Dec 17 UTC
Took a little break from poems over break because they always take me 30 minutes+

I am working on publishing something soon though, if anybody but BB cares about creating a poetry WD community I'm willing to make a new thread

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Manwe Sulimo (630 D)
15 Dec 17 UTC
Star Wars episode 8
So, was I right? Is it awful?
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brainbomb (474 D)
30 Dec 17 UTC
Western Meddling in Iranian Protests
So this is great and all. Encouraging protests and stuff. Um didnt this happen in Iran in Arab Spring too? When people start dying were gonna look pretty bad again. Like we encouraged a coup but didnt actually care about the consequences.
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datapolitical (100 D)
29 Dec 17 UTC
Discord Chat
I've created a Discord Server to make it easier to coordinate future games and chat about ongoing ones (that allow press). I checked with one of the mods first to make sure it was okay to set up. Here's the link:
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ghug (4049 D Mod (B))
12 Dec 17 UTC
Thread for Nazis to Spew Racist Bullshit
Make sure not to test if emojis work though. *That's* against the rules.
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zultar (3900 D Mod (P))
11 Dec 17 UTC
Official webDip Holiday: On the first day of Xmas, my zultar gave to me
Joys, fun, and prizes inside, 2017 edition, 3rd annual holiday!
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damian (675 D)
05 Dec 17 UTC
Century Leagues
The Full Press Tournament You've All Been Waiting For!

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datapolitical (100 D)
30 Dec 17 UTC
Fewer live classic games these days?
Looking back through the last couple months' completed games, it feels like there are far fewer Classic live games than there were a few years ago. Do other people have the same feeling?
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Hellenic Riot (1574 D (G))
08 Nov 17 UTC
Winter 1v1 Champions League
The Champions League returns! See inside for details.
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datapolitical (100 D)
28 Dec 17 UTC
Best Picture
What movies have you seen this year, and which one do you think should win the best picture Oscar?
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CptMike (3312 D)
28 Dec 17 UTC
GvI championships
Hi all. We have just finished a GvI championship between:
brkyzgn, CptMike, Denovian, Ezio and michaelf77
Germany won 10 times, Italy 9 times and a game ended with 1 draw.
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IHaveCoffee (100 D)
24 Dec 17 UTC
Ask random Questions
Is it true that fish can drown?
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xorxes (18675 D)
30 Dec 17 UTC
Championship Crown Game Series
Like the Championship Belt, but GvI instead of FvA.
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Smokey Gem (209 D)
26 Sep 17 UTC
Championship Belt Game Series.
France v Austria .
Winner holds the Championship belt.Game id must be posted.
Only the winner creates next game.
How long can you hold the belt.
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brainbomb (474 D)
28 Dec 17 UTC
Exreme Winter over North America
Ive never experienced a December this cold in Nebraska. Temperatures were -7 F last night here. I guess in parts of Minnesota and North Dakota its like -26 F
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