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captainmeme (385 D Mod)
Sun 11 PM UTC
Top FvA Players - What's your nationality?
See inside...
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Smokey Gem (138 D)
12:39 PM UTC
Championship Belt Game Series.
France v Austria .
Winner holds the Championship belt.Game id must be posted.
Only the winner creates next game.
How long can you hold the belt.
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brainbomb (39 D)
Sat 07 PM UTC
Family sits on couch during national anthem in football game
Sons of bitches should stand and show some fuckin respect to the flag. If some guy is pooping, he can poop standing up! Show respect to that peice of cloth that was sewn together by taiwanese child labor slaves. Fuck yea america
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captainmeme (385 D Mod)
Mon 11 Sep UTC
Mafia 31: Deja Vu
This thread is for participants of Mafia 31 only.
Page 73 of 73
Okay. After my little game there I am fairly certain that rdrivera and Kench are scum.
They were the only two not to take a wagon because doing so would throw the tie. And neither wanted to be directly responsible for a town lynch. Further I think MM being willing to vote ghug is more indicative of his townness.

If my logic is true
Remaining scum are:
@Prado I tied it because I felt seeing how the multiple wagons reduced or didn't reduce once people's votes were tie breakers would be more indicative of their preferences, this giving us more information.
ghug (4187 D (B))
10:11 PM UTC
I'm pretty sure Byron was trying to goad scum into trying to save Sei. Sadly Sei was town and the only fish that bit got scanned inno, so I'm not sure there's much to read out of it.

Is Vash faking not knowing anything about the nightkills? If it's real, I think that makes him town, but he's never been *that* lazy, and he ignored evidence that his idea was unfounded.
(Alternatively if ghug is scum, which I doubt, then the scum reads change slightly to include Prado, snowy and ghug) the real test is going to be how these two different groups behave tonight and then into tomorrow.
ghug (4187 D (B))
10:13 PM UTC
Byron, Kench voted on a main wagon and then only left so it wouldn't tie. It doesn't really parallel rd's main wagon avoidance.
ghug (4187 D (B))
10:14 PM UTC
I feel like snowy has to be scum now. Let's get Rivera first though.
I agree with you ghug. But I need to fill in a 3rd spot and Kench fits my bill better than most others.
ghug (4187 D (B))
11:15 PM UTC
So, tomorrow is MYLO, which means we really need to get it right.

Hunter killing scum means that we get another lynch, but the hunter is better off claiming if it looks like they're gonna be lynched than letting himself be lynched and shooting for it. It's basically a confirmable role, because scum counterclaiming means they die either way.
So I didn't know what a hunter was... so I went back to the sign up and read through. If the hunter reveals them self and are then NK then their power is moot or am I misunderstanding the rules? If a NK causes the hunters power to go into effect then it clearly makes sense for them to come out in D6 but if not then shouldn't they stay concealed?? I'm just saying if I read the start right then we only get that PRs benefit if they are lynched. So we HAVE to lose a town to kill a scum.

I think what I'm suggesting is it benefits scum more to finding the Hunter?
@ghug can you explain your logic just a bit more
ghug (4187 D (B))
11:56 PM UTC
Mislynch -> Lose

There's also LYLO, which is lynch or lose, and makes a little more sense. Basically the difference is that in MYLO we don't lose if we no lynch, but the mafia can just no kill if we no lynch, which doesn't get us anywhere.
ghug (4187 D (B))
11:59 PM UTC
You've got it right. I'm saying the hunter should claim only if he's going to be lynched, cause then we've got a clear instead of a dead person, the mafia have to kill them at night, and we can still lynch, which gives us the same kill the hunter dying would give.

If we lynch two scum correctly, the hunter should just claim right away on the third day, because it'll mean three to choose from instead of four.
Okay I was interpreting that to mean the hunter should claim now which to me really didn't make sense and I wanted to make sure I voiced that before the hunter also misunderstood and posted. Not that I think anyone here is dumb except for you ghug. But I know we are encroaching on a loss for town if we keep making mistakes
ghug (4187 D (B))
01:42 AM UTC
Byron's reading skills are a perfect example of why natively speaking English is irrelevant.
First sorry for being away at EOD, but I was really busy at work and then I have to do a long accountability meeting of the tournament I held on the weekend.

Snowy and Ghug should be happy on lynching another town. Great job, you are almost winning and probably deserve the win. I don´t know who the third scum member is, but I think it´s between Vash (who could be bussing Ghug with a complete bullshit argument about the nks) or Kench (that last minute vote on me is something I expect a scum who don´t want to get involved in a town lynch do).
ghug (4187 D (B))
03:26 AM UTC
Who looks at the EoD I saw and judges that as Kench's motivation?
@ghug how does cb not understanding something have anything to do with the argument for native speakers? Do you really feel the need to defend your EoD decision in such a backhanded manner?
@Kench I would like to hear your perspective of EoD, because of your strange voting. I would prefer it before someone starts a wagon for you.
ghug (4187 D (B))
04:23 AM UTC
I don't need to defend my EoD decision:
a) It's over.
b) He was scummy as fuck and I stand by it fully.

I'm just making jokes about Byron's shittastic reading comprehension.
It is not over just like that. Are you trying to tell me that you are such a dunce to think that how you conduct yourself the day before will not affect current reads? You were a figurehead for the sei wagon and all you backed it by was his wanting to delay the vote for the doc claims and his "being bad under pressure"
Which was easily explained by his nonnative speaking. It just took him more sentences than average to get his points out there. So it just seemed like he was stalling and acting scummy. You, ghug never addressed the possibility at EoD or before of him having a reason for seeming a bit bad under pressure.
ghug (4187 D (B))
05:02 AM UTC
It had nothing to do with nonnative speaking. Guak isn't a native English speaker. Nor is rd. Or xorxes, though he's not in this game, or ND despite the fact that he doesn't speak any other languages. I'm used to playing with people who don't speak English natively, and it's one of the reasons I don't focus on the minutia of wording. He was defensive at a macro level day two. Misunderstanding of concepts like "townclear" can be attributed to nonnative speaking. Waffling back and forth repeatedly on what you're claiming you meant can't. Trying to push the vote off of ND all day can't either, to the point that I didn't and still don't see you and Kench even trying to excuse it away with the language barrier. The dude was scummy.

I was wrong, it sucks, and if y'all want to waste what might be our last day accusing me of being scum for being outspokenly wrong, go ahead. I get it. But I'm not gonna pretend it was as simple a misunderstanding as a language barrier, I'm not gonna waste my own time dwelling on it when we absolutely need to catch scum right now, and I not going to let you act all high and mighty for getting it right when you couldn't be bothered to talk all weekend or meaningfully push a lynch on any scumread of your own.
Kench (27 D)
08:03 AM UTC
Well that's a shitstorm and a half to wake up to.

@Ghug, we're making a bigger deal of this whole "native English" thing than necessary. I explained that my understanding of the way Sei had been acting was not all that scummy, just a little difficult to understand. Clearly, he wasn't that scummy, though I get it if people were voting for him for other reasons - I just wasn't feeling them, though, as I've said before, I am rapidly discovering that I have really no feel for this game whatsoever.

I voted for Rdr, both times, because I felt that, of the options in front of me, he was one that had come closest to being finished off, before miraculously disappearing when other stuff came up (most of which has been crap).

It is also the case that I had been unable to get on Mafia most of the weekend (for which I apologise), which added to my realisation that I just don't have the time to commit to a game like this. It wasn't something I could know until I'd tried it, but there we go. I came on and made my reads and voted because I needed to, with less than an hour until the deadline.

With only a few minutes to go, I voted for Sei because, between him and Ghug, I thought he was more likely. However, I then looked at the tracker and realised that I had effectively tied the vote - which it has been made abundantly clear would be a worse outcome at this stage - so I hopped back off, fairly straight away. Voting for rdr might have been "pointless" at this stage, but the alternatives were worse as far as I was concerned. And after joining the Ika wagon in D1 despite not having any sort of read on him, I decided that at least this time I should try and vote what makes sense to me, regardless of the wagon.
snowy801 (626 D)
11:29 AM UTC

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Condescension (398 D)
10:32 AM UTC
German opening strategy
What are your thoughts on German opening strategy? Apart from the west, how do you try to manipulate the eastern sphere?
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marvinsbello86 (0 D X)
09:35 AM UTC
Change Nationality ?
Do you wish to change your nationality completly , please feel free to contact us on for more details and modalities .
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Heywood Jablowme (0 D)
Thu 21 Sep UTC
Rulebook Press?
Can someone explain what rulebook press means? I am playing a game and suddenly can't post messages individually any more and I am assuming I inadvertently broke some rule - thanks This term is mentioned in the rules but not described anywhere I can find.
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2ndWhiteLine (3592 D (B))
14 Aug 17 UTC
New ex-mod game
PM for info. Non-anon public press. Former mods preferred.
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brainbomb (39 D)
Mon 06 AM UTC
The National Anthem sucks bigtime
Its boring. Musically its trash. This country sucks. Its poor and its disgusting. Our songs are horse poop. The anthem is dull and boring standing for it causes knee pain in elderly people. Posting in this thread means you support Republican views that stem cells are evil but jerrymandering is great
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Chearthquake (95 D)
Thu 21 Sep UTC
No Build phase
Hey guys. I'm a new user and I'm playing a game with friend (ID is 206642) and I'm wondering if there is a bug or a rule we missed. I'm playing as Germany and I have 6 supply centers, 5 units and no build phase. I'm also curious if the game didn't register a capture of a supply center. I was in Warsaw and then took Moscow the next turn. I captured Moscow and not Warsaw. Can a vet help out some newbies?
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Ogion (5204 D)
27 Aug 17 UTC
Forum only gunboat thread
I have had a request to launch the forum only gunboat

Join, or not
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CommanderByron (699 D (S))
Thu 14 Sep UTC
Official Webdipia Game Thread (Sim 3)
This thread is for players of "Alternative History Simulator 3: A New World"
-All standard forum rules apply
-To join PM CommanderByron and he will give instruction.
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Hannibal76 (288 D (B))
Sat 05 PM UTC
Study music recommendations
Hey guys I'd appreciate it if you could recommend music that's helpful for studying. I ( like many) find it difficult to concentrate on immediate concerns like getting physics homework out of the way or starting a paper on whatever subject. I've tried classical music and it helps though some classical music I imagine is better than others for this. If you can recommend artists I'd appreciate it.
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eturnage (721 D (B))
Sat 12 PM UTC
Public Press Diplomatic Strategy
I understand Gunboat and FP. What are the objectives of public press diplomacy? Care to share your ideas on what works and what doesn't?
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JamesYanik (204 D)
01:56 AM UTC
Don't let this distract from the fact that Shia Leboeuf is a cannibal

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yavuzovic (96 D)
03:55 PM UTC
New friend
I invited a friend and he joined. Can I play with him in public games. Is it meta-gaming.
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jason4747 (154 D)
Thu 07 Sep UTC
Baseball and steroids and math
KansasBoyd, better to take our baseball discussion out of the Hurricane/Climate Change as we are juuuust slightly off topic
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Condescension (398 D)
Mon 18 Sep UTC
Secret Hitler Game 1
Please only post in this thread if you are playing. Players, please learn all the rules of the game. Watch let's plays or something as well. Ask me questions in PMs ONLY.
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Enriador (100 D)
Sat 12 PM UTC
What about an end year for quick games?
vDip (and so many others sites and apps) has the option to include a fixed end year (like 1907), which is awesomely useful for quick games or tournaments of all kinds.
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MadMarx (31689 D (G))
Fri 08 Sep UTC
MadMarx Casual Anonymous Classic France vs Austria Tournament
Details within
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Jeff Kuta (2063 D)
Fri 15 Sep UTC
Rules in first post
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MajorMitchell (999 D)
Thu 21 Sep UTC
Norway's Sovereign Wealth fund has $1 trillion in invested funds
Harnessing capitalism to benefit a Nation "s people. This fund helps to pay for pensions
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Hamilton Brian (301 D (B))
Thu 14 Sep UTC
Hamilton Brian Invitational
Dippers! I am looking at setting up semi-anonymous ranked WTA games @20 points each. There will be one each of full press, gunboat, and public press. Ideally the RR% will be at or better than 85%. PM me if you are interested in joining. Once I have the 6 candidates, games will be set up and passwords will be sent.
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captainmeme (385 D Mod)
08 Aug 17 UTC
1v1 Showdown - An Update
110 players entered. After 8 months, 11 are still fighting for the title, and of those 11, just 2 remain undefeated.

That number is about to become 1.
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Hellenic Riot (1524 D Mod (G))
Thu 21 Sep UTC
Replacement Ghana Needed
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podium (498 D)
15 Aug 17 UTC
Fantasy Football Time
Let's get this thing started up again.
We had a great group last year. Maybe we can recruit a few more players this year.
Post here if you want in.
Think Aug 27 or Sept 3 are good to host draft. We can discuss other dates if you wish.
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infinitybutts69 (663 D)
Fri 10 PM UTC
In search of fun folk for a Friday evening fight

Start your weekend off with the sweet taste of victory, why dontcha?
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brainbomb (39 D)
28 Jul 17 UTC
Webdip Sci-Fi Simulator 2 Sign Ups
It is 2094. Earth is a ruined planet. You and your fellow colonists must choose a planet - settle it, trade, deal with bandits/aliens/inclement weather/droughts/famine/disease/ and intruige. You hire people to assist (droids, experts, and merceneries), manage your economy and make your name in the universe. The signup is open to anyone. There is no maximum number who can play. Phases shift every 48 hours. Game will begin Aug 1st......See inside for more details....
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JamesYanik (204 D)
Tue 19 Sep UTC
Protests turn to Riots at Georgia Tech after Shooting
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brainbomb (39 D)
Thu 21 Sep UTC
Booty Shorts
Is it acceptable for me to wear these all year or only in warm times. And since global warming isnt real- can I just wear these during un-winter
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