Finished: 08 AM Thu 01 Oct 15 UTC
1 day /phase
Pot: 103 D - Spring, 2010, Finished
Fall of the American Empire IV, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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09 Sep 15 UTC Spring, 2005: Sure do love it when the initial ally goes idle and the additional allies are 100% duplicitous. Yay, humanity :P
15 Sep 15 UTC Autumn, 2006: Hello, I am americaslacker. I need the game to be paused asap. I am 16 and tomorrow morning I will be taken down to the office. Someone has informed them I am suicidal. Thus I may be going to a hospital for a few days. I hope you can all understand.

I do understand that I have 1 sc left and I do not stand any chance but I would like to finish what I started, thank you.
15 Sep 15 UTC Spring, 2007: Sorry everyone I figured I would be hospitalized for suicidal thoughts and self mutilation. I won't be going to a hospital and I'll be able to continue.
16 Sep 15 UTC Spring, 2007: did someone tell Mexico that nothing was paused?
28 Sep 15 UTC Autumn, 2009: OK, HL you really have no chance of soloing against us, you might as well draw while you still can
29 Sep 15 UTC Autumn, 2009: sounds good - it was worth a shot - too bad i did not make any fleets sooner

good game
29 Sep 15 UTC You know I just BSed that^^^^
I fully expected you to solo
29 Sep 15 UTC though I was kind of tempted to see if my armada could actually turn the tables...
30 Sep 15 UTC Man.... could we have waited for me to get to Oregon? I can't handle living in LA for the rest of my life
30 Sep 15 UTC yeah, sorry 'bout that