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Finished: 04 AM Sun 25 Jan 15 UTC
22 hours /phase
Pot: 700 D - Autumn, 2021, Finished
Fall of the American Empire IV, Anonymous players, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
07 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2013: he says to Florida who he stabbed... pot/kettle?
07 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2013: i stabbed florida?
07 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2013: i mean california of course :)
07 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2013: i had a nap with california, we never have been allied and he didn´t help me in any way.
But anyways, you made you choice and you will win this, so i stop complaining and start defending...
07 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2013: If Mexico wins this game it will be because of Peruvian complicity...
07 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2013: and because of my confidence...
10 Jan 15 UTC Spring, 2015: This game is heading for a 3 way draw.
10 Jan 15 UTC Spring, 2015: or maybe 4 way.
10 Jan 15 UTC Spring, 2015: guy, you could have an 4-way before, nobody believes you
12 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: yay, 3 against 1
12 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: That's how it was for Heartland. Sure I was on his side but look what help I was capable of giving. The answer is very little. Geography is a bitch some times.
12 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: No, it was 2 against 2 at that time, but its okay, its just a game, feel free to finish it...
12 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: and heartland is next, mexicos armys are already moving in his direction...
12 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: Last I checked Peru had joined you so at the least it was 3 against 2.
12 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: Also, we all know Mexico plans to go for the solo. Who wouldn't in his position?
12 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: I understand your position, i think mexico will win this before he reaches your territory, so you could be lucky. And no, peru did not join me, he was attacked by mexico when i wa done, that is not the same...
12 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: Peru didn't join you so to speak, more of he joined in on attacking me. Or trying to at least. But I get the jist of what you're saying. Plus I know Mexico won't reach me. He can't. Even getting through Heartland (which has significantly increased in stability now that I am capable of supporting him and he is gaining centers) he would win before that. So yes you're statement is correct but I don't intend to let Heartland get run over like that. If he gets enough centers from Peru then that's how it's going to be but I haven't given up on this game.
12 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: Well, i did, i just don´t want mexico to win...
12 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: Why thank you BC :). I do not think a solo is very likely. Hearland and NY are clearly in a tight alliance, and they are stronger than me combined. They have also both been good allies, so I would be reluctant to attack them. I don't see Heartland leaving himself wide open to me, like you did BC :)
12 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: i just thought after helping you to get that much SCs you would be a better ally, now i´m smarter...
13 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: With respect, it is a war game.
13 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: it is, and there are different ways to make war.
13 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: so you think i have played this badly?
13 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: not bad, no. I just don´t like your style
13 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: And if you don´t win this solo, you did play it badly. Up to this moment, yu are weaker then our combined forces have been and you will hardly find a new ally in this game, because you are too big for that.
13 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: For what it's worth, I'd say Mexico has played pretty well: he has kept Peru onside, after all, which I find astonishing.
13 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: I'm not sure Peru had much of a choice. I was always stronger on the West Coast, and not exposed, and Peru has always had bigger problems. I think Peru has played a good game so far.
13 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: This game will end with a 3 or 4 way draw. I'm okay with that. I'm sorry if my stab upset you BC, nothing personal.
13 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2016: Well, i´m upset, but i think if it ends in a 3-way it was not very clever, too. Tactical your stab was great, but srategical it was bad.
18 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2019: And there he goes....trying for the solo after all....
18 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2019: Is anyone surprised?
19 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2019: I am out for quite a while but I still check in regularly to see how the game develops - compliments to all of you! Well played!
19 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2019: Is getting interesting again. Somehow mexico convinced peru to hold peace again and concentrates on NY-Heartland. Really well played
19 Jan 15 UTC Spring, 2020: Normally I would agree with you BC but my assessment is that Mexico was too hasty in his plan. He did not allow me to draw my forces out into the Caribbean where they would be cut off and unable to defend my coast. Since he neglected to wait I have successfully locked down the entire Southeast in one move. Even with Peru's help it's impossible. Only so many units can fit in that area at one time.
19 Jan 15 UTC Spring, 2020: And this isn't me being cocky. I made this same claim earlier and it proved correct. Mexico had to get tactical and lure me out by turning on Peru and offering an alliance.
19 Jan 15 UTC Spring, 2020: Unfortunately, I've learned from previous games that if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Not to mention you utterly destroyed your credibility when you turned on BC. Though I must admit your plan was a smart one. You just jumped the gun a little.
19 Jan 15 UTC Spring, 2020: true spoken, but if he is able to break through heartlands lines this doesn´t really matter.
19 Jan 15 UTC Spring, 2020: Time will tell. I have not played this map before, so it is hard to judge the stalemate lines.
19 Jan 15 UTC Spring, 2020: Frankly, it hinges on he a willing lapdog to take a lose with points or will he turn to the "anyone but the solo alliance" to earn the draw.
19 Jan 15 UTC Spring, 2020: He is unlikely to survive a draw.
19 Jan 15 UTC Spring, 2020: But sounds like i have you worried :).
It has been a fun game so far. I quite like this map, it is very different to the other maps I have played.
19 Jan 15 UTC Spring, 2020: This is a pretty fun map but I've played it enough times to know where the stalemate lines are. You might grab one more center from Heartland but the rest are safe as long as he's careful. Who knows though? It's easy to slip up in these situations so you might get a lucky break Mexico. Peru can't really help you though. If I was him I would be consolidating defenses while I had the time. Though as promised I will not continue attacks against Peru. His survival is entirely up to Mexico now.
19 Jan 15 UTC Spring, 2020: In my experience Chicago/Mil is a solid stalemate line and with NY's armies and fleet support Manitoba should be good. West of that stacks up as 50/50's that can take forever to push consistently, but can't be called a true stalemate. So I have Mex getting 3-4 more in the middle before it jams hard -- which means the win has to come from him eating Peru.
19 Jan 15 UTC Spring, 2020: I give him two centers from you tops Heartland. Most of the positions west of Minn and Missouri are not supply centers and I can assure you the line from Manitoba down to Missouri is impenetrable once, and if, you have to retreat East.
20 Jan 15 UTC Autumn, 2020: Damn, I was worried that would happen. Wasn't sure the game would register that as a 3 vs 3 move. I guess not.
23 Jan 15 UTC Look chaps. You've all played well. I don't think I can get the solo, and given Peru has been good to me all game, happy to let him in on the draw.

I had a good go at the solo, but happy with the end field.
BC you may feel I could have got a 4 way earlier, but I'm not so sure, a combined Heartland/NY were always going to be tough to dislodge.
Thanks all, it's been a pleasure.
23 Jan 15 UTC Excellent game everyone. I'm a little surprised at the draw now but your reasoning sounds fair to me. Probably one of the best games I have been in. Nice to see I recognize a few of the names below. It would be a pleasure matching up against you guys again some time. Also, just a quick shout out to Heartland. You're probably the best ally I've had on this site. At the least the most trustworthy. Hope we find ourselves on the same side again in the future. Sorry things couldn't work out this time Florida but you played a great game regardless. I also have to acknowledge Mexico's tact. I found myself questioning his moves constantly but he always seemed to surprise me with something up his sleeve that I rarely suspected. That's no mean feet. I would be interested to see what we could accomplish were we on the same team. Either way, great game everyone and I hope to see you guys in future games.
23 Jan 15 UTC Likewise.
24 Jan 15 UTC Well played folks -- it was definitely a roller-coaster! Got a bit lucky guessing right in the 50/50's at the end, but I'm happy with game and its result.
26 Jan 15 UTC I set this game up - and am pleased with how it turned out, it was excellent! Not that I'm happy with the end result of course... but thanks very much to everyone for accepting my invitation to take part and I hope to play with you all again.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

KingJohnII (1536 D (B))
Drawn. Bet: 70 D, won: 175 D
26 supply-centers, 26 units
kramerkov18 (1570 D)
Drawn. Bet: 70 D, won: 175 D
14 supply-centers, 14 units
Creigh (2750 D (G))
Drawn. Bet: 70 D, won: 175 D
12 supply-centers, 12 units
Utom (991 D)
Drawn. Bet: 70 D, won: 175 D
6 supply-centers, 6 units
Haiopai (1566 D)
Defeated. Bet: 70 D
Werner (1712 D)
Defeated. Bet: 70 D
Sylvania (4000 D)
Defeated. Bet: 70 D
helms (100 D (B))
Defeated. Bet: 70 D
sweetwatersam (6256 D)
Defeated. Bet: 70 D
Ballack (2571 D)
Defeated. Bet: 70 D
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