Playing for a Draw

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Playing for a Draw

#1 Post by Regular Person » Mon Mar 21, 2022 5:17 pm

HI all,

I'm relatively new to WebDip, (I've only played in 3 games). I'm in middle of a "Fall of the American Empire" game, it is 2007 or so, and there are 6 players left. The game isn't close to being stalemated, yet 4 players are voting for a draw, including players that are/were at war with each other. The four draw votes come from the countries with the most centers, 3rd most, tied for 4th (only 5 centers behind first) and from 1 center left (understandable).

Is this a common occurrence? It seems like a waste to me to spend all this time developing the game, and then just quit the game right as midgame hits. Is this just point farming taken to an extreme?

Thank you all.

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Re: Playing for a Draw

#2 Post by cjva » Mon Mar 21, 2022 5:35 pm

Different people do it for different reasons.

I sometimes use "Vote to draw" as a way to obtain allies. Like, if a couple of other people want to draw, if I also vote to draw my hope is that they will focus on other people than me (you can always change your draw vote later if need be). It's a communication and bargain chip amongst others.

I also tend to vote to draw if I can't see a way for me to get a solo. If I can't solo I much rather play for a draw compared to play for a stalemate line.

Some people might farm like you're writing about. But there's many reasons why one would vote to draw even early game.

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Re: Playing for a Draw

#3 Post by cdngooner » Mon Mar 21, 2022 6:03 pm

I agree. Playing for a Draw is a loser move. It appears to be a function of WebDip's point system, which rewards Draws. A Solo is at least 10 times as hard to do as a 3-way Draw, but only earns twice the points.

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Re: Playing for a Draw

#4 Post by Gabe The Fancy » Mon Mar 21, 2022 7:39 pm


That's a thread that you may want to read to offer some insight into that "style" of gameplay.

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