Black Muslim Terrorists Kill 120

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Black Muslim Terrorists Kill 120

#1 Post by leon1122 » Sun Mar 17, 2019 2:36 am

Christianophobic, fascist Muslim zealots murdered over 120 Christians in Nigeria over the past 3 weeks in what is about par for the course in that country.

A horrifying reminder of the dangers of fascism and extreme Islam. We must be vigilant.

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Re: Black Muslim Terrorists Kill 120

#2 Post by orathaic » Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:22 pm

You know, the fact that you are bringing this up today and in this context is racist. It is clear that you didn't give a shit about Nigerians dying until it became useful for a political agenda. PoC are not your first go to issue to protect.

And the fact that the rest of us don't know much about Nigeria is an example of the levels of racism we've all been indoctrinated with growing up in 'western' nations.

What is the context of this alleged violence? What are/should the UN security Council doing about it? Do we in fact have a duty to people of all nations and creeds (as I ranted about recently)?

I am presuming that Leon wants the US and European nations to allow all Nigerian Christians who fear violence at the hands of militants to be guaranteed right of residence and citizenship if they migrate.

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Re: Black Muslim Terrorists Kill 120

#3 Post by bo_sox48 » Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:46 am


Beyond the fact that this thread is obviously intended to do nothing more than bait other users and bait me into having to decide whether or not to wade into this mess, the undertones behind this post and numerous posts of yours in the past few days are obscenely racist, extreme, and inhuman. Initially, I let you get away with it and in keeping with my initial philosophy on this forum (which is, for lack of a better phrase, stay the hell out if it), I overruled the concerns of some other members of the moderator team, hoping that cooler and more mature heads may prevail. I expected that on a site of over 100,000 highly intelligent, strategic, and diplomatic users, the moderators could simply take our hands off the wheel with this forum and allow it to exist in a separate sphere where debate, while fiery and sometimes crossing the thresholds of what is acceptable in other areas of this forum, can exist freely. In the past 72 hours, not only have you singlehandedly proven that I was wrong but you have also singlehandedly destroyed the hands-off nature of this forum that we were all happy with with your petulance and utterly repulsive attitude toward humanity as a whole.

You are silenced for a month. No, this is not excessive - your last one was two weeks, and as you have experienced in the past, silences cascade. Your next one is permanent.

To the rest of you, no, the moderators are not going to be constantly stepping into this forum and managing its every movement. However, we are going to be here and you are expected, as you would be in any other real-life scenario, to act with class, dignity, and respect for the others you are conversing with as well as the people of the world as a whole. The extremely vast majority of you in this forum understand how to express your views and engage in heartfelt debate without making me want to vomit, so please keep it up and enjoy this space you have. Short of crossing that threshold, this forum is yours to make of it as you like, but as most of you have understood since third grade, spaces such as these are a privilege, not a promise.

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