Conservative men most open minded and tolerant

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Re: Conservative men most open minded and tolerant

#21 Post by Octavious » Mon Oct 04, 2021 7:47 am

Whether or not Trump can be considered to be of the right or not is a matter of debate. He veered between several parties over quite a short period of time, and his policies of protectionism and high government spending are quite alien to right wing philosophy. He also had a very unique relationship with women that make him something of an outlier, in much the same way that the Canadian Premier's enthusiasm for ethnic fancy dress would make him an unreliable yardstick for measuring how ethnic minorities vote north of the border.

Regardless of that, however, I think you are correct that in the past few decades women in the US have tended to favour the Democrats. As the Democrats are a large coalition of views that arguably pivots around the centre right (at least by European standards) it is perhaps harder to draw a definte conclusion that American women favour left wing thinking.
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Re: Conservative men most open minded and tolerant

#22 Post by orathaic » Mon Oct 04, 2021 9:05 am

Looking at the most recent Irish election, it looks like the difference is small enough that if only men or only women had voted we would have the same government (according to the limited exit poll data).

women would vote centre right: FF (-0.8), FG (-0.3),
Populist left: SF (-0.8)
Green: (+0.5)
Centre left: Lab (-0.1), SD (+0.4)
Far left: PBP (+0.4)
Anti-choice republicans?: Aon (-0.2)
Other parties: (0.0)
Independents: (+0.8)

Most of those figured are within the margin of error, i suspect.

But the general trend is a weak leaning for parties which care (Greens say they care about the environment, lefties about poverty)
And away from large parties towards independents.

The trends based on age are far stronger (18-24: FF (-8.6), FG (-6.9), SF(+9.5) at least an order ofagnitude larger difference from the average)

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Re: Conservative men most open minded and tolerant

#23 Post by peterlund » Mon Oct 04, 2021 5:45 pm

Election 2018 - Sweden
Parties to left (top) to right (bottom)

Code: Select all

Men   Women
 7     11     V "Vänsterpartiet" (former "communists")
23     29     S "Socialdemokraterna"
 3      5     MP "Miljöpartiet" (Greens in government with S)
 8     11     C "Centerpartiet" (liberal, trad farmer party)
 6      5     L (Liberals)
19     17     M "Moderaterna" (Conservative)
 7      7     Kd (Christian Democrats)
24     14     Sd  "Sweden Democrats" (right wing - nationalist)
As you can see above the 4 most leftish parties have a clear surplus of women voters here in Sweden.

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