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Media bias

Posted: Thu May 20, 2021 5:17 am
by orathaic
I commented on the so-called 'free press' on another thread. And low and behold, a great example comes to light. ... mits-a-key

It seems that the mainstream narrative and reality disagree. (I actually don't care whether Biden is pro-Russian, I care that this is so at odds with the perception and narrative have seen presented).

So can anyone confirm any of the details Greenwald gives? Is Biden more pro-Puton than Trump ever was? And does the US have a hawk/dove political divide which is more important than the left/right one?

Re: Media bias

Posted: Sat May 22, 2021 11:46 pm
by Matticus13
Trump did praise Russia, and constantly mentioned Russia, which constantly kept it in the news cycle. What he said publicly and what his policies actually were, like so many other things, were often at odds. The nonconservative media outlets put what he said on air (some of it was was before he became president). Bashing a president that continually bashed them (sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly) was good for ratings.

Biden's been in office for 4 months, so that assessment by Greenwald is premature. This is a guess on my part, but I'd say the goal is to appease Germany/EU and not Russia. As mentioned in the article, Trump was constantly calling out/threatening allies in Europe publicly if they didn't act in the best interest of the Trump Administration. He's doing an ally a big favor. It also happens to be good for Russia. Biden has used fairly harsh adjectives to describe Putin/Russia and vise versa. I'll give him another 8 months before making that assessment.

Left/Right > Dove/Hawk. Most of the doves are lefties, and a few isolationist righties. They have little in common other than a distaste for meddling in others affairs. None of the leadership from either party would I classify as a dove.

Re: Media bias

Posted: Mon May 24, 2021 8:54 am
by orathaic
Interesting position. I wonder if the lies of the Trump propoganda machine had a purpose. I know some people have described it as a fire hose of lies. When you constantly lie about everything, then one example like Putin becomes something people can talk about a lot. While missing what you are actually doing (the fact that this seems to be a tactic used by Putin which Trump admired doesn't do much for the narrative).

As for Biden, I suspect there is method to his position, when you make friends with someone you gain leverage. Where that leverage is taking away whatever positives you have given (re-applying sanctions can only be done if you relax them) -the point of the EU/ European Coal and Steel Community was that by sharing and trading in coal and steel resources both Germany and France would have more to lose by going to war than they were already gaining from trade.

So I kind of want to see a mutually dependent relationship developer between the EU and Russia.