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Silent Kazakhstan Game (1 Extra player needed)

Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2021 3:50 pm
by C66_Hardie
Hi all,

Me and four other friends have created a gunboat, Classic game. As there are only five of us, we need to extra players from the website to join. One of the other six that are in it has been playing various different games with us for a few months now but the guy who we usually get as the 7th (I think) has given up.

Although the five of us know each other out of game, no talking goes on out of game or any cheating. As this is a gunboat game, none of us would know who the other is until the end of the game, so don't think that we'd gang up on whoever joined as that defeats the whole purpose of the game.

We've got three seperate private games on the go and after each one, would create new ones so we'd share the link and invite code after each game too for you to join. Link to the game is -
Invite code is 01224