New Member - Stupid Questions

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New Member - Stupid Questions

#1 Post by cdngooner » Mon Mar 16, 2020 6:58 pm

I used to play Diplomacy a lot back in college; now looking to get back into it. Web-based Diplomacy seems like the best fit. Looking to become an active and valued member of this group.

Having difficulty getting started here though:
1. I tried a No Press game against 6 bots, just to get the hang of the interface, but couldn't figure out how to communicate with bots to ask them for support, or offer support. Is there a way to suggest orders to a bot player?
2. About ready to jump into a human game. I see many require a certain Reliability Rating, and I totally get that. How does a beginner get started? I assume I have a RR = 0.
3. Any general advice on how I can get into a game (regular Diplomacy rules)?

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Re: New Member - Stupid Questions

#2 Post by PRINCE WILLIAM » Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:14 pm

1. Βots are not communicating, is a no press game, aka as gunboat. So you cannot have an agreement or negotiation with them.
2. On the contrary, your RR is 100%. It is shown at your profile. RR is how much reliable a player you are, not missing rounds that is.
3. You can create a game or see in the games section for open slots.
4. Last but not least, you are most welcome here.

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Re: New Member - Stupid Questions

#3 Post by Sunstriker » Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:23 pm

Can't really answer the 1st question.

Question 2: We start at 100 when we come in, since we have yet to miss a turn. Here's a more detailed answer taken from the "What is Reliability" thing they have under our profiles ^.^

"Reliability is how consistently you avoid interrupting games. Any un-excused missed turns hurt your rating. If you have any un-excused missed turns in the last 4 weeks you will receive an 11% penalty to your RR for each of those delays. It is very important to everyone you are playing with to be reliable but we understand mistakes happen so this extra penalty will drop to 5% after 28 days. All of the un-excused missed turns that negatively impact your rating are highlighted in red below. Excused delays will only negatively impact your base score, seen below. Mod excused delays do not hurt your score in any way."

To find yours click on your your name in the top right corner of the webpage. Should read "welcome back, [your name here]. At the bottom of that page is your rating ^.^

Question 3: When hunting for a new game to join you should see, under the name of the match, the Pot, the time point in the game (if these are new names they should be Spring, 1901, Pre-Game), the map type (Classic is the traditional pre0WWI map), special rules (ex players are anonymous, no press, ect), how the game is ranked.

On the right side of of the game you'll see the listing of how long the turn limits are, and how many excused absences you'll get before being booted. (These are the things that affect the reliability.)

Hope this helps!

Also: no stupid questions! ^.^

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Re: New Member - Stupid Questions

#4 Post by Claesar » Tue Mar 17, 2020 7:57 am

1) Communicating with bots works similar to human players in Gunboat. If you support their units, they will register this as a friendly action.

However, they don't look further back than a turn.. Also, it certainly doesn't guarantee their loyalty. Lastly, supporting a move does not work as a suggestion for them to actually make that move. They do what they think is best.

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