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South of Sahara: New Variant, Comments Wanted

Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2023 5:39 am
by David E. Cohen
Looking for comments on this variant in development. Some background info and initial thoughts:

1. The smallest variant, in number of Powers (5) and Supply Centers (25) I have ever deisigned.

2. No fleets to start, but they can be built and will be useful for cracking defensive positions.

3. Some of the province names may be anachronistic or geographically off. If you see that let me know.

4. The subject matter is very unusual. I can't think of any precolonial variants wholly set in Africa.

5. Density is slightly lower than Standard, but a lot of the non Supply Center provinces are on the edges of the map, so plenty of immediate action. If anyone sees a stalemate line, please point it out. ... thofsahara