Live game phase length

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Live game phase length

#1 Post by ruinedshadows » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:26 am

First off: Hey all, I'm fairly new here. Thanks for checking out my post.

My question: what are people's feelings on the optimal live game phase length? With and without press? 1v1 vs classic (vs any other variant)?

My thoughts:
I've played a few live games, but all have been either 1v1s or gunboats (so basically no press). I've found that 5 minutes gets a little short towards the end of the game when you have 10+ units on a couple fronts and need to analyze and input moves. Seven minutes is a little better but still hard with 15+ units. I think 8 minutes would be my preferred no press phase length (hopefully with people readying on the earlier phases that don't need that much time). I can't imagine playing a press game with only 7 minutes. Would guess at least double that would be needed.

Additionally, does anyone have move input strategies to make things faster? Usually, I give the board a quick once over and input the moves I know I will forsure make (simple reinforcement moves/supports). Then, I start analyzing little regions of the board and try to reason out tactics for each part and input each move. Then I look at the board as a whole again for general strategy and check over my inputted moves.

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Re: Live game phase length

#2 Post by Mercy » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:08 am

My preferred phase length for live gunboats is 5 min/phase, and for live press games is 7 min/phase, though 5 min/phase would do as well. I would not play a live game with a phase length longer than 10 mins, as that would take too long.

I don't have any specific strategies to make things faster, but experience helps if you want to be good at fast decision-making. For example, the more experienced players know the Classic map by heart and as such only have to pay attention to the specific locations of units on the map, which speeds things up.

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Re: Live game phase length

#3 Post by Claesar » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:52 am

Definitely 5min/phase max for Gunboat. I'm already watching videos in between.

For Press I like 7min/phase. I need all of that in most phases, but any longer phases and the game takes too long for me. That's mainly because they don't fire when I have loads of time, so I'm usually losing a lot of sleep if it takes forever.

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