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Diplomacy Dojo Transcripts

Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2021 1:43 am
by swordsman3003
Hey everybody. I recently moved for work, and that (combined with the work itself) has kept me quite busy lately. BUT, I’m always working on some new content!

BrotherBored has received enough donations and other sponsorship to pay for transcription services (for the Podcast). I’m publishing them as they get finished. These transcripts will cover old episodes of BrotherBored’s Diplomacy Dojo, as well as the vWDC MasterClass (as part of a partnership I have with the virtual World Diplomacy Classic and The Diplomacy Briefing).

I’ve received some consistent feedback that some people simply are not disposed to audio content, but are really interested in the Diplomacy Dojo. So, I think I can fulfill those wishes!

Here’s the latest transcript episode.

Here’s a link to all transcript episodes.

I’ll try to remember to reply in this thread as more come out. Thanks everyone. I love the Diplomacy community!!!!

Re: Diplomacy Dojo Transcripts

Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2021 4:04 pm
by foodcoats
Thanks for putting this out, swordsman!

As a counter point to the other feedback… I really like audio content! I only just recently stumbled on your podcast and am excited to listen through the episodes. I think you fill a really nice niche because most of the casts out there are more focused on either game commentary or hobby news, and I’m really pumped that your show focuses on “the game itself,” as it were.