E/G alliance—how to stab?

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E/G alliance—how to stab?

#1 Post by swordsman3003 » Wed Dec 09, 2020 2:50 am

I got asked about how England and Germany can stab each other in the Diplomacy Dojo. I don't normally create a forum post here to direct players to episodes of this Podcast (I already publish blog posts >1 per month and this podcast is every 2-3 weeks so I do get nervous about being reprimanded for spamming or some such, haha).

However, I think Diplomacy Dojo podcast has really hit its stride with this episode. I listened to this episode myself (been a while since we recorded it!) and I thought: dang...this is a really good discussion.

Diplomacy Dojo Episode 6 is about stabbing your ally when you are Germany or England allied to the other.

This could be the episode that convinces you to subscribe to the Podcast, or try to come to the Dojo yourself!

The preceding episode about how to calculate risks and when to take them is also pretty good...

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