New RPG on Sock Drawer

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New RPG on Sock Drawer

#1 Post by brainbomb » Wed Apr 20, 2022 2:09 pm


In the absence of the Monarch Delamir; Gladstone had promoted Bishop Medelson to rule for a time until the faith oradained could select a new dynasty. Numerous houses put forth their eldest for selection in hopes of gaining the throne.
Gladstone had seen many families come and go from the throne over a century until Delamir ascended by birthright. During his reign the kingdom expanded by conquest. After a spotted fever struck Delamir as a teenager he was unable to produce an heir and had gone unmarried.
Focusing less on how his legacy would endure Delamir sought to leave the kingdom in his will to whomever could solve his riddles he left hidden throughout the kingdom. Initially the citizens hated him as their king but through many reforms and gestures purely for the people Delamir won over the country. With the king now deceased after a tragic horse riding incident; the kingdom must now move forward with a new leader who can pick up where he left off.

How to play:
Each player must choose a character.
Each player gets a unique backstory and their own set of skills and perks.

Every “Phase” consists of role playing and problem solving to resolve the kingdoms various issues.

During each phase the players decide when a phase ends and the game advances. Every phase will count as a month of activity in the game. m

Players are not responsible for resource management, but the kingdom depends upon every decision made.

Some characters are fit to lead as king and some characters are not. Players will each have an individual secret goal they must achieve in order to survive. Failure to complete the secret goal within the time allotted on their role card will result in a variety of consequences up to and including death, imprisonment, excommunication or even the game itself coming to an end.

Players may build a character based on something they want to play but a unique goal will still be given to everyone.

This game will feature mid level fantasy elements and will include monsters, supernatural aspects and magic.

You will not need stats or hit points.

The combat system will not be necessary here and you will not have hit points to keep track of. If you choose to attack someone your role card will determine if you are able to succed, fail or obtain a null result.

Players will not be expected to kill each other and internal player vs player struggles for
power will not happen. The goal of the game is not to kill one another and this will make more sense when you obtain your card.

Unlike previous games there will not be prompts for you to choose among a set of directions to go. This game is open world, open ended and will play out based upon your role cards and what you as a group decide to do.

Challenges will be completed in any way you try to resolve them.

There is a story and that story is yours. You control your destiny and the fate of the kingdom is
now in your hands.

You will decide what government you wish you run and you will see what the pros and cons are of each. You
may choose to suspend the monarchy or embrace it as a council.

You may choose to become expansionist or isolationist.

You will have money to manage but you will not be expected to micro manage other details such as food and science. The only major aspects you would want to manage are your budget.

You will have advisors who may or may not be trying to help. Listening to advisors may influence them to be more loyal and ignoring advisors may cause them to begin working against your council.

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Re: New RPG on Sock Drawer

#2 Post by GracchusBabeuf » Thu Apr 28, 2022 2:54 am

I also have a Rocket-Propelled Grenade sitting on top of my wardrobe, right on top of the Sock Drawer. If an intruder appears I'm taking them, and my entire home, down with me!

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