One Night Ultimate Werewolf Minigame

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One Night Ultimate Werewolf Minigame

#1 Post by jasnah » Wed Apr 07, 2021 8:16 am

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Rules again for your convenience:

Forum One Night Ultimate Werewolf: 10p Minigame
I’ve heard it said that the best way to stop playing is to start GM’ing

As the name implies, One Night Ultimate Werewolf (ONUW) is a social deduction game with a single night phase followed by a single day phase, making its mechanics substantially different to Mafia. The objective of the game is to figure out what role you are and play to its win condition by achieving the relevant daykill or lack thereof.

If you have played offline One Night Ultimate Werewolf before you’ll find the rules similar, with a few house rule adjustments that I think improve balance and help adapt to the webDip forum format. I’ve aimed to write below as complete an account of the game rules as possible; where there remain unclear points, I’ll attempt to follow the official game’s rulings unless doing so clashes with the constraints of forum gaming.

Important: ONUW is a unique social deduction game distinguished by, among other elements, prevalent role conversion and non-elimination of players. If you are unfamiliar with ONUW, you are recommended to read the full setup carefully before the game starts. Even though this is a social deduction game running between mafia rounds, don’t expect it to play like Mafia.

Basic Rules

The game will begin on Wednesday 7th April at 10 pm BST / 5 pm EDT / 2 pm PDT. When the game commences, all players will be notified of their initial role cards and have 24 hours to complete night actions, which must be done by PM’ing the GM on webDip or Discord. Talking is not permitted during the night phase. After the night phase there will be one 48-hour long day phase during which players are allowed to communicate freely only on the main game thread.

At any time during the day, players may PM the GM with the name of one player they wish to vote for daykill. Players may update their vote as many times as they wish before EOD. Players may freely discuss their vote in the main game thread, but only votes which are PM’ed to the GM will count for the final vote tally.

The game will end on Saturday 10th April at 10 pm BST, at which point votes will be locked in and simultaneously adjudicated, and the game will end. All players must vote for a player before EOD.

Voting Mechanics

The player with the most votes is daykilled. In case of a tie, all players with the most votes are daykilled, provided that they have at least two votes. If every player receives one vote, no one is daykilled.

Unlike the base game, self-voting will be allowed.

Night Mechanics

Note that ONUW allows for roles to be swapped during the night. You may end the night a different role than you began. Unless your role allows for it, you will not be notified if your role has changed, or be allowed to view your new role.

There will be thirteen role cards with ten allotted to players and three hidden cards, all assigned randomly:

2x Werewolf
3x Villager
1x Minion
1x Seer
1x Robber
1x Troublemaker
1x Doppelganger
1x Drunk
1x Hunter
1x Tanner

A number of night actions are dependent on each other, so take care to note the order of night adjudication:

#1 Doppelganger
#2 Werewolves/Minion
#3 Seer
#4 Robber
#5 Troublemaker
#6 Drunk

Unless otherwise specified in the role description, players perform the ability of their initial role card, even if their true role is switched earlier in the night adjudication order. (Eg. The troublemaker swaps the roles of player A, initially a Werewolf, and player B, initially the drunk. It is still player B who then activates the Drunk’s ability.)

Victory Conditions

If there is at least one werewolf in play: town wins if at least one werewolf (excluding the minion) is daykilled, regardless of how many non-werewolves are daykilled. Werewolves win if none of the werewolves and the tanner are daykilled (werewolves can win if the minion dies, but always lose if the tanner dies). Tanner wins if they are daykilled.

If there are no werewolves in play: town wins if no town are daykilled and the tanner is not daykilled (ie the only safe daykill is the minion). Minion wins if anyone is daykilled (except themselves). Tanner wins if they are daykilled.

Players win with the alignment of the role card they hold at EON, even if this is a different alignment than the one they started with.


Seer: You are the SEER. You win with the town. At night, you may choose to look at one of the left, centre, or right hidden cards.

Robber: You are the ROBBER. You win with the town. At night, you must choose one other player with whom to swap role cards. You will be notified of your new role.

Troublemaker: You are the TROUBLEMAKER. You win with the town. At night, you must switch the role cards of two other players. Neither you nor the players who receive a different role will be notified of the identity of the original or the new roles.

Doppelganger: You are the DOPPELGANGER. You win with the town. At night, you must look at one other player’s card without switching it. You become that role and receive the relevant ability:
  • Villager, tanner, hunter: you are now that role and do nothing else at night.
  • Werewolf: you learn the identity of all other werewolves at the same time as them.
  • Seer, robber, troublemaker, drunk: you perform that role’s ability immediately (and not at its normal order of adjudication).
  • Minion: you learn the identity of all werewolves at the same time as the original minion.
If the drunk becomes the doppelganger, they do not perform any night abilities and simply win with the town.

Hunter: You are the HUNTER. You win with the town. If you are daykilled, the player you are voting automatically dies as well, regardless of how many votes they themselves received. This ability is exercised even if you are not aware that you are the hunter.

Drunk: You are the DRUNK. You win with the town. At night, you must choose either the left, centre, or right hidden card. Your role will be exchanged with that card, but you will not find out your new role.

Villager: You are a VILLAGER. You win with the town.


Werewolf: You are a WEREWOLF. You win with the werewolves. At night, you learn the identity of all other werewolves (excluding minion(s)). If you are the only werewolf, you may choose to look at one of the left, centre, or right hidden cards.

Minion: You are a MINION. You win with the werewolves. At night, you learn the identity of all werewolves. The werewolves do not in turn learn of your identity.


Tanner: You are the TANNER. Much like the average webDiplomacy player, you have given up on life. You win if you die (refer to ‘Victory Conditions’ for special scenarios).


Considering that the mechanics of ONUW differ significantly from Mafia, the Mafia bot will not be enabled for this minigame. Feel free write ‘##call GM’ as usual, but please make it a bright red colour as much as you can.

Players are allowed to +1 other players’ posts. +1’ing GM’s posts is also heavily encouraged.

Usual forum rules apply even though I have no idea what they are. Don’t be a dick.


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