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Tour of Britain 2020 - UPDATE

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2020 11:06 am
by Diplomacc
Hi All,

For obvious reasons I have been uncertain of what form the Tour is taking in the coming months. However, I thought an update might be helpful for anyone considering attending.

Currently all advertised events remain booked and nominally proceeding. So that's London on 27/28 June and York on 26/27 September.

Clearly the June event is quite likely to be postponed, either due to lockdown advice or an understandable reluctance of players to attend. If that happens I will try and rebook on a later date in the year. Worst case it will be cancelled altogether, but I'll try my hardest to avoid that.

September (York) seems much more likely to happen, but again, watch this space.

I have no plans to move the Tour online. While I really like the online live format (CoronaCon was a great success for example, and I'm sure DixieCon will be too) the Tour of Britain is intended to be truly face to face and will continue in that format once the world gets back to something like normality.

I hope that helps you all plan. Stay Safe, and hopefully we'll see each other over a Diplomacy board soon!