Tour of Britain Round One Results

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Tour of Britain Round One Results

#1 Post by Diplomacc » Mon Mar 16, 2020 4:57 pm

Hello all!

Here is the leaderboard for the Tour of Britain, after the first leg in Macclesfield.

Two rounds were played, one board each round. Scoring is C-Diplo. I have used the players' preferred names, which may differ from the names shown on World Diplomacy Database (WDD prefer not to use online aliases).

Dib: 70.75
Pootleflump: 28 .75
Gunther Bedson: 25.75
Andy Harris: 21.75
Graham Dent: 21.5
Alexander van Batenberg: 18.5
Garry Sturley: 7
Leon McCaslin: 6

Congratulations to Dib on a great performance to win MaccCon, and a huge thanks to all players who attended in difficult circumstances.

The next two events are planned to be in London on 27/28 June and York in September. Clearly this might change as the pandemic progresses, so I will keep updating as required.

Details are also available at: ... _todo_tour

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Re: Tour of Britain Round One Results

#2 Post by Claesar » Tue Mar 17, 2020 8:06 am

Special thumbs-up to Andy Harris who played remotely because his island is practically locked down! A report of his experience during this event will be published soon.

I believe he was present as a Skyping iPad the other players could grab to chat with :-) He sent his orders to the GM when everyone else had submitted.

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