Webdiplomacy merges with Playdip and Verizon

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Webdiplomacy merges with Playdip and Verizon

#1 Post by brainbomb » Thu Apr 01, 2021 2:20 am

On April 1, 2021 Webdiplomacy said Wednesday it officially completed the merger with Playdip and Sprint, solidifying its position as the No.3 wireless provider in the US.

Webdiplomacys longtime chief executive is stepping down from his position effective immediately as part of the deal. He will receive a substantial buyout with stock option.

He was originally set to leave at the end of April, with Playdips president, as his successor. He will serve on Verizons board of directors.

The combined company will now operate under the Verizon name and will trade on the NASDAQ as “TMUS.”

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Re: Webdiplomacy merges with Playdip and Verizon

#2 Post by MajorMitchell » Thu Apr 01, 2021 5:50 am

It gives me much pleasure to announce that Tin Mo Thiri alias Dusty Balzac Bush Philosopher alias Daffy Old MajorMitchell is in negotiations with regard to monetisation of my popular threads .. Uber~Diplomacy has been rejected and, well it's commercial in confidence, but let's just hint that the new amalgamation of lesser rivals with Webdiplomacy and my popular threads will be riding SpaceX into the furthest regions of interstellar space, thanks Elon Musk. We're just working out how many squillions$$$ I will receive.. Don't worry, Beloved Dipbro Brainbomb is in for a share of the loot.

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