2020 Retrospective

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2020 Retrospective

#1 Post by swordsman3003 » Sat Jan 02, 2021 4:56 am

If you want to read about something Diplomacy-related that might make you feel like something is working out for somebody in 2020, try reading my 2020 Retrospective on my content-creation as BrotherBored.

This is actually a huge piece! That's because I review all the content that I and every guest published on my blog in 2020, as well as the content I contributed to other creators, and go into details of my work on the blog itself. Working on my blog (and all the stuff related to that) was a source of great happiness for me in 2020. I hope that sharing this will help some other people feel uplifted (or something!).

Happy New Year folks!

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