Worldwide decline in Diplomacy game

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Re: Worldwide decline in Diplomacy game

#21 Post by VillageIdiot » Sat Jan 02, 2021 6:31 am

C'mon this post is click-bait, right?

Yeah the reality is quite the opposite of the opening premise, this past year and a half has been an absolute renaissance of the Diplomacy hobby as a whole. Online play has substantially increased due to the pandemic, cross pollination across online diplomacy communities has really hit it's stride, FTF and online communities have really started to crossover, and the growth of vFTF has online helped. On top of all that we've seen a surge in social media outlets helping to complement the hobby with numerous podcasts, youtube channels, blogs, and eNewsletters. I've never seen the hobby more buzzing then it is right now. Its possible individual sites may encounter some slight seasonal dips as the energy gets spread around to different events on different platforms but there's definitely no shortage of exciting online Diplomacy these days if you seek it out.

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