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Re: A New PPSC?

#21 Post by captainmeme » Mon Sep 26, 2022 4:08 pm

@Chaqa - I understand the preference for even split on draws for those who like DSS and the incentives it provides. This system isn't really aimed at people who like draw-size scoring, since they already have DSS and that's not going away - it's moreso a proposal for a more simple center-based scoring system than SoS for those who like center-based scoring.

I should quickly clarify though, this would still be a winner-take-all system and therefore stopping a win is still valued highly. Although it's not valued as highly for small powers as in DSS (1/34th of the pot for a 1SC power) it's valued substantially higher than in SoS, where a 1SC power is often in the region of 1/200th of the pot. All losing powers receive 0 if another player solos, regardless of SC count.

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