SuperPastis 2021 Tournament On Playdip

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SuperPastis 2021 Tournament On Playdip

#1 Post by dib » Thu Dec 17, 2020 5:24 pm

Hello all

The SuperPastis 2021 signup sheet is open
Games will begin around January 8th
3 rounds with final and tin board
Certifcates and honour to win
Using SuperPastis scoring system this year games will end in 1909 after retreat phase.
Games are 2-1-1 with two days for each order around ... 34&t=61499


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Re: SuperPastis 2021 Tournament On Playdip

#2 Post by Peregrine Falcon » Thu Dec 17, 2020 7:43 pm

Consider posting your tournament rules somewhere so people can decide whether or not to sign up.

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Re: SuperPastis 2021 Tournament On Playdip

#3 Post by dib » Sat Jan 02, 2021 2:52 am

Sure Sorry just seen this...

Game Summary - 2 (days)-1(day)-1(day) unranked friend anonymous
3 rounds plus a final invitational for GOLD medal or play off for fun TIN Medal
Awards for BEST Country. Games end after retreat phase of 1909

For any of the above also in the event of a tie then tie-breaker rules apply rule (17)

Long form of rules

1 Scoring occurs after Retreat phase of 1909 for all qualifying rounds and Final and Tin unless all participants agree on a draw. This must be after Spring 1906.
2. Scoring is SuperPastis found here viewtopic.php?f=934&t=61516
3. Games will be 2-1-1 and played anonymously - players are free to claim to be whoever they want inside the game but not identify that they are in a particular game on the forum
4. There are 3 qualifying rounds consisting of 4 games so 28 players.
5. Players must submit a list of preferred country and the highest point count gets their 1st choice. If available 2nd highest point gets their 1st choice and if not their 2nd choice. 3rd highest gets their 1st choice if available and if not their 2nd and if not their 3rd and so on
6. Players can withdraw from Tourney at any time. (Custer's Rule). Re-entry is subject to judges discretion. Players should give reasonable notice of withdrawal. Upon withdrawal player's scores get reverted to -1 unless/until reinstated by the judges. Case by case basis.
7. No Sexist or Racist or Homophobic etc... in-game messages or Public Press. Just be sensible.
8. If you wish to withdraw please PM dib or Caladrius - it's ok to withdraw at any point outside of a game... as long as you notify us we shouldn't chase you.. If it during a game please notify to discuss so we can try and get a reliable replacement
9. NMR followed by Auto Surrender results in 24-month ban (appeals possible) - removal from the tourney
10. Withdrawing from tourney without notification or appeal is 12 months ban (appeals possible)
10. Players who join tourney without notifying judges will not be admitted to the tourney.
11 For Round 1 & round 2 replacements players will earn a starting bonus of 7 points. For Round 3 replacements players will be awarded a score of the 4th place score minus 40 points. This should give fighting a chance to qualify.
12 For in-game Substitutes: Where a player has replaced a player in-game then they will receive that player's points - up to a MAXIMUM of points of the MEDIAN value of all scores.
13th Rule - Joining a game without being invited by Tournament team doesn’t mean you have entered the tournament. To join you must either pm dib/caladrius and be entered on this list or reserve list. (at least referenced as Mystery Player if for anonymity reasons your immediate entry would put you at disadvantage.
14. Scores are calculated on the following basis - Final and Tin 1st best score 100% + 2nd best score at 80% + 3rd best score at 60%
15. The winner of the final board wins the Final Board gold medal
16. Final standing score and the Final Standings minor gold medal for the score is based on 1st best score 100% 2nd best score at 80% +v3rd best score at 60% > This then qualifies you for final and optional entry to tin-based on accepting invitation based on score.

17. Tie Breakers - In the event of a tie for final board or on the final board in descending order

a) Highest Individual Game Centre/Dot Count in qualifying games
b) TOTAL dot Count in qualifying games
c) Highest-Lowest Center/Dot count in qualifying games - so to clarify if you got knocked out and the other person lowest dot count was was 1 then they go above you. If you both knocked out its the latest year of survival that takes precedent 1909 being the highest.
d) Then there is a tie for medal/ coin toss for entry into Final

18. Tardy replies to emails. You must answer emails from judges failure to do so will result in a warning followed by expulsion from the tournament
19. Judges decision on matters is final.
20. Entries to final & tin will submit a list of 7 preferred countries and preference allocated based on total score getting first as specified in Rule 21.
21. To keep finalists anonymous - R3 Games will be paused for 6 weeks and scored after retreat 1909. After calculating the new total scores and applying if necessary any tiebreaker the Top 7 Finalists will then be invited to final with their chosen country from their list. Based on Total scores for the 3 rounds and if necessary tiebreakers. If someone can't play then number 8 will be invited and so on. Once Final board allocation is accepted Tin Medal players will be invited. Players have 48 hours to respond before 8th invite goes out.
22 Refusal to pause, when requested by judges, may result in disqualification.

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