Group panel update requests

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Re: Group panel update requests

by kestasjk » Wed Oct 12, 2022 11:11 am

Also we've done a bunch of work behind the scenes on how the data entered this way is processed. This brings it much closer to the final goal which is being able to see pre-existing relationships and suspicions before joining a game, and being able (via an optional setting) to exclude players which have pre-existing relationships from playing in the same games.

We're seeing a fair amount of data trickle in via the board suspicion reporting tool. We do need to think about how we can get it into the new beta UI (which isn't very beta any more), but it is shaping up to something which I think and hope will be a lot easier to manage than the previous e-mail based system or the ticket based system I was toying with.

I think once this is combined with the other background ability added a while back to allow accounts to be linked to social media / Google / Apple, and SMS verification, it should be a lot easier to exclude and frustrate cheaters while allowing people who declare existing relationships to not get mistaken by moderators that don't have lots of experience/time to sleuth things out.

Slowly but surely..

Group panel update requests

by kestasjk » Wed Oct 12, 2022 11:03 am

Hi all,

A new feature intended to streamline how we handle people with relationships outside of the site and multi-accounters / meta-game suspicions has been added to the group panel / user relation feature.

Although all suspicions and existing relationships logged in the group panel are available for use by the mods there was no way to ensure people responded to accusations or information requests from moderators.
This means the tool has been used to lodge some suspicions and relationships but can't be used as a means to discuss and work things out.

We've now got around to the next step which is to add an information-request and response function for moderators:
Screenshot 2022-10-12 185833.png
So previously with a request like this if we wanted to get ArchdukeFlanders to confirm that he actually is ag7433's son, or wanted some clarification, or if it's a cheating accusation some follow-up info, we would have to PM / e-mail etc and hope they respond.
Now a mod can click "Get Message" or "Get Weighting", and the user will be redirected from any page on webDip to the group panel page, and see a message in red showing what information they need to fill in:
Screenshot 2022-10-12 185833.png
Screenshot 2022-10-12 185833.png
Until this info is filled in any other page will just redirect them back to the group panel.

Once this info is filled in the moderator that made the request will be redirected in the same way back to the group panel page to see the info that was entered.

Any issues / thoughts / suggestions let us know.
Screenshot 2022-10-12 190126.png
Screenshot 2022-10-12 190056.png