Dual support of other powers

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Re: Dual support of other powers

by Kench » Mon Aug 10, 2020 11:24 am

I just know how much you love reading unnecessarily long posts, Claesar :-D


Re: Dual support of other powers

by Claesar » Mon Aug 10, 2020 10:33 am

So much text :lol:

Yes, this is possible and will work out as intended.

Dual support of other powers

by Kench » Mon Aug 10, 2020 9:03 am

This is possibly a silly question, and actually one that I can't believe I've never come up against before, but can a power support armies from two other powers into the same empty territory?

For the sake of an example, see below (but let's not question the "should they do this?" too much - I'm more thinking about "is it possible?")

France has armies in Bur and Pic.
England has fleets in ENG and NTH as well as an army already in Hol.
Germany has an army in Ruh and, for some reason, chose to move against Russia early on so has nothing else in Kie or Hel (so there's no cutting of support by Germany).

I know you're probably thinking "in what universe would this happen?!" but let's just assume that it did.

France is on good terms with England and is offering support by Pic for ENG - Bel, but it's early days and they are concerned that England might double cross them, use Hol to support NTH - Bel (instead of the agreed ENG - Bel) and have ENG sneak into the empty Bre, knowing that France will be ordering support and therefore won't be moving Pic to cover Bre.

This is the key question then: is it possible from a Webdip point of view for France to order Bur to support the German army, Ruh - Bel as well as ordering the promised support from Pic for England's fleet, ENG - Bel (and probably also be up front with England about this plan)? France is supporting two units from two different non-French powers into the same empty territory.

This way, England knows they will have to move ENG - Bel, because if they decide to try and move ENG - Bre and NTH - Bel, they will find NTH being bounced out of Bel by Ruh. So although they will still get the one build (from Bre rather than from Bel) it will have done irreparable damage to their relationship with France. While France knows that the English power will still have as many builds as they would otherwise have.

As I say, my key question is about the possibility, not so much about the plausibility... Asking for a friend, obvs!