Finished: 06 PM Sat 13 Feb 16 UTC
Private 2012 World Cup Finals: Public Press
2 days /phase
Pot: 54 D - Spring, 2005, Finished
Classic, Public messaging only, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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02 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: Damn. Austria.

Well, the Emperor wishes everyone best of luck and offers his house and home to the delegations of his neighboring states. Additionally, Austria claims the Kingdom of Serbia as its own, while the Independent kingdoms of Rumania and Greece are still up for discussion.
02 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: Is this the final country selection without shuffling? I simply wanted to verify that before I begin to discuss any further.
02 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: Oh, let's shuffle; why not! :-/
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: I didn't think there would be any shuffling in this round.
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: Yeah me neither. But one can hope.
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: Likewise on the greetings. Go easy on me or I'll withhold all pasta exports.
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: Personally I don't mind sending each of you a bit of turkish delight...but I don't know if another country is destined for me. So perhaps this is something we can clarify in the forun unless one can confirm this. I will have a friend not in this game pose the question in the worldcup forum.
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: You do the WebDip Pokey and you end up with "escargot"...

That's what it's all about I guess. Good luck all!
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: Hey, watch out, guys. Didn't the White Witch in Narnia get one of the kids to come over to her side by feeding him enchanted Turkish delight?
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: Oh shit she did.

Oh shit I already had some of the turkish delight. I feel...compelled to support Turkey into wherever he wants to go! Oh no!
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: THE POWER COMPELS YOU!!! FIGHT THE URGE!!!
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: So Since I am not hearing back....what seems to be the decision boys, Russia, Austria, Italy, As you can see I tend to be quite favorable, perhaps my turkish delight could compel you to join me in the defeat of the known world!
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: Sure, I could work with Russia and Austria. Conference in Constantinople?? Buah-ha-ha.
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: (I'm all brave still!)
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: nnnoooo :'(
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: Russia, if they lepanto we need to Jugger. It's only obvious.
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: The Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias considers his His Imperial Majesty's vast domains too limited and is looking for friendly kingdoms to take into his His Imperial, Majestic protection. To this end, His Imperial Majesty is willing to reach an accord with the Emperor in Vienna and the Sultan in Constantinople with regards to the Kingdom of Rumania. A Russian delegation is ready to attend any conference in Constantinople that will settle the Balkan Question. His Imperial Majesty announces in advance its conditional recognition of Austro-Hungarian interests in the Kingdom of Serbia and Ottoman interests in the Kingdom of Bulgaria.
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: Telegram for the Sublime Porte, published in the newspapers of the Russian Empire: Armenians like Russia STOP Black Sea Fleet requests permission to sail to Armenia STOP Black Sea Fleet proposes the eradication of Black Sea piracy by coordinating Arm-Ank and Ank-Arm STOP Black Sea Fleet requests prompt repy, will not sail to Armenia without permission from the Sublime Porte STOP
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: Saint Petersburg News special report:
Russian Ambassadors in London, Berlin, Stockholm
Notified to Procure Ice-Free Base for Baltic Fleet
03 Jul 12 UTC Spring, 1901: The great state of Germany welcomes the opportunity to send a delegation to its southern neighbors in Austria and looks forward to what hopefully becomes a long and prosperous partnership between our two nations.

Further delegations depart for Paris and London seeking to open dialogue about any apparent or otherwise obscured issues that may have import on the western powers, should alliances arise in the east that threaten the west's well being.

Meanwhile, the Kaiser supports the stated Austrian and Russian claims and lays his own claims as such to the Kingdoms of Denmark and Holland as their peoples are woefully underrepresented on the world stage.

Additionally, the German people object to the claim in Turkey to have a *White Witch* somewhere on the payroll. Germany lays claim to all tyrannical dictators, despot queens, evil step mothers, etc. but assures the rest of the world that all such skeletons (read *characters*) are currently locked up in closets in Bavarian strongholds.

Lastly, delegations from any powers are welcome in Berlin at this time to discuss any issue and potential resolutions which may be of benefit to both Germany and the nation sending the delegation.