Finished: 01 PM Wed 06 Jun 12 UTC
in the year of 14
1 day /phase
Pot: 70 D - Spring, 1907, Finished
Classic, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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Chat archive


18 May 12 UTC Spring, 1901: Good game everybody!
04 Jun 12 UTC Autumn, 1906: i am so honored to get so many units chasing at my single fleet.
04 Jun 12 UTC Autumn, 1906: LOL.
04 Jun 12 UTC Autumn, 1906: You're in demand, that's for sure.
04 Jun 12 UTC Autumn, 1906: Draw time?
04 Jun 12 UTC Sure, unless we want to clear Turkey out first just to ensure someone doesn't jump in and steal some of the glory (and points).
04 Jun 12 UTC I'll prep for either move and that way you don't have to wait on me to make a decision.
04 Jun 12 UTC Congrats! Smooth cooperation with both of you. Thanks for that!
05 Jun 12 UTC Good game, gents.