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Finished: 01 PM Thu 21 Jun 12 UTC
Private Diplomacy Class 1
2 days /phase
Pot: 35 D - Autumn, 1917, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
17 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 1903: *before fall
22 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1904: Guys, I will be travelling as of tomorrow morning, the whole weekend with very limited internet access. Could we do around of pauses? Sorry for the inconvenience..
22 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1904: Granted Italy. Be safe traveling.
22 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1904: ^ditto
26 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1904: Safe back, thanks all for the pause
26 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1904: You're welcome Italy.
28 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1904: omg finally we get going again!
30 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1905: May I get a pause for the weekend? I'm traveling.
30 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1905: sure
01 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 1905: sorry for the late pause. Thankfully the turn hadn't passed or anything.
02 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 1905: Thank you all for the pause. I am sending out my messages now. If I may, I'll put the final "unpause" vote in tomorrow night to give me time to get all my diploming in that I missed over the weekend.
03 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 1905: I have put in my unpause vote.
11 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 1906: sorry guys I think I mixed up two games, I honestly thought the deadline was couple of hours from now, so when I just logged in to do my moves, I found out that it passed.

Once again, my excuses.
17 Apr 12 UTC Spring, 1907: Tell me what happened...I swear I ordered Boh - Mun!
17 Apr 12 UTC Spring, 1907: Damn Italy wtf?
17 Apr 12 UTC Spring, 1907: Italy is a dunce.
17 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 1907: Nah, he's probably just bored with this game and throwing it.
17 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 1907: Italy is France's multi :p
17 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 1907: I though Germany was my multi until he stopped following through with our plan. I mean c'mon why stab now.
17 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 1907: Go solo germany!
17 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 1907: I hope Italy is NOT the person who requested a diplomacy class.
20 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 1907: All hail Venus Victrix, goddess of our Roman friend! All praise Venus Victrix, divine comrade to the Caesar! All marvel Venus Victrix, protector against misorders!
30 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 1909: Sorry folks. I had a very difficult weekend.
30 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 1909: No problem turkey. I hope the board was not unduly influenced by your absence.
30 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 1909: No worries
05 May 12 UTC Spring, 1910: Out of curiosity, where is everyone's prime unit? Mine is a fleet, in Norway. What a long journey from Berlin! lol
My second unit is more adventurous, he's in Sevastopol. :)
My third starting unit is in St. Petersburg.
My first build is in Bohemia. Curious that most of my early units haven't gone that far from the Rhineland.
10 May 12 UTC Spring, 1911: My apologies everyone, something has come up and I won't be able to log on for a while. Instead of asking for a pause though, I'm just going to eat the clock for retreats, and I should be back just after everything processes. If I get back earlier I'll finalize. Again sorry, thanks for understanding.
15 May 12 UTC Spring, 1912: OK, gents. Either you are in agreement for a 2-way (go ahead and tell me since I can't stop it at this point), one of you (if not both) is attempting a solo, or we call it at the 3-way. What say you?
16 May 12 UTC Autumn, 1912: So... just ignoring me?

You guys realize that two way draws are chastised in this game, right? Honor means nothing. You are going to a conclusion of a draw instead of a solo is ridiculous.

One of you is in position to solo over the other, too, might I add.
17 May 12 UTC Autumn, 1912: So I told several times as well. Let's see how this ends :-).
17 May 12 UTC Autumn, 1912: oh and gg btw...
18 May 12 UTC Autumn, 1912: italy I think you let France in. not Turkey.
18 May 12 UTC Autumn, 1912: Lol yea Italy, in the mid game you were working with France. If I recall we were trying to get you to work with us against F/G, but I guess the same could be said of Austria.
18 May 12 UTC Autumn, 1912: If my stab had succeeded I would have replaced you on the stalemate line. Then Turkey attacked me, causing Germany to get in successfully.
18 May 12 UTC Autumn, 1912: I had figured that I would be in a position to allow one of the two to solo (which I am), but if they are going to go on 'honor' to make it a two way, I can't stop them.

The two-way draw is probably the most hated ending of any true diplomacy player. Alliances, while extremely important, are never supposed to hold out until the end, because the only true way to win is to take supply centers from everyone to get to 18. By allying to the end and drawing with a two-way, it shows one of two things:
1.) You don't understand this game and/or refuse to attempt to win. And if you aren't playing to win, you shouldn't play the game at all.
2.) One of the two is ignorant enough to think the two way is the best way, and the non-ignorant one will either 'accidentally' get in position to snag an SC or two to win it in the very end or move to force the solo win.

I don't know which of the two it is, but someone (if not both of you) is going to get blasted by me and the community as a whole in the end of this game.
18 May 12 UTC Autumn, 1912: btw - being in position to allow one or the other to win is a strategy of the smallest of 3 to get into a 3-way draw. That's my goal, seeing as I cannot win at this point.
29 May 12 UTC Autumn, 1914: Congrats on being a dumbass and not listening to me...
30 May 12 UTC Spring, 1915: Mission accomplished.
31 May 12 UTC Spring, 1915: "Diplomacy Class I" shouldn't end with an embarrassing "I'm sticking with my loyal agreement to a 2-way draw instead of a solo." It is humiliating to the game of diplomacy. So if "mission accomplished" means you don't mind getting harassed in the forum for such a silly, juvenile, newbie solution to the game (in which this should be a 'class'), then by all means, George W... consider the mission a success.
31 May 12 UTC Spring, 1915: I entirely disagree with you, Turkey. The entire point of this game is that you can't get anywhere alone. Some people chose not to actually stab a game-long ally in the end, others do. Such is actual diplomacy.

I am also happy to defend any decision in the forum once this game has been completed, and we will see what others think on the matter.

That said, apparently France now wishes to solo, so you'll get your wish.
01 Jun 12 UTC Spring, 1915: I want to clarify something on my end. Being the power in the alliance with fewer centers for most of the game, it was in my best interest to continue with it. However, I was constantly looking for openings that would have allowed me to take the upper hand. Had Germany let me have Smyrna last spring, I would have had one and taken Bulgaria in the fall for the win. Germany smartly denied me Smyrna however. When that happened, I thought for sure he would do the same in Bulgaria and take the win. Now that we are even and have a stalemate through most of the board, I want see if either of us can quickly secure an 18th center or if there is a solid stalemate across the board.
01 Jun 12 UTC Autumn, 1915: There isn't a solid stalemate, and the excuse that you don't want to stab, germany, is the antithesis of the game of diplomacy. In real tournaments, a draw is considered a loss... only solo's are considered wins. To strive for anything but a solo is to lose.
02 Jun 12 UTC Autumn, 1915: No offense Turkey, but people play the game differently, what you think is not the defining way to play this game, nor is the way I play.
02 Jun 12 UTC Autumn, 1915: The goal of the game is to win. You can play any way you want, but if you aren't plating the game to strive for the goal, you shouldn't play the game.

It's like playing soccer and only attempting to score when your opponent does in order to get a tie instead of a win. Worthwhile when you are playing a child and don't want to hurt feelings, but is insulting to an opponent who is playing the game the correct way and wants to see how they compare to each opponent.
13 Jun 12 UTC May I request a pause until Sunday? I'm on the road and want to give this my fullest consideration.
13 Jun 12 UTC Until Sunday only.
13 Jun 12 UTC Of course. Thank you.
18 Jun 12 UTC man, what a terrible turn. Just had to protect what you had, france.
I thought belgium would have been the tough one to figure out, not london.
18 Jun 12 UTC I had a choice, as I saw it, he could have attacked Liverpool and Belgium simultaneously or attacked London and Belgium.. We just needed to out think each other. I admittedly underestimated how well he was able to do the later, hence my decision to guard Liverpool.
19 Jun 12 UTC Oh, and as I promised Germany, assuming he still wants to, I will vote draw now since this could go on for a while.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Haert (234 D)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 18 D
17 supply-centers, 15 units
dubmdell (556 D)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 18 D
17 supply-centers, 16 units
NikeFlash (140 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Bad85 (576 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Gobbledydook (1389 D (B))
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
fortknox (2059 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
DILK (1539 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
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