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Finished: 01 PM Fri 06 Apr 12 UTC
Private asia-pasific team
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 50 D - Autumn, 7, Finished
The Ancient Mediterranean, No messaging, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
24 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: about hazzaman's game
what hapened in rumania and why moscow>warsaw?
24 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: we were talking about it and you did something totaly diferent,good game in the north btw,but be carefull.moscow was supposed to hold or bounce in st pet,remember?
24 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: Yah but I was confident in my move into sweden and didn't want to make it too apparent on the game board what I was doing. I'm still going to be able to stall long enough to slow them down big time. I wrote heaps on the forum. Please read it.
24 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: you have to save moscow
24 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: Ukraine-Moscow, Galicia-Ukraine is my thinking.
24 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: for some reason i dont see the sign on my homepage when you write in the chat,you know,the envelope
25 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: Sevastopol is lost this turn assuming Turkey keeps pushing north. You might be able to sneak into Rumania with supports from galicia and ukraine if serbia support holds trieste
25 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: i need your opinion on my game
a ven s h tri,f adr sh tri,a tun>alb,f ion (c) tun>alb,a tri s m tun>alb.
25 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: key lepanto in gunboat is too crazy
25 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: if i want to do key lepanto it will be something like this:
a ven s h a tri,a tri(c)>gre (fail),a tun(c)>sir (fail),f adr>ion,f ion>eas.
it will explain austria my real intentions to be made next move,probably turkey and rusia thinking i betrayed austria will move forward and austria wont have a choise,if it all goes well in autumn i will replace trieste with greece and have an army in sirya.austria will win 1 sc and i mantain the same.
it seems too risky to me but its a nice move for a world cup.
25 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: correction : austria wont gain a s'c ,thats my fear
25 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: Right now we have one enemy and two allies. If we do the Lepanto, we'll have two enemies and one ally. Too risky for me!
26 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: Yeah I was a little confused when you said you were doing key lepanto...in a gunboat.
Seeing as you won't be able to coordinate, I don't see much benefit going after Turkey at the moment.
Those moves sound good.
Strange build by France.
26 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: if france moves to gulf of lions i will move ion to tyrrenian
27 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: worked as i expected in my game.
what now?tri>ser,ven>tri?alb>gre?
27 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1: I was thinking something similar but with Albania supporting Trieste into Serbia.
Maybe have Ionian support hold Greece to prevent Turkey from taking it? Otherwise Ion-->Gre to cancel potential support to Alb
You can have Adriatic support move Ven-->Tri or support hold Alb if you sup hold Gre
I'd say Tri is the priority though, Austria might try to take Trieste instead of holding Rumania.
27 Feb 12 UTC Spring, 2: what if i do nothing and let them figth balanced so i can stay as the powerfull in the region?
re-arrange the units: a ven s m a alb>tri,a tri>tyr,f adr s m a alb,f ion h.
or : a ven>tyr,f adr s h a tri,f ion s h a alb,a alb s h a tri.
27 Feb 12 UTC Spring, 2: dont forget trieste support to tyr if you do those orders
imho, I feel like you might as well gamble for an SC this turn and maybe get a navy
27 Feb 12 UTC Spring, 2: my game got canceled btw...no 7th player
it sounds like theyre getting a sub on the forum though
hopefully things will start soon
27 Feb 12 UTC Spring, 2: Taos: Because the Balkans has turned out to be such a mess, my suggestion is to hold everything this turn. Let it sort itself out before another move. Venice and the Adriatic should support Trieste, The Ionian Sea should support Albania. Trieste and Albania can support each other.
In any case the Ionian should stay there to cover Tunis. France looks like an unpredictable player.
27 Feb 12 UTC Spring, 2: i can also do: a tri>ser,a alb s m a tri>ser,a ven>tri,f adr s m ven>tri,f ion s h a alb.?
28 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 2: http://webdiplomacy.net/board.php?gameID=81771
I'm Russia.
29 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 2: Another Russian. Excellent.
29 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 2: From correspondence in my game it sounds like there's going to be a Sea Lion, largely because England hasn't even logged on yet. No Lepanto. Turkey is friendless so I'll abstain from the juggernaut. Austria, Italy, and Turkey have all curried my favor, Turkey less so than others. Bounces in Galicia and Black Sea will allow me to assess the situation in the Balkans while my Northern units join the Sea Lion. May just give my support to whoever supports me into Rumania in autumn.
29 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 2: nice.
what is a sea lion?
my game progressed to autumn retreats and i have serbia,dont know how to hold it next year.
01 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 2: Yeah, this is the first time I'd heard 'Sea Lion' before as well.
It's when Rus/Ger/Fr all move on England. Similar in practice to the Rus/Aus/Ita assault on Turkey
02 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 2: What's going on with this game? Hazzaman- you there?
02 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 3: did he miss the turn in his wc game too?
02 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 3: its ok.
he his doing his moves,we need to wait
02 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 3: yah im here im not missing anything
03 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 3: I'm fucked. Austria Turkey and Germany all stabbed me.
03 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 3: Oh well, its just a game. Just try to survive from now on. I thought i was fucked when I got stabbed hard as Russia, but it turned out to be just fine now. So just hold on to what you have, start talking to other people, perhaps england and france can turn on germany. And Italy can provide some support against the backside of the turkey austria attack.
04 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 3: My strategy for now is to try and rally ppl against the W3. I've had good relations with Italy from the start and hopefully either Austria or Turkey will turn.
England may stab Germany but he may be trying to divert my attention from St. Pete (although he would be able to take it regardless). Same goes for Turkey stabbing Austria and Sevastopol. Germany's builds are going straight for Warsaw.
13 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 5: How are the other games going?
I have 1 SC left *sigh*
13 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 5: i need your opinion http://webdiplomacy.net/board.php?gameID=80770#gamePanel
13 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 5: http://webdiplomacy.net/board.php?gameID=82206#gamePanel
ans here: i am france
13 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 5: Nobody else is attacking Germany, England or Austria. After Italy's fall you will be the next. Your only possibility is the union of Russia and Turkey so start to pray for a Juggernaut.
Anyway, I suggest you stop the attacks over Germany and show him friendship, maybe he will use you against England.
14 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 5: thanks
how are the rest doing?
we are a team remember?
16 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 5: My game is going well. It is now reaching the pivotal phase. If i can hold England off long enough for Turkey to take down France, then I should get a two way draw.
16 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 5: http://www.webdiplomacy.net/board.php?gameID=80777#gamePanel
I'm Turkey and have 2 builds... Any idea?
17 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 5: Sorry I am not playing this game. I dont have much time at the moment.
18 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 6: Can we please pause? I've injured my calf- torn muscle or tendon I think. I need time for trips to the doc and scans and suchlike. Sorry, I'll try and resume within a day or two. Thanks.
21 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 6: Unpause please.
25 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 6: I'm back from the hospital. Thanks for the pause everyone. Let's resume.
26 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 6: welcome back
27 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 6: Thanks Taos! And nice going on both your Cup games...
29 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 6: Ok guys, are you interested in a three ways draw?
30 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 6: Yes for me.
30 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 7: ill think about it
03 May 12 UTC hey guys!
we can still comunicate this chanel.
prepare yourself for the final
masf is making it for us

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

evsxmstr (548 D)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 17 D
13 supply-centers, 11 units
Masf (661 D)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 17 D
11 supply-centers, 11 units
Praed (100 D)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 17 D
10 supply-centers, 10 units
taos (281 D)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
Hazzaman (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
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