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26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Pacific-Russia]:Good luck all.
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [India]:Greetings, all, and welcome to the Inter-Disciplinary Summit! :)

If you please--if you don't, that's fine, too--state your discipline, so we know who we have represented...and let's get some discussions going on the side about, you know, anatomy and literature and science and math and that whole "meaning of life" thing and 42 and all that... ;)
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [India]:So, hi.

I'm obiwanobiwan

I'm an English Major, focusing mainly on writing and literature...

I tutor and write with this knowledge, currently--as most of you know, I'd like to be an author someday, so I write a lot in my spare time, including a book I've been working on for a few years and a project with some Eng. major friends we hope to publish in the next year or two, as well as giving some input on one of my professor's prospective novel "sequel" to "The Great Gatsby--and, if I have any "specialty" here, I guess it's in the Classics--Homer, Sophocles, Euripides, Ovid, Dante, Shakespeare, Milton, etc.--with Shakespeare, obviously, being my favorite author and focus of a lot of my studies...

Shakespeare, Milton, Homer, and T.S. Eliot are my four "major" literary heroes and people I try and use in literary interpretation and tutoring (ESPECIALLY Shakespeare, a lot of demand for help with him) and I'm pretty much enamored with three main types/eras/genres of literature in particular--the Ancient Greeks, Elizabethan-Reformation English Literature with Kyd, Middleton, Marlowe, Milton, Donne, all the way up to Milton and, of course, Shakespeare) and then the Modernist Period in Western Literature, including Camus, D.H. Lawrence, T.S. Eliot, Joyce, and someone I'm growing more and more enamored with as an author, Ms. Virginia Woolf (reading "The Waves" by her, and it's an astounding stream-of-consciousness work, works extremely well today, and is by far the best thing by her I've yet read, so she's rocketing up my lists...she might very well be my favorite female writer as of now, it'd have to be between her and Emily Dickinson...)

So, yeah, that's enough of an intro for me--quite possibly it's overkill, given how much I've espoused much of this to many of you already--so please feel free to introduce yourself and your studies/work at length...I'd love to hear what some of you science-type-folk do with all that fancy mathematical-type-knowledge-'n-stuff... ;)
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [USA]:OK, I'll be shorter ^^

So I am sjrd, and I am a PhD student in computer science. I work in distributed languages, i.e., programming languages designed to write programs that are spread among more than one computer (usually hundreds or thousands).
One famous example of a distributed program is the Google bot, which crawls the Web and updates a huge database of links. Obviously this is too much work for a single computer ;-)
My work aims at simplifying the writing of such programs.

On my spare time I develop some software, too. You can have a look at if you want (French-speaking).
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Pacific-Russia]:More succinctly ( ;) ), back in the day I managed to achieve a degree and PhD in Chemistry. This has had sod all to do with what I now do...
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Argentina]:i'm dr. octagonapus
i'm one of the highschoolers studying physics, maths, music and advanced maths
my spelling is atrocious, but i think my grammar is ok
i enjoy reading just about anything
and i like puzzles
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Ghana]:Greetings, infidels.

I am a student of history. Up until I haven't really chosen a specific path within the studies, but my preferences lay with the area of cultural history and history of the Middle Ages and early modern history of Europe. Next to my studies I am kind of an amateur in philosophy and theology, which I both find very interesting, and debating in general. Right now I'm in a class about early Christianity, which is also very interesting and enriching :)
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [China]:I'm a film and theater major - with an emphasis on history in the spare credits afforded me while working on a double major. After school, I did run a production company for a few years before getting tired of the rampant chaos of it all. I then worked as a university's technical director a few more years before actually tossing it all to be a barista. Its a strange, backwards career path that actually makes me rather happy despite it all.
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Frozen-Antarctica]:I'm a real-time embedded system software engineer. I switched in mid-stream from electronics to programming and never looked back. Multi-tasking, multi-threaded, multi-processor code fascinates me. I program mostly in C with some assembler and (when I really really have to) C++ or C#. I'm a nerd really - though I work hard not to let it show - when I was still a spotty teenager (smelling of solder and burnt plastic) my uncle took me to one side and said "Don't be a Nerd all your life, nerds don't get laid!" and he was right! I'm married with kids now! ;-)
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Kenya]:Hello all, I'm SacredDigits, and perhaps the field that I most identify with is linguistics, although it's been over a decade since I was gainfully employed in that field, working in Hong Kong translating Chinese to English and facilitating cultural exchange.

I see I have a bit of press, and I apologize, but I have much to do on this Boxing Day and will respond later in the evening.
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Ghana]:No problem, we all have lifes.
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Argentina]:i hope
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Kenya]:Being a linguist, I'm compelled to tell you that we all have lives, not lifes. But that's the spirit of this, right?
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Argentina]:touche
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Brazil]:Hello everyone and good luck!

I'm currently in the Freshman Engineering Program at my University and will most likely be choosing Computer Science/Computer Engineering. I also host a podcast about World of Warcraft called Lore Stories.
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Ghana]:ouch, sorry. I did even change it... in my defense, I'm not a native English speaker.
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [South-Africa]:No problem. English is one of the tougher languages to master the nuances of.
26 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Ghana]:Perhaps. It is kind of my second language so I should be able to handle these spelling mistakes. :/
27 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Europe]:I studied to be a social studies teacher, spent two years in a special ed school, currently studying for special education while substitute teaching.
27 Dec 11 UTC Spring, 2000: [Kenya]:Sorry, Ghana, I usually let that go too, it's just that I feel as the linguist I must be the grammar police. :)