Finished: 01 PM Sun 17 Jul 11 UTC
Private With A Little Help From My Friends
1 day /phase
Pot: 45 D - Autumn, 9, Finished
The Ancient Mediterranean, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Traiby (99 D)

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29 Jun 11 UTC Spring, 1: Good luck everyone.
29 Jun 11 UTC Autumn, 1: Hey Josh, let's play the hold your breath game again.
04 Jul 11 UTC Spring, 4: we're all waiting for Rome and Egypt to finalize their turns...!!
12 Jul 11 UTC Autumn, 8: Their leaders were fools! See now the fall of Rome!
12 Jul 11 UTC Autumn, 8: like I give a shit
12 Jul 11 UTC Autumn, 8: like I give a shit
12 Jul 11 UTC Autumn, 8: nice language - you kiss your mother with that mouth...??
12 Jul 11 UTC Autumn, 8: I am not going to have internet access for several days, so I'll have to vote draw.
12 Jul 11 UTC Autumn, 8: Going to Utah?
13 Jul 11 UTC Autumn, 8: can we skip Greece?
13 Jul 11 UTC Autumn, 8: no - if he has stopped playing, we are stuck waiting 24 hours between each turn until he's out - which should only take a couple more turns....??
13 Jul 11 UTC Autumn, 8: 2 turns if he doesn't do anything between them. It doesn't really matter anyways, because just a few turns of Greece's absence could allow Persia victory.
13 Jul 11 UTC Autumn, 8: Neither Greece's presence NOR absence will have ANY bearing on the overall outcome of this game!!
15 Jul 11 UTC Spring, 9: At this point, a great uprising in Greece sends Persia back to their homelands, allowing Rome to begin recovery. Meanwhile, Cartage captures the Phoenician region and Greece begins to fall apart. Persia falls and is broken into several states as the Egyptians revolt and reestablish themselves. Rome grows in power and begins to conquer Graecian lands. Not long after, Carthage gives up on their empirial territory and begin to focus on cultural developement. Rome then takes Asia Minor, only to find that Carthage has declared war on them. A few years of fighting later, and Carthage has been burned to the ground. Afterwards, Egypt surrenders to Rome without much of a fight and Carthage begins to rebuild. At long last, Rome establishes itself among the entire Mediterranean as Carthage is once and for all, destroyed. Then, the Iconoclastic controversy. Diocletian must split Rome into two empires and grants Egypt its freedom. After long civil war and invasion by Germanic tribes, Rome falls and the Byzantine Empire is now the most dominant force on the planet. By now, every force you know has been destroyed, except Egypt. So really, I'm the only one who survives all of this.
16 Jul 11 UTC hunh??
16 Jul 11 UTC History, learn your history.

More perhaps? What remains of the civilized people of Rome begin to congregate and form their own nations. Uprisings in the Germanic tribes demanding the establishment of permanent settlements begin the formation of many small Germanic states. Meanwhile; Spain, France, England, and Portugal have arisen from the remains of the Roman empire. The Holy Roman Empire is later formed in an attempt to unite the German peoples, this becomes more of an alliance than a single state. England and the Ottoman Empire begin to rise up, England growing very rapidly. The Ottomans, basing their culture against the Byzantines, begin to wage war with them. Long after these things called the "Crusades" the European nations begin to come together a bit more strongly, but are mostly dominated by the power of the papacy, centered in Rome. Italy has, by now, become many small states desperate to grow stronger than the other. Then, the Hundred Years war, followed by the fall of Constantinople and the discovery of the Americas. The Ottomans now become the strongest force in all of the world, but begin their slow, painful decline. Russia has become a unified force and begins to edge closer to Europe. Constant fighting between the European powers limits their growth and forces them to look for other ways of gaining power. Most begin seeking colonies in the Americas, but this is mostly dominated by Spain and Portugal. Next, the Netherlands start the Dutch Revolt and form their own new nation, as Prussia and Austria become the more powerful states among the Holy Roman Empire. The power of the pope is now being ignored, as Protestantism grows heavily across Europe. The Ottomans are, at this point, driven from Austrian lands and begin to focus heavily on controlling the Balkans. Meanwhile, Sweden has amassed great, industrial power, but is nonetheless obliterated by Russian strength. Russia now reaches the top of our power list. France begins its ascent, as they nearly unite themselves with Spain. The Spanish are now losing most of their colonies and declines heavily. Portugal and the Netherlands, the same. Then, the industrial and agricultural revolutions occur in England, causing them to jump to being the most powerful now. Austria and Prussia, now rivals competing for dominance, have grown to become massive and very powerful. America's colonization becomes a demonstration of the strength of the British, until they revolt and send England's economy to a downfall. France, led by Napoleon, quickly become the most powerful, but are led to a downfall, due to a series of revolts and economic failure. America would take the top now, but are driven apart due to Civil War, greatly hindering their developement. Prussia is now the most powerful due to superior weaponry and advanced industry. They wage war against Denmark, Austria, and France. This leads to the unification of Germany, minus Austria, and the continued growth into prosperity. At last, the Crimean war leads to Russia's dominance of the Black Sea and a short-lived place as number one. Due to this war, Austria is defeated and returns home ashamed. Meanwhile, Italy has become unified and with France's help shame Austria again. Now, tensions are high. America and Germany tie for number one. Germany has kicked out Bismarck and now become led by a fool with a superiority complex. Begin The Great War.
16 Jul 11 UTC hunh??
16 Jul 11 UTC yay - I win...!!!
16 Jul 11 UTC :^)