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Finished: 12 AM Fri 07 Nov 08 UTC
Welcome to the Jungle
1 day /phase
Pot: 485 D - Autumn, 1916, Finished
Classic, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by PirateJack (400 D)
24 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1911: When the Turk writes, when the Frog moves, when I'm really screwed, I simply remember by favorite games and then I don't feel so rude.
24 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1911: Damn, it didn't post my other post >_>. I hate it when that happens.
24 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1911: Come on Sultan. Bring it on, or are you just too yellow? Come on over to my side of the board, and I'll whip you from one side of Yorkshire to the other.
24 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1911: We'll see how much you brag when I burn York to the ground and salt the entire region! Blasphemous swine! Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries!
25 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1911: Sultan, speaking of Blasphemous swine, how is you harem these days? As for your mother, she was the pretty sheep and your father wears hip boots. Bur I'm still waiting. You know they say the bigger the talk, the "smaller" the member. You are probablly really loud all the time.
25 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1911: I have to admit, I was sad to see BESM knocked out of the game... you definitely make the game entertaining :)
25 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1911: I see you are deigning yourself to indulge in hypocrisy again, you monogamous infidel! I will have you know that my great nation has no place for 'wool' on its markets, we use only the finest strands of silk taken from our lands in the Far East and as such have no such need for sheep and these 'hip boots'. I would also like to point out that your puny nation is one of the coldest places I have ever had the displeasure to visit. Why, there was even this thing you call 'snow'! Frightfully cold stuff that would have no place in my homeland, where even the nights are warm compared to your nation.

I will also have you know that my harem is very satisfied in their servitude. Of course you would be unable to enjoy the simple pleasures of having numerous beautiful women cater to your every whim, simply because of your 'Christian' values that disallow even your leaders the most basic of human needs. We of the Turkish nation see your monogamy and pity you all the more for it.
25 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1911: So you harem has been fibbing all this time? I guess it's best if you just stay where you are and be happily deluded.
25 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1911: They speak no untruthful word, for the walls of my palace know every which one they speak.
25 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1911: The walls laught behind your back and the farm animals write to Dear Abby.
25 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1911: My farm animals at least have the common decency not to overthrow the farms they work on. Could I say the same for you, Englishman?
25 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: Englishmen never overthrow the farms they work on. On the other hand, Turksih farm animals would have to get divorces to get out of the theplaces they are in.
25 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: No, Englishman, our farm animals are merely glad that they may be sacrificed to Allah so that we may bring glory to our great nation.
25 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: You call that position "sacrafice to allah"?
26 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: Ah, have you ever seen a more beautiful sight? The Mediterranean is once again under Turkish control and our rightful lands in the Iberian peninsula will soon be under our control once more. The great empire of Suleiman the Magnificent will be reborn in a new form in these coming years. It shall be excellent!
26 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: Ah, have you ever notices the color chosen for the Turkish pieces? Have you ever changed he diaper of a small child with some really bad stomach disorder? The rest of the pieces are lovley blue or purple or brown or green or, the very loveliest, pink. But the Turks get excrement yellow and they puke it across the board. After that, they return to their lamby girl friends and do nasty things.
26 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: You insult the colour I have chosen as the royal shade? I ask of you whether pink is such a colour that you can take pride in a Great Pink Empire? Unfortunately, the colour you have chosen reminds me only of one of my maids. Such a... lovely girl, and she turns the exact shade of pink that you are when... excited. Tis a shame that she was once English. She would have been my concubine had she not.
26 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: Obviously, you don't know much about women in general, and English women in particular. I don't know about Turkish women, but I do know that there would be a time when an English woman would consent to know you in the slightest biblical sense. That time of couse would be after hell froze over. Of course, the likelyhood of snow in Ankara is slim to none.
26 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: Is the Englishman flustered? Does he deny the existence of a former-English woman as a maid of mine? My, denial is no longer just a river in my southern lands.
26 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: First not even an English ho would consent to be chained to your sultanic bed. Second, we have little faith that the Sultan, confused by years of barnyard debauchery and opiat ingenstion, would know a woman if he tripped over her body in a morgue(of course, that goes to an entirely different problem for which the Sultina is seaking treatment). Beyond theat, no woman, English or otherwise would be caught dead in the bedroom or barn of the Sultana.
26 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: Of course the monogamous man must indeed be pitied, for he cannot choose more than one woman to share his bed chambers, and is thus chained to her until the end of his days.

Still, you misunderstand our culture, Englishman, for it is the pleasure of the people to serve under me as I bring them glory and riches from the farthest lands of Europe. Our strength is such that I am viewed as the seconding coming of the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.

If I had not become content with the beauties of my harem I would still be inundated with requests of the noble lords of my lands to accept their daughters as wives.

Indeed you have found my vice. It has been tradition for many years for the richest harvests of poppy fields to be sent to the Imperial manufacturers to be turned into the finest opium that can be made. It is a pleasure I am sure you would be aware of, given the opium trade that your country (or what was once your country) heavily engaged in. I still hear stories of the opium dens that range throughout the former English colonies in China and India.
26 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: The only requests you have is from chicken farmers to accept the cute ones as you "friends".
27 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: Is the Englishman running out of material? To fall back on the allegation of bestiality when all else fails? Have you no more to entertain me with? I assure you, my jesters are eager to see this debate go on, and I ask only that you bring some new material to the floor. Your arguments are becoming stale with age.
27 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: I am sorry, Sultani The Great. I am in the midst of something much more important than picking on you, and I am worried that I might slip and cut the cuticle. I'll try to come up with something that will be funny but you'll be able to understand as well.
27 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: There once was a man from Turkey
whose friends all thought he was jerkey
but the eventually found
that the sheep that he bound
he found resoundly perky.
27 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1912: HAPPY TURKEY DAY TO ALL!
27 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1912: Even he mean old Sultan.
28 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1912: Good bye and good luck.
01 Dec 08 UTC Autumn, 1914: hrm... rule check... how did I not take edinburg? Norway convoyed by norw to edi, and north sea supported the attack. That's 2 on one. Why did it fail?
01 Dec 08 UTC Autumn, 1914: Well, you actuallly have to have a convoy order.Nrwg held and Nthr Sea supt. You screwed up. Makes me proud just to watch you screw up.
01 Dec 08 UTC Autumn, 1914: yup... I just saw... forgot the convoy order.
01 Dec 08 UTC Autumn, 1914: You might check your orders before you cry like a girly girl.
01 Dec 08 UTC Autumn, 1914: forgot that link even existed. I figured you wouldn't see the arrow from norway if I didn't have the convoy order...
03 Dec 08 UTC Autumn, 1915: did I just miss that turn? Couldn't log in last night :(
03 Dec 08 UTC Autumn, 1915: Yeah you did.
03 Dec 08 UTC Autumn, 1915: And yet, Yorkshire has been humilated and foced to submit to the blues. I see that big talking turkey getting closer. I can hardly wait until he's in London onor Liverpool so I can mortalize him.
Oh, if I only had a heart.
03 Dec 08 UTC Autumn, 1915: Sorry my English adversary, my comrade in arms has already claimed your little island for his own. I have heard he plans to turn it into the Russian Empire's prison colony, with York Castle being one of the high security detention centres.
03 Dec 08 UTC Autumn, 1915: Beware the Yorkish undergrand for they may appear anywhere. Right now, I'm contimplating making French Fries with real French men. I'll start with Frogs legswith real Froggites covered with Russian dressing made from real creamed Russians. Later,, I'm having roast Turkey.
03 Dec 08 UTC Autumn, 1915: why do I read BESM's messages in the voice of the dark knight from monty python's quest for the holy grail??
03 Dec 08 UTC Autumn, 1915: You have discovered my secret. Or perhaps you need to replace your underwear.
03 Dec 08 UTC Autumn, 1915: black knight... not dark knight... its been a while since I've seen that...
03 Dec 08 UTC Autumn, 1915: I'm not dead yet.
04 Dec 08 UTC Spring, 1916: But your arm's chopped off!
04 Dec 08 UTC Spring, 1916: I fight you with the other arm.
04 Dec 08 UTC Good game everyone, it has been quite amusing.

Also, the Englishman is a pansy who could not hold his country to the French. The French! The first successful invasion since the Norman Conquest and it had to be by the bloody French!

Tis an insult to my English pride to see such a thing :P.
04 Dec 08 UTC English pride coming from a Turk who lost the game to the Russians. I guess only you could take a strong position and loose out to the purple people eater. Good luck. NIce game. By the way,notice that the Yorkish Liberation Army secretly supported the Russian Liberators to throw out the Poquine Francais. We would never allow such a violation of God's law as allow Froggies in England at the end of a game. Nice game to both of you.
04 Dec 08 UTC gg all...
And, yes, the yorkish army did help me get the 'blue' out of the island ;)
04 Dec 08 UTC And THAT, gentlemen... is a convoy! ;)

GG Mr. Jack the privateer... best of luck to you in the future!
04 Dec 08 UTC shoulda gotten a fleet in the eastern med and moved a syrian army to st pete...
04 Dec 08 UTC It's basically the same in terms of convoy length, which always takes the shortest route to a given destination. And thank you for the congratulations, and the victory.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

PirateJack (400 D)
Won. Bet: 50 D, won: 2910 D
18 supply-centers, 15 units
fortknox (2059 D)
Survived. Bet: 50 D, won: 2587 D
16 supply-centers, 17 units
Shaka (0 D X)
Survived. Bet: 50 D, won: 0 D
0 supply-centers, 1 units
BESM (18622 D)
Defeated. Bet: 50 D
bubba711 (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 14 D
Spamalot (0 D X)
Defeated. Bet: 50 D
Prince2 (0 D X)
Defeated. Bet: 42 D
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