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Finished: 12 AM Sun 27 Feb 11 UTC
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 245 D - Autumn, 1912, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by MichiganMan (5146 D)
26 Feb 11 UTC Autumn, 1910: Yeah it's always been that way.
26 Feb 11 UTC Autumn, 1910: On that note you have nothing to worry about now Italy. I'd feel dirty taking a win with CD englands centers.
26 Feb 11 UTC Autumn, 1910: So long as you don't press for a win I won't either.
26 Feb 11 UTC Autumn, 1910: I could GIVE my two centers for the win, right?

Or draw? (Hey, it was worth a shot...)
26 Feb 11 UTC Spring, 1911: Nice try. I don't think either of us want a win taken because of a CD england.
26 Feb 11 UTC Spring, 1911: Damn the moral superiority of the Italian and Austrian Leadership! LOL
26 Feb 11 UTC See the problem is your in the position ot win now italy. Neh. I mean I could counter it easy by moving to Sev and con. and ven. But still neh. Lets hope we are both just keeping out word.
26 Feb 11 UTC Bro. That is really not cool.

While reason I wasn't taking a win was because it would be a dirty win based on a CD player.
26 Feb 11 UTC Permanent blacklisting you.
26 Feb 11 UTC I don't think he kept his word. ;)

But who could blame him, hard to get a chance to win with Italy...

Well, good game, you two, congrats, MichiganMan--so that'd be the Detroit Tigers for you, then?--and LET'S GO METS!
26 Feb 11 UTC That's the thing I had a chance to win with austria too. I passed it up. and you know why.
26 Feb 11 UTC if you hadn't move into Tyrolia and the Adriatic I wouldn't have done that...but you were acting like you were going to attack me
26 Feb 11 UTC Lighten up, damian, if you trust him that far with a CD to win as ITALY...

And anyway, you STILLm won 100+ points...
26 Feb 11 UTC Rum to Sev Greece to Smyran Via convoy and I win. Would have been the least satisfying victory ever!
26 Feb 11 UTC Mate I put in orders in three seconds. Three! I couldn't put in significant orders in that time.
26 Feb 11 UTC again...why move into Tyrolia and the Adriatic if you're not going to attack me? I know you had Seve and Smy if you wanted them...but you were posturing like you were going to attack...i couldn't chance it
26 Feb 11 UTC explain the move to Tyrolia and Adriatic for me plz
26 Feb 11 UTC I was all for the 17 17 split...but that move sealed your fate...you can blame yourself
26 Feb 11 UTC I trusted him because I didn't think anyone would be dirty enough to take a win under those circumstances. It's completely contrary to how I believe the game should be played. Thus blacklisting him. I'd rather not play with someone who things that's acceptable.
26 Feb 11 UTC Adr Tyr. Why not? You had the units you needed to hold yourself. I figured the better the wall I could build the harder it would be to do anything against it.
26 Feb 11 UTC LOL blacklisting me?!? you did it dude...explain the move to Tyrolia and the Adriatic...that was the spark...of your OWN making!
26 Feb 11 UTC well making me have 2 supports on Venice is a bit aggressive...I asked you and you didn't reply about surrounding Venice
26 Feb 11 UTC you know as well as I do that when you're Italy and Austria moves into Tryolia and the Adriatic with a unit in Trieste you're in trouble
26 Feb 11 UTC It's reasonable. You took advantage of CD to win. Dirty play plan and simple. I had stated countless times I wasn't going to take a win.
26 Feb 11 UTC but yet you positioned yourself so that you COULD go for the win...my win wasn't dirty...it was pushed by you...you hadn't been in the Adriatic all game yet you chose to move there in the 11th hour...
26 Feb 11 UTC Yeah you asked me last phase. Using a joking tone. Don't expect me to forgive it. I consider it ridiculously dirty play. Regardless of whatever suspicious you may have had about my character.
26 Feb 11 UTC Seriously, WHY is this an issue, even?

17-17s are perilous as it is, let alone with a CDed power...and, I'll say it again...


I can get why there'd be a BIT of friction, initially, but really, what's the big deal, take the 100 and call it a good game already, which it was for you two...at least neither of YOU had a CD which KILLED YOU...
26 Feb 11 UTC you made it so that with your jump into Seve and Smyrna you could hit and take Venice and win...you shouldn't have move aggressively against Venice and you would have split with me
26 Feb 11 UTC Yeah. I positioned myself so I could go for the win. So I'd have something to do while you ate up all you centers. I was suspicious of you too. So I made defensive moves.
26 Feb 11 UTC I think it's a big deal because Damian is blaming me, accusing me of dirty play...when he was the one that was moving against me...and then got burned for it...it was his fault and he wants to pass the buck to me...and then claims to "blacklist" me...whatever that means
26 Feb 11 UTC I couldn't take Ven. Not that I needed it to win anways. I knew you could take one center from me tops. I could take two easy! Easy! Attacking me was pointless because regardless of what you did if I intended on cheating and winning I could have done so.

The friciton comes in because I don't care about points but. I do care about how the game looks on my record. It looks like I allowed a fucking solo. Something that I'm adamantly against
26 Feb 11 UTC and your defensive moves cost you...i was willing to allow you to have 2 walk ins in Seve and Smy...but your last moves were too much... I gave you clean plan and you didn't like it...too bad
26 Feb 11 UTC LOL
26 Feb 11 UTC Cheating? tsk tsk...now you're talking dirty damian...
26 Feb 11 UTC Blacklist means I just won't play with you again when I can. Plain and simple. Anytime I see your name I'll make a point of avoiding that game.

Because you did play dirty! I was moving in your direction. Not a single offensive move was made though..I didn't touch one of your units the entire time.
26 Feb 11 UTC your record looks like you had an alliance and I beat your to 18 that is all
26 Feb 11 UTC Who cares what it LOOKS like, damian?

YOU and I and MichiganMan know what wasn't the case, and really,. if you're going to be insecure about how it LOOKS...

Appearances are superficial, anyway and *obi takes off on one of his trademark philosophical rants...* ;)
26 Feb 11 UTC Well I consider it cheating to capitalize on a CD to win. It would be like punching out one of the players then continuing on.
26 Feb 11 UTC you don't think a move to Trieste, Tyrolia and Adriatic is offensive to Venice...had I convoyed Rome away as I intended...you would have had it...and don't claim that you weren't thinking about taking it when you moved
26 Feb 11 UTC Yeah. I suppose. Still pisses me the hell off. Nightmare for ghost rating too. Not lost I'll lost any points just... blech. w/e I'm sick of arguing.

See you around.
26 Feb 11 UTC I can claim that I wasn't thinking about taking it because I WASN'T. I wasn't thinking about taking the win.. At all. I was however thinking of the best way to make sure you couldn't possibly pull of three units on Adr.
26 Feb 11 UTC CD's are part of the game in here...you live with them..>England had played all game, it wasn't like it was the first year or something...get over yourself dude...you consider it cheating but what else is someone to do...stop playing...then nearly every game would be canceled
26 Feb 11 UTC And again see you around. Hopefully I won't have to be in a situation like this with you again.

... Not that I might not end up in anon games with you.
26 Feb 11 UTC you'r sick of arguing because you lost the game for yourself...we BOTH took advantage of the CD, you just weren't quick enough to capitalize...sorry...next time you'll do better
26 Feb 11 UTC I know. And nearly every live game I play in gets canceled it's fucking annoying. Which is why I was hoping for no CD's. In this case a two way draw was reasonable since sure it might not have been the eventual conclusion but it was a conclusion that was the most fair to all those involved, as one of the possibilities.
26 Feb 11 UTC perhaps...again...if you don't make those moves...we're not having this conversation I promise you
26 Feb 11 UTC I had to scramble b/c I was certain you were taking my two open SC's...I didn't think I'd win, I thought I'd be in position to hold you off...sorry
26 Feb 11 UTC Yeah no. I didn't take advantage of CD. We would have bested england anways.

That's my point I won't capitalize on a CD. While you think it's fine. That's why I want to avoid playing with you in the future. Because that attitude drives me nuts. I'm sick of arguing because you'll just keep blaming things on me. I'll get more pissed off, and upset, then I was when I stated the game. Which was pretty fucking upset. I see no reason to get any more worked up over a game because it's not worth it. So I'm walking away.

I acknowledge that your side makes sense. It doesn't stop me from being pissed. After all I told you what I'd be doing, and I am all things considered a man of my word at the end of the day. =(

Anyways. I know I've been a bit of a bitch. But if either of you are interested in what I've been trying to get started to help avoid CD games your both welcome in the 150cc club thing. I'll vouch for either of you.
26 Feb 11 UTC (Which sounds like a weird attitude to take I know. But neither of you I have anything inherently against. You played well and I respect that your decision Michigan I may not respect. But I acknowledge you are good player regardless. )
26 Feb 11 UTC I accept you apology and offer my own. As I said when I walked in I was pretty grumpy starting this game. But it doesn't excuse my attitude here, so I'm sorry for being a whiny bitch. I'll try and avoid doing so in the future ;)

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

MichiganMan (5146 D)
Won. Bet: 35 D, won: 130 D
18 supply-centers, 15 units
damian (675 D)
Survived. Bet: 35 D, won: 116 D
16 supply-centers, 13 units
jireland20 (0 D X)
Defeated. Bet: 35 D
obiwanobiwan (248 D)
Defeated. Bet: 35 D
lighthouse11 (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 35 D
rallinator (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 35 D
Defeated. Bet: 35 D
Civil Disorders
jireland20 (0 D X)England (Spring, 1910) with 8 centres.
lighthouse11 (100 D)Germany (Spring, 1910) with 2 centres.
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