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Finished: 01 AM Wed 01 Dec 10 UTC
Demo 5
12 hours /phase
Pot: 70 D - Autumn, 9, Finished
The Ancient Mediterranean, Public messaging only, Anonymous players, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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Chat archive


20 Nov 10 UTC Spring, 1: Greece would like to offer all other peoples the use of its philosophers and dramatic arts.
21 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1: gay
21 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1: I hear Cleopatra has sex with bees.
21 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1: I hear Athens is where gay people first developed.
21 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1: They were Egyptian slaves who had gladly run from the madness of their idiot rulers.
22 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1: We have some super sweet pyramids.
23 Nov 10 UTC Spring, 3: Egypt, let's put the swords away and focus on plowing. Preferably Persia.
25 Nov 10 UTC Spring, 4: Romans bored of civilized life run out of their cities to die in the farmlands!
25 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 4: Persia! Why are you fighting with me and giving your homeland to the Egyptians??
25 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 4: Persia and Rome! Don't you see the secret alliance between Carthage and Egypt? It's evil I tells ya!
27 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 6: i dont think persia likes you....
27 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 6: Well, that's regrettable!
27 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 6: Egypt, you do realize that Persia is only five dots away from winning, right?

Moving Sinai to Jerusalem doesn't make much sense. Matter of fact, since Dal has already fallen, only four more are required... Well, I guess I can make this easy... unless Egypt immediately moves out of Miletus and turns its other forces towards Carthage, I'll move everything east and let Carthage win.
27 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 6: Obviously, when I said Persia, I meant Carthage... the rest stands.
27 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 6: Okay, congratulations Carthage.
27 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 7: If you want to survive another turn, Persia, hold in Sinope so I can support you there!
28 Nov 10 UTC Spring, 8: Well, okay, I lied about the support, but you take what you can get in public press games!
28 Nov 10 UTC Spring, 8: I've been true to my alliance with Carthage... I think that's clear!
28 Nov 10 UTC Spring, 8: But Carthage, really now, can't you take Leptis and Macedonia this year to end it? But if you really want Byzantium, I suppose we can make that happen. I'll support you to Chersonesus as well.
28 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 8: Looks like a couple of cheaters... guess I'm reporting you guys.