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Finished: 03 PM Sun 14 Nov 10 UTC
Private GFDT '10 R1GB4 v2
1 day, 1 hours /phase
Pot: 41 D - Autumn, 1912, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by rhino86 (4191 D)
28 Sep 10 UTC Autumn, 1902: Thanks to all for the pause votes and kind thoughts. I'll put my vote in on Thurs morning (American Eastern time) before heading to the airport.
04 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1903: Didn't France say he'd be back today?
04 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1903: Yes I think so
04 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1903: And we're off! Thanks again for the pause, everyone.
05 Oct 10 UTC Autumn, 1903: And RUSSIA.....has rejected ALL peace offerings....and has proven himself to be UNTRUSTWORTHY. Yes....I broadcast this for all to know....because he deals in kind words...and acts with the sword of a devil. Just a fair warning to all that would deal with Russia. He is as trustworthy as a hemmorhoid....you think it has gone away, and then it pops open and bleeds. MOST unpleasant.....If he is a real man, he will confess to his manuevers. If he is a coward, he will defend is back stabbing...
05 Oct 10 UTC Autumn, 1903: I did stab you, and it would have worked brilliantly if not for Austria apparently stabbing me. Karma perhaps? In any case I'm honoured by the fact you chose to bring this to the public eye. I'm also quite fond of your characteriation of me dealing in kind words but acting with the sword of a devil. I will cherish that one for awhile now. Apologies in any case. I look forward to further diplomatic messages.
07 Oct 10 UTC Autumn, 1903: Sorry for the lack of communication, I am out of town at a funeral. Sometimes life takes sudden attention. I am making my moves but a little low on diplomatic time. I will respond. Please just bear with me.
11 Oct 10 UTC Autumn, 1904: Are you kidding me? France went CD...
11 Oct 10 UTC Autumn, 1904: Unbelievable. Does this mean one of the waiting list players takes over?
12 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1905: Has anyone notified abgemacht?
16 Oct 10 UTC Autumn, 1905: (figlesquidge): paused
16 Oct 10 UTC Autumn, 1905: Why are we paused??? France???
18 Oct 10 UTC Autumn, 1905: Greetings all, replacement France here.

I intend to send messages to each and every one of you, but I will not be able to do so until this evening. Therefore, while I will enter my unpause vote now, please don't take my silence to mean I don't want to work with you. I do! We can be super secret bestest friends! Don't you want to be my friend?

- Stratagos
(Yes I know its an anon game, but I kinda posted in the forum I'd take the slot, so I don't exactly consider this to be a startling revelation.
23 Oct 10 UTC Autumn, 1906: ciao.
30 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1908: F/T How about the three of us go ahead and push draw? That might put a little extra pressure on England. We should finish off Russia and Germany this move. This game could be over immediately. What do you think?
30 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1908: It's not a draw yet - Germany and Russia are still on teh board. Put pressure on me to do what??? Join you in draw while there are still 5 players?
30 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1908: Presumably to draw once the smaller players are eliminated. Not putting words in Austria's mouth, but I assume he wants T and I to publicly commit to the draw so he doesn't feel we're going to jump him once the small fry are gone. Theoretically an England with two additional builds counterbalances an *ustria with two more.

Or course, playing devil's advocate, even if we planned to move on him it costs us nothing to enter the vote - until England enters the fourth vote we can vote for whatever he wants and it doesn't mean diddly.
30 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1908: Yes, France. I am saying that we have been discussing a four way draw. You and Turkey have been waiting for England and I to finish off Germany and Russia for that draw. England and I (presumably) will each have two more gains. I am willing to commit to a draw now. I am asking England to do the same. Of course, we would not vote draw until it is the four of us left. That is what I was trying to say.
30 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1908: Lame. How about we spice it up with letting Russia live. Huh? Huh?
01 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1908: Happy Halloween all. Sorry to be out of touch for a bit there. I'm not a fan of voting draw with 6 countries still in the game, so I'll wait until the number is reduced.
01 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1908: What the difference between 6 players still left and 4? Either way, less than half the players are gone, and it's a rather shallow "survived" for everyone....sigh...

One of these days I'm going to actually play a game with players that are in it to win...
01 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1908: I agree with England. Good game everyone.
05 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1909: Any chance I could change my name to Holland?
05 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1909: Wonder why Austria and Turkey don't have their DRAW in if that is what they are pushing for?
05 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1909: France and I...with 14 SC's between us....France thinks it would be *impossible* to take on Austria. What a fucking woos. Who invited this chump to join as a fill in? By his **first turn** in the game, he was pushing for a draw. What a pathetic loser of a god damned TOURNAMENT replacement this guy was...
Fine...I took out Germany and put in my fucking draw, so I can be a chump with the rest of you, declaring some sort of "victory" with less than 50% eliminated.

For you idiots Turkey and France, Austria ONLY needs a draw to move on. That is why he is so complacent. YOU stupid chumps are just giving him the damned win.

Fuck...if you don't want to compete, why join a damned tournament. Fuck...

There....verbally beat me up now if you feel so compelled...but you can't deny that absolute truth of what I say.
06 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1909: I have never seen anyone use the @ sign as much as you do, England. Very talented.
06 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1909: I was not aware that I ever used the "@" sign. You must have some sort of filter on...because those were ***clearly*** intended to be foul language, because I am pissed off about the lame play in this game...you, of course, excluded from this because your personal *tournament* objective was achieved with a 4-way draw. YOU, Austria, are the ONLY person I honor in this game because YOU played with purpose. Everyone else was just a lazy, stupid BAXTARD willing to give you the win!
06 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1909: Please, allow me to translate:

"My tactical skills are apparently substandard, but not as much as my diplomatic skills. I am unable to differentiate between what I want people to do and what is in their interest. Therefore, it's not my fault that I can't meet my goals, it's *yours*, because you are idiots"
06 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1909: Let me translate: France is a replacement player. He has no interest in this tournament. My (England's) fault was that I did not recognize soon enough that France had no interest in this game and was willing to draw ***immediately*** upon joining the game. He is a jackaxx.

MY skills are substandard? No...i don't think so. I've expanded my country SINCE all of you bitches agreed to a draw. I even manuevered Germany into Holland so I could extend the game until...yes, I admit it...I failed to recognize the NA Ocean connects to Liverpool. My bad..my inexperience with England...but my strategy was sound...which, if Austria has the integrity I think he does...he will admit.

In fact, silly France...I'm **hardly** dead. if I wanted...I could push this game out....force you to move your forces north to attack me...and thus expose your weak underbely.


And then let Turkey and Austria eat you from the bottom up.

That would suit me just fine...
06 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1909: Whoa, England. I see that you've been venting all over the forums tonight as well. This can't be good for your blood pressure. Anyone up for a 3-way draw?
; )
06 Nov 10 UTC Spring, 1910: As tempting as it is to just wipe him, I've got a lot of competing demands on my time; I'd prefer we draw now.

If I thought it would actually sink in I'd try to explain reality to England, but it's pretty evident 'bluster' is the only skill he has developed at this point, so I'm not going to waste my time
07 Nov 10 UTC Spring, 1910: The tacit proof that *I* am right is that I have had my "DRAW" in for a day now, and Germany is gone, and your 4-way draw is available....and yet here we are, still playing...

I guess y'all got some fight still in you. It is *amazing* how easy it is to manipulate people into a game with a few well-placed rants and insults. You have all been HAD! lol

So...I'm withdrawing my DRAW since, apparently, nobody REALLY wanted it! lol In principle...I have won this battle! lol Too much fun!
07 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1910: As much as I hate to do it, I have to say congrats to England. I didn't see this coming at all.
07 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1910: Yup, you're a real man, England, taking a loss instead of a draw. I guess you sure showed me!
07 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1910: With my first message to both T and E I predicted this exact outcome of either of you moved on me and left the way open. I freely admit to falling for Austria's spiel, but it's the idiot in pink that made this inevitable.
07 Nov 10 UTC Autumn, 1910: I don't think there is *anything* inevitable. And I guess that is my point about YOU...you came into this game and before you even started, you "knew" how it was going to turn out. If you are so gifted with forsight, then why did you join a losing game? For that matter, why are you not an investment billionaire? I certainly hope you have about an 85% win record, at any rate, being so wise...
10 Nov 10 UTC Spring, 1911: Sorry for your loss. I will vote pause.
10 Nov 10 UTC Spring, 1911: Thanks for the pause guys. Had a long-time friend die after a long battle with a bad heart, and then to top it off, we had a kitten die (in my arms, no less...) (We foster kittens for a local shelter and they often come sick and have to be hand-few and nursed back to health. Very sad...) So I was kind of a wreck yesterday. But I'm back. Maybe I'll be introspective and peace-living from here on out! lol
12 Nov 10 UTC Spring, 1912: Mate in two
12 Nov 10 UTC Spring, 1912: Please finalize, E, so I can see if I'm brilliant or an idiot
12 Nov 10 UTC You are neither brilliant or an idiot.

I have submitted a draw. You can agree to the draw with me, or I will hold out for the full 24 on everything until the 8 day pause comes into effect. :P Well see how it plays out before that.

I am not at all displeased, if you think you are gloating France. All I was hoping for was that people would have a little spunk and desire to play, instead of just being a bunch of complacent losers willing to give the 4-way draw - and thus the victory (in tourney terms) to the guy that *collectively* (when this all started) we could have pounded into the sand.

You seem to be gloating...and yet you have 1. put yourself into the worst player position in the game by 2. letting me manipulate you into a war through brutal and sometimes childish diplomacy. In the end, I got *exactly* what I wanted - a decent game - so I'm pretty damned happy. As for you...you've just used by one person after another.

My advice is that the next time you step into a game to take over a CD position, first consider whether you are doing it with enough integrity to be competitive, or are you just doing it to help finish a game. You lack of desire to play this out from the moment you joined was no better than having the position in CD. This is not intended as an insult...but simply as an observation and advice.

Been a great, interesting game. I've laughed out loud many times, causing my wife to give me many strange looks.

Sure wish I hadn't sent FRANCE the game plan instead of sending it to AUSTRIA as intended. I did *LOVE* your reply though. "idiot" and it was off on a kamikazee run. Classic! I love it!
12 Nov 10 UTC E, it really doesn't matter what you do - Austria only needs to enter one more set of moves and it's game over. He doesn't need to complete the build phase
12 Nov 10 UTC and I will take you advice after I compare our relative win/draw/loss ratios ;)
12 Nov 10 UTC Good game all - I've really enjoyed the conversations with each of you. Congratulations to Austria.
13 Nov 10 UTC @France...compare my win/loss/draw ratio if you will....but consider that my win/loss/draw ratio has changed radically wince I first joined (all losses) until now. You can not see my *trend* line. Also. consider that I am not just some bitch joining games to add a "draw" to my list...but I believe in WINNING, and prefer losing over the **lack of trying**. You joined this game to add an easy draw to your list. In other words, you are a god-damned prostitute. I have **no respect** for how you have played *(NOT PLAYED)* this game)

That being said...i would love to play with you from turn ONE where your motivation is different. You are obviously a skilled player...and I would love to play with you and Austria...Turkey too...again.

Are you willing? I'd love to join that game.

Good game, bud, despite my nastiness!!! It's just part of my diplomacy in certain games! lol
13 Nov 10 UTC Forgive me, but I will say my good bye's and pleasantries after this thing is all the way done. I have messed up entering moves before :-0 England can you finalize tonight, please?
13 Nov 10 UTC Oh fine. Damn...I f*ing love you ALL God-damint!! Shit...I'd have yoru babies if I was a chick...or maybe some sort of half-break freak that had a uterus....Damn....it's been SO...much fun....just the thought of not having yo uin my life welll...welll...welllllll....if make s me wanna cry.....
13 Nov 10 UTC Nicely done Austria. Good game everyone.
13 Nov 10 UTC Thanks everyone. I did enjoy that game and playing with each of you. Good luck in the rest of the tournament. That was one of the most interesting games I have played in a while (thanks England and France). Godpseed!

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

rhino86 (4191 D)
Won. Bet: 5 D, won: 22 D
18 supply-centers, 15 units
coffeebean (355 D)
Survived. Bet: 5 D, won: 10 D
8 supply-centers, 7 units
krellin (80 D X)
Survived. Bet: 5 D, won: 5 D
4 supply-centers, 8 units
stratagos (3269 D (S))
Survived. Bet: 6 D, won: 5 D
4 supply-centers, 4 units
L4P1D4 (605 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
TrustMe (106 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
KyleFC (917 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Civil Disorders
V+ (3832 D)France (Autumn, 1904) with 5 centres.
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