Finished: 11 PM Mon 18 Oct 10 UTC
Chairman MAO
20 hours /phase
Pot: 350 D - Spring, 1911, Finished
Classic, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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21 Sep 10 UTC Spring, 1901: Hi everyone, wish we have fun!
(And remember that Austrian provinces, same as Switzerland, are impassable in this game variant ;-)
21 Sep 10 UTC Spring, 1901: Does that include Vienna or just Tyrolia?
23 Sep 10 UTC Autumn, 1901: Well, it obviously does not include Galicia. I presume this is a bug in the variant code
23 Sep 10 UTC Autumn, 1901: Everyone should be alert to the presence of the Eastern Juggernaut
23 Sep 10 UTC Autumn, 1901: did you still want that alliance against Russia, Turkey?
24 Sep 10 UTC Spring, 1902: It's quite funny to see the psychology of all of you guys...;-)...

It's really like Machiavelli described it. I just listened to everybody here - did I ever say I will do this or that???

I don't like stabbing someone in the first round - despite that 4 out of 5 possible players in this game wrote me directly after the spring moves to tell me in what a perfect position I am to stab Russia.

So now I am the bad guy here - because I don't like this stabbing business?????????

But - I have to admit, in a way it is quite preposterous that I chose not to stab Rusia and now the Czar didn't build anything...;-)...
26 Sep 10 UTC Spring, 1903: Strange that Russia continues to miss moves...
26 Sep 10 UTC Spring, 1903: Those who feared the Eastern Juggernaut are smiling.
01 Oct 10 UTC Autumn, 1904: I have to congratulate the Austrians on the clever lies. They have managed to convince BOTH Germany and Italy that France is about to attack they deploy to meet this mythical attack...and Austria attacks them both in the rear...
Takes Venice from Italy and tries to take Warsaw from the Kaiser.
Masterful deceit. Let's hope we're all smart enough to see it for what it is.
01 Oct 10 UTC Autumn, 1904: Regards to everyone from the tidy and boring Viena,
Given the already proven capacity of the French republic on spreading propaganda at the global post (" Beware of the Jaggernaut, uhuhuhuh!!!"(while he quietly "cleans" the whole east)) the austro-hungarian crown would like make some few statements.
1/ If the jaggernaut is now something from the past is not because France's warnings at the global post, but because the hard work from Italy (and somehow Austria), plus the later implication of Germany which cuts Russia in half
2/ About France being about to attack Italy and Germany... Of course, all of that is a myth. France, after finishing England, was planning to grow wine and make smelly cheeses with the welsh goat's milk, not attacking anyone, till the end of the game.
To be honest, I never said what France says (him attacking BOTH of It and Ger) What I said was: France will be attacking It OR Ger. One of the two. Do not know which one, but one for sure. Because the remaining Skandinavia is a small pick, a bit far, he can make that while attacking ONE out of It, Ger.
3/ French propaganda states Austria is attacking "both in the rear". Again. that is not true, as I have never attacked Germany (now that we are all aware on how to read the map)
4/ France very cleverly sets this messages when he sees something strange happening at Ven (well, an attack from my side, in fact). About this, there is not much I can say here at the global post, except that things are often a bit more complex than how they look. Otherwise, how do you explain that I was giving support to Italy to make Con, while attacking Ven? Perhaps the austrians attacked Ven while the hungarians support Con? (Sorry, ashaming joke) If I was to do a real stab it would not be only to make Ven, but to make Ven, fight for Con, and I would have placed my fleet at the empty IOnian to go for Nap or Tunis...
5/ Last, where the hell comes this history saying I attacked German's Warsaw? I now see this comes from our blue friend.... Excuse I am not used to see this type of cheating on a game (cheating on obvious things that someone perhaps does not understand because not used to the web page maps or what?
01 Oct 10 UTC Autumn, 1904: 6/ Last and summarizing, I wish that France was to have some more work to do from now on, so he has less time to arrange his propaganda. Perhaps if he goes, for the first time ever, into a situation were he really has to fight someone (not only setting two DMZs and then swalloging the disapeared England), perhaps, if so, he will be a bit more busy.
But perhaps anything of that happens, perhaps everybody looks now the bastard austrians as the successor of the fearful jaggernaut, and he can finish winning the game in style without any dirt at this hands.
01 Oct 10 UTC Autumn, 1904: *yawn*
02 Oct 10 UTC Autumn, 1904: I can understand you yawn, since you may be quite bored, without any single direct attack yet (and it is '04 already). I wish I could have the chance to yawn as well.
13 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1909: Oh my God, I swapped support from Budapest to Galicia... ;-(
15 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1910: Austria, you can quit hollering "stab stab" to everyone on the map. Both Germany and I know that if we remain loyal to each other, the game ends in a draw...even after you knock out your Italian ally. But if either of us stabs the other, you will solo.
15 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1910: That is why I won't stab Germany, no matter how frustrated I get with his tactics.
15 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1910: France,

You have a very interesting way to mix conversations at the private channel then finishing them at the global, with capital letters always. Some few statements, which I hope they follow some logic:
1/ I am not suggesting everyone stab everyone, I am all time suggesting everyone stab YOU (Subtle difference). Just for geography, I do not reach you myself...
2/ The whole thing starts lately when I ask you" What is your aim in this game? Because if you do not push Germany, we are heading to a draw-at-4."
3/ To that, your answer is (for politeness I will avoid the literalicy) that you are not counting with our Signore Green, as you push me to swallow him.
4/ About that, nothing furthest from my mind: Not for loyalty, just for my own convenience: If I ever tryed to "cross" the line and go for Nap, that unit would be dislodged, and we would then be fighting your 4 units in the line with only real-3 of mine... and Venice would go down.
When I stab, I do to my own benefit, not someone else

So, given the above facts: a) If you want a draw as you say, b) if I do not want to let Italy out of it (for my own interest), why don't you make the following: WHY DON'T YOU PRESS "DRAW" AS YOUR VOTE? If you do so, I am sure Italy will join. About Germany, I simply have no idea what he may do. And myself, I will keep trying to kick Germany for a few turns till I realize there is no way to make further progress, then I would probably join that draw
15 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1910: That, in the case you really aim for that draw . Isn't that reasonable? Everyone's thoughts are welcome.
Regards from the tidy and always boring Viena,
15 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1910: Very well. I accept your offer. I have pressed DRAW
Let's see if you were sincere.
16 Oct 10 UTC Spring, 1910: C'mon Austria. No need to wait for Germany. Press the DRAW button.