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Finished: 05 AM Wed 07 May 08 UTC
1 day /phase
Pot: 70 D - Autumn, 1918, Finished
Classic, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Bugger (3639 D)

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Chat archive


14 Apr 08 UTC Spring, 1902: How cute Russia and Germany swapped territories.
15 Apr 08 UTC Spring, 1902: What in the world is that suppose to mean.
15 Apr 08 UTC Spring, 1902: You got Prussia a former German territory and he got Livonia a former Russian territory.
20 Apr 08 UTC Spring, 1904: I am moving a fleet into the Adriatic Sea as to complete a convoy. Plase do not be alarmed. (fyi) I will with draw the fleet after I have Apulia. back to the ionian Sea.
20 Apr 08 UTC Spring, 1904: Thanks for the warning.
23 May 08 UTC Autumn, 1915: Draw?
24 May 08 UTC Spring, 1916: Draw? Turkey needs to invade Austria NOW!
24 May 08 UTC Spring, 1916: Stop sending trouble-causing messages! That is definitely a bad idea, Turkey!
24 May 08 UTC Spring, 1916: Turkey could easily gain alot by invading Austria.
24 May 08 UTC Spring, 1916: I say one false move and you both lose to England.
24 May 08 UTC Spring, 1916: Niether of them can win this game at this point. Its up to them to decide what they want to get out of it. There are two outcomes. We could draw or Turkey could attack Austria and potentially gain a better finish while letting me win. If Turkey were to attack Austria I would help him attain the best second place finish he could get while not jepordizing my victory.
25 May 08 UTC Autumn, 1916: Bravo. You've figured out how to push me from the Tyrrhenian Sea. Radio silence can end anytime now, you must realize that is as far as you can go. Western Med will fall back to Spain, Tyrr to Western Med, Brest will go to North Africa, and you wont be able to push any farther forward.
29 May 08 UTC Spring, 1918: Ok - I think we're all now agreed the game is stalemated and it's time for a draw? Turkey, if you confirm on the global thread then we can ask Kestas?
29 May 08 UTC Spring, 1918: My finalized orders for this go are all support holds.
29 May 08 UTC Spring, 1918: I am reluctant but will recognize a draw