Finished: 06 PM Sat 13 Feb 21 UTC
Private gunboat with EOG expectation
1 day /phase
Pot: 105 D - Autumn, 1912, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by AnimalsCS (181 D)

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21 Jan 21 UTC Autumn, 1905: GameMaster: Game was extended due to at least 1 member failing to enter orders and having an excused missed turn available. This has un-readied all orders.
12 Feb 21 UTC I guess I can break my EOG into a few phases:

1901 - 1905: I was mainly concerned about preventing a Lepanto which Italy seemed to be intent on. This didn't seem to be too challenging as Austria didn't play along, but I also did not have much scope to push against Italy while Austria had Greece, even if I were willing to expose my flank a lot. So I think my stab against Austria in 1905 was inevitable.

1905-1907: The stab against Austria worked well actually (even though I was worried it would have been very predictable), but my exposed flank came back to haunt me as Russia made their move. Since we had a common enemy in Austria at this point, I wonder if Russia would have attacked if they had known I would stab Austria in the same turn. In any case, I decided to prioritize my home SCs rather than try to hold on to Balkan, while trying to make nice with Austria. What I found really strange was that Russia kept on going with the futile attack for several years, which I think spoiled both of our games. Why not use that army in Armenia to defend your home SCs?

1907-end: My fate was pretty much sealed once Italy got that army in Syria, it was only a matter of time. As above, I don't understand why Russia kept supporting Italy at this point, while letting Sev go. Later, once Italy got stabbed, we managed to form an uneasy alliance with Russia to try to hold off Austria, but with the number of units Austria brought over, it was only a matter of time. Which takes me to my next point of question - why prioritize taking those SCs instead of trying to achieve a draw? Wouldn't that fleet in Con have been more useful establishing a stalemate line?

In the end, I feel quite unfortunate that I lost the end game by one turn and got "defeated" instead of "survived" :(

Not the most detailed EOG, but I guess I spent most of the game with 1-2 units. Happy to elaborate if anyone has questions.
12 Feb 21 UTC Hey Turkey, it says your Survived with the one unit in Black Sea, if that's any consolation
12 Feb 21 UTC oh, that made my day!!! :D
12 Feb 21 UTC I have a lot of notes that I’ll post once I get off work. However I had two takeaways: 1) turkey reads bored brothers blog and 2) there was no way Austria could stab be at the end and still stop Germany from taking Tunis. The only way for them to get part of the win was to let me live. Instead they didn’t stop attacking me and instead cut my support that would have stopped Germany from winning.
12 Feb 21 UTC Oh wow. I didn’t notice until just now that Germany got Warsaw.
12 Feb 21 UTC I kept a journal which I can share with anyone interested. @Turkey, I really tried to get you as an ally and move together at Russia. Italy was all over the place and after the move against you I thought we had found a common goal so I moved units to strike at Italy together. Then your stab came. I thought maybe Russia and I could move against you, but Russia continued the futile attacks on Rumania.
12 Feb 21 UTC I can try to explain why I was all over the place but I also think that’s what a good Italy does. When I stopped attacking you to focus on making a wall against Germany, that should have been a signal to stop fighting
12 Feb 21 UTC Also gg Germany. Very nice job
12 Feb 21 UTC I am not happy about my endgame. Things happended much slower than I thought and I made some mistakes; a misorder on Naples and the loss of Warsaw among them.
12 Feb 21 UTC I also have a journal I need to tidy up before I post, probably tomorrow, but it might be Monday. Thanks for the game though, it has been a trip
12 Feb 21 UTC Here is an EOG Summary from me. I can post more detailed notes if people want. In the other game they used to post notes.

1901-1903: I was getting attacked from all sides, but finally Germany attacked England and built a 3rd fleet. With 1 fleet and 3 armies, I chose to try to ally England against Germany.

1904-1907 : I fought my way up to 6 centers, but Germany got an army into Britain and England was going down. There was a key move in spring 1907 where both England and I tried to support one another into North Sea. Not sure if that would have made much difference in the end.

1908-1912: I was basically just trying to survive to the end game, and be as annoying as possible for Germany. My hope was to slip into a draw. In Autumn 1911, I thought the best chance to do that was to move to North Africa and get some support into Tunis. Then after seeing Austria and Italy continuing to fight each other, I knew that wasn't going to happen and that Germany was just going to win.

Austria didn't seem to make any attempt to draw.
12 Feb 21 UTC As Austria I was desperately seeking an ally. I really like the thougths of my neighbours on the signals I tried to give.
12 Feb 21 UTC @austria: Early game, you were siding with turkey a lot. That’s not a great move for Austria since turkey will probably stab you. My move to Tyrolia was anti Germany. However I realized you thought it was attacking you so I had to follow through with attacking you.

Late game, you needed to stop attacking us and form a stalemate line against Germany. It doesn’t matter who allies with who. All that matters is board state and your only way not to lose was to work with us.

All that being said, I don’t blame you. This is a learning game so I’m pointing out what I perceive as bad plays for the sake of learning, not because I’m upset
12 Feb 21 UTC In the last few years, the most important center on the board was Tunis which is why I focused on taking it back from you. Once you let Germany take it from me, the game was over
12 Feb 21 UTC Here is my formatted AAR which was just copied-and-pasted from the Notes section for this game, which I used to type up my thoughts each turn:
12 Feb 21 UTC I must apologize both about the length (>4500 words total!) and the stream-of-consciousness format which I have no doubt is both confusing to read and ends up not covering all of my thoughts and intuitions.
12 Feb 21 UTC I think the most fun I have ever had playing gunboat was in the middle of this game when England and France were both quite powerful. That was really tricky and stressful because both of you were making good plays.
12 Feb 21 UTC
12 Feb 21 UTC I got way busier so my turn my turn analysis stopped after 1903 I think. However I think the opening is the most interesting part anyways