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Finished: 01 AM Fri 26 Feb 21 UTC
Associated Press 2: The Pressening
2 days /phase
Pot: 140 D - Autumn, 1908, Finished
Classic, Public messaging only, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
19 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: M. Pichon,

You characterized England's move into Denmark as "a fortunate byproduct of this action, perhaps a karmic balancing." Furthermore, your continued deal making with my direct combatant and ludicrous feigned concern about my 3 northern fleets has left me with only one conclusion about your feelings towards me. I absolutely welcome the chance to be proven wrong here but do not pretend that my suggesting of a Turkish Venice comes unprovoked.

19 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: Pender,

I asked Russia as recently as Tuesday if they would be happy coming to the table to talk peace again. The response was to cede ground to allow for an agreement to be discussed.

I am not a huge fan of that idea, especially if Russia is about to gain key positions in Munich and Berlin, putting the Eastern Block at an advantage over our own position.

I am happy to support the Blight into Kiel if you feel this is most tactically advantageous, but am keen to note that I will need at least one extra army in Burgundy, and preferably Tuscany, to defend against incursions across our line. Supplies for one of these units will come with the decommissioning in Syria.

Your support in Norway is set
19 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: Pichon,

How can you possibly ask me to yield ground in negotiations with Pender when you won't even give back Holland?! Your hypocritical ping-ponging between FERT and warmongering is a pretty transparent move to get 18 centres. I am more than happy to enter peaceful negotiations with Pender. I fully understand his desire to attack me in response to my initial attack in 1904 but let's not pretend that he's dumb. It's quite plain what you're trying to do and I rather you negotiated more honestly.

19 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: Pender,

Let's not pretend that France is going to be satisfied with his current stature. Unprovoked, he took Holland, built a fleet in Brest, and moved to NTH. Then, he turned around and demanded that I cede a centre to you while refusing to give back Holland. There is not a question in my mind that your peace with France will be short lived if even existent at all. I am yet to see his units not move against you.

I more than happy to negotiate terms with you but it's not going to be at the end of Pichon's gun barrel.

19 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: Hullo Pichon,

If Venice is lost, so too will be the opportunity to rebuild. I don't know why you want to talk peace now, though; take London and Edinburgh and build armies. If Hol-Kie wasn't defended by a coalition of Russia and Russia-hating-communists (unlikely) we could even get you another build; this would also protect Venice.
It's looking like an easy triple for you and the Juggernaut. Why is this being debated so?

19 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: Dear Nicky,

I agree, France asking for peace talks today is (as my correspondence proves) confusing to me. Recommend murdering me and calling it a triple.

.... In fact, I should probably facilitate that by evacuating Denmark and Norway. No more FERTing around, y'all!

19 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: Haha, thanks pender. And I can assure you the tzar allows no communists in his country.
19 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: Dear Nicky,

Pender and Pichon seem to have planned an attack on Kiel. If they're committed to that I don't think we can defend against it (at least, not without Austria's help). It might be best to tend to the defence of Sweden and the recapture of Norway, but supporting Kiel to hold would certainly be appreciated.

Hans von Beseler
19 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: Hans,

The support I was offering was for Kiel->Denmark, not to hold as you're right about holding not succeeding. Either way, it would be greatly appreciated if you did move to Denmark.

19 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: Dear Nicky,

Ah, I see your plan now. Thanks for the explanation. Move locked in.

Hans von Beseler.
19 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: Hallo Hans,

Fleet in Denmark is abandoning its position; you'll be attacking undefended Russian territory. Do what you like, though.

Pender, with a first-class ticket to America booked
19 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: Dear Nicky,

I suggest you use Tyrolia for taking Munich
19 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: A statement from the People of Austria:
"We must remember our brothers and sisters from the German Revolution in 1914, and work to assist them in their communist ideals! This war must be ended at all costs!"
19 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: A statement from the People of Austria:
"We must remember our brothers and sisters from the German Revolution in 1918, and work to assist them in their communist ideals! This war must be ended at all costs!"
20 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: Sultan,

I got your message in time but was too busy to send press. Why the change in direction?

20 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: Dear Nicky,

I figured eliminating Austria and getting allied units in Munich and Berlin so we can form a line there is necessary is more important than taking back Venice.

20 Feb 21 UTC Autumn, 1907: P.S. While we failed to eliminate Austria, the ability to hold both may prove invaluable and I suggest you get the armies into Bohemia and Silesia necessary to do so (while also managing your northern responsibilities of course as you see fit)
21 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: Hi Sultan,

Thanks that makes sense. As I didn't need another northern fleet (yet), I figured to build an army to cover Sev/Rumania. As I didn't want to scare you, I put it in Moscow instead of Sev itself.

21 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: Hans,

Munich can support Berlin to Kiel.

21 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: Dear Nicky,

Let me know how I can help you eliminate Germany and Austria.

End the Game Already, Jeez, Nobody is making forward progress
21 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: I'm down for ending the game soon if everyone else is. Guess France would be the only roadblock here. What do you say?
21 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: All, France's draw vote is in. Do not let it be said we blocked anything.
21 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: Swell.

Fin-Swe-BAL, support hold on Munich, Hol-Kie, I take Denmark.

France takes Kiel, Russia takes Berlin.

Sounds good? Everything else holds? Turkey goes for a smoke break?
21 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: Oh, we'd want Tyr-Mun-Ber in the Fall.
21 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: In Spring, if Tyr S Mun H, Mun S <France>-Kie then Kiel falls in Spring and we're 3:0 against Berlin in the fall. Check my math though, let's have it be airtight.
21 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: Ready to draw once Germany and Austria are dead
21 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: Dear Sultan,
The People of Austria
22 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: The return address on his letter is former Austrian territory :D
22 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: I joined the game late so I won't be picky about how it ends but I'm not super clear on what England's plan is here. A few days ago you were conceding your centres but now you're orchestrating a 4WD? Fine with either but I'll follow France's lead on this one.
22 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: My dear friends,

Whilst I would love to continue the matter of Europe for many years to come, I suspect that way lies madness. A swift resolution is probably most sensible. If Turkey require our central European friends be dismissed for this to occur, then with a heavy heart I will agree.

Pender's recommendations sound sensible to me. Can we all accept the split of power described?

Ever hopeful,
22 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: Dear Nicky,

I had attempted to throw to France, enabling a solo; they declined to eat me. If I am to be included in the endgame against my will, let it be swiftly so.

22 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: Cool. I agree to the plan then. Really sorry Germany.
23 Feb 21 UTC Spring, 1908: That's life!
23 Feb 21 UTC Readied
23 Feb 21 UTC Dear Nicky,

Are we meeting for a drink in Edinburgh to celebrate the conclusion of this game?

23 Feb 21 UTC Scotch, rocks awaits you!
23 Feb 21 UTC Would be my pleasure
23 Feb 21 UTC Then I'm ready too
23 Feb 21 UTC button button button!
23 Feb 21 UTC Readied. Just need Germany to ready retreats and disbands and we can draw.
23 Feb 21 UTC Refuse to draw until we repaint Bohemia and Prussia. kidding
24 Feb 21 UTC From the diary of Bernhard von Bulow:

I recover slowly, a little each day. I am comfortable, certainly. My Prussian Ferienhaus is more than comfortable. But still I am plagued by thoughts of the fate of my country. Although I retired from political life years ago, I continue to wonder: Where did it all go wrong?
24 Feb 21 UTC Good game! Wow, Turkey was a stealth whale at the table, very cool. Well played all, current and prior :)
24 Feb 21 UTC Good Game to all. Hope no one minded the constant revolutions in Austria. Pretty sure Russia decided the fate between Turkey and I in the Autumn of 02, and I pressed too hard. Sorry Turkey for vilifying you all game, I just thought a Turkish Austrian alliance would last all of 10 seconds (just in general, nothing on you) and tried to use you to get Russia into an anti-Turkish Alliance. Thank you to Germany for harboring me in the late game, and good luck to all in the future!
24 Feb 21 UTC Thanks it was a pleasure. And I'm glad you thought I was stealthy Hundo. That was my goal. I figured the best way to play Turkey in public press is to not push too hard and offer concrete, simple, and above all else, actionable plans to whoever will ally with you for growth and let yourself stall out early if need be in order to ensure long term survival. Worked out well enough though I have to admit things got dicey at multiple points in the game.
24 Feb 21 UTC That being said, if anyone is a whale here it is Yonni
24 Feb 21 UTC Also, I loved this idea! I never thought of something like this before, so thanks for allowing me to join this and making it!
24 Feb 21 UTC Thanks everyone (except Italy) for getting into the spirit of the game! I loved the atmosphere we were able to create together. Congratulations FERT.
24 Feb 21 UTC Good game. Thanks for letting me join. Maybe only my 2nd PP game but it was definitely a fun cast of diplomats. Hopefully we get a chance to play together again. Either in FP or PP.
24 Feb 21 UTC Agreed. Thanks for the game, it was great fun, although I think I got too into character and forgot that the point was to collect dots...

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Brinbino (208 D)
Drawn. Bet: 20 D, won: 35 D
12 supply-centers, 11 units
Yonni (261 D (S))
Drawn. Bet: 20 D, won: 35 D
11 supply-centers, 10 units
TheFlyingBoat (1326 D)
Drawn. Bet: 20 D, won: 35 D
7 supply-centers, 7 units
HundoL (163 D)
Drawn. Bet: 20 D, won: 35 D
4 supply-centers, 3 units
Defeated. Bet: 20 D
TBroadley (178 D)
Defeated. Bet: 20 D
Defeated. Bet: 20 D
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