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Finished: 01 PM Fri 04 Jun 10 UTC
1 day /phase
Pot: 57 D - Autumn, 7, Finished
The Ancient Mediterranean, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by kovacsz1 (248 D)

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Chat archive


19 May 10 UTC Spring, 1: pharaoh greets the modern world
through me
21 May 10 UTC Spring, 2: Observation: Ancient Persia has three battleships and three tanks.
23 May 10 UTC Autumn, 2: Rather concerning. Mind you, so does Ancient Carthage. Maybe they could blow each other back to the stone age.
27 May 10 UTC Autumn, 4: Ai Ai, all is lost! The elephants, they come upon the Capitoline.
28 May 10 UTC Autumn, 5: Can I get a pause? I'm out of town until Monday.
28 May 10 UTC Autumn, 5: no problem for me
28 May 10 UTC Autumn, 5: sure no problem.
01 Jun 10 UTC Autumn, 5: back
02 Jun 10 UTC thanks for the game guys!
02 Jun 10 UTC good job
03 Jun 10 UTC good game all