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Finished: 05 PM Tue 06 Oct 20 UTC
Private ODC 2019 - Final
2 days /phase
Pot: 35 D - Spring, 1924, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Sum-of-Squares Scoring, Hidden draw votes
2 excused missed turn
Game drawn
04 Sep 20 UTC Spring, 1921: Should be done just in time to register straight into ODC 2021.
24 Sep 20 UTC Spring, 1923: The final enclaves of the pesky English hiding out in the frozen wastelands of Northern Scotland and Iceland (actually these places are lovely and I highly recommend for a visit) have been eradicated making me the worst kind of traitor, one that kills his own. Turns out my OCD is stronger than my national identity.
25 Sep 20 UTC Spring, 1923: 'tis a dangerous thing treading in those northern lands, for now the bean-nighe know of ye.
26 Sep 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Moderator: (captainmeme): Game has been paused at player request through to Tuesday!
26 Sep 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Well I had to look it up but they do not seem like pleasant folk. For others benefit...

The bean-nighe is a female spirit in Scottish folklore, regarded as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld. She is a type of ban-sìth (banshee) that haunts desolate streams and washes the clothing of those about to die.

To be fair, I dislike doing the washing so any help greatly appreciated.
26 Sep 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Ah. A man who would rather die than wash clothes...
30 Sep 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Moderator: (captainmeme): The player is back, so unpausing. Phase length has been reset to give negotiation time.

Game back on :D
30 Sep 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Gracias amigo
30 Sep 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Apologies for inflicting another pause on everyone. Inspired by England's soothsaying, I was combing obscure islands for further supernatural aid. I think it will take more than one banshee washerwoman to stop Germany here.
02 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: What'd i miss?

Oh my..
03 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Another player has asked whether I am willing to draw. Before doing so I think I need confirmation of the outcome delivered by doing so. I feel that the German win became inescapable before this year, so I don’t think continuing or drawing changes who wins here. I think Russia has a lot to answer for here and will go backwards from here if we carry on - so in complete honesty I don’t feel like drawing where Russia is declared as coming 2nd and I am relegated to 3rd on ‘countback‘. However, I have carefully read the tournament rules and it indicates the countback is used for determining the winner - it does not say anything about other placing. My interpretation is that Russia and I would therefore be placed 2nd equal. I suspect I’m willing to vote draw where that is the outcome given the alternative of everyone having to continue to play for weeks more where the real prize is effectively already awarded. But before asking the tournament director to confirm that is the position I did want to understand whether the other 3 remaining powers shared that view. Look forward to hearing your views.
03 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Speaking as the previous seasons 2nd place winner, I can tell you that the reason it explicitly defined is because it doesn’t really matter. It’s a one winner tournament.

You four have all done awesome and should be proud of your accomplishment, it was a gruelling fight to the end that easily could have fallen in any of your favours at a few turning points. Huge hat tip to Germany who did a great job tap dancing his way to the front of the pack! Well deserved imminent win over an impressive group of opponents.
03 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Thank you for your kind word Austria, however if the occasional game of mini golf has taught me anything its that I am a choker even from positions of strength, so chickens will remain uncounted until the very end.

In terms of drawing, it is probably least for me to say, but for what its worth my view has always been if you are on the same number of centres you have finished equal. You may however be best just checking with the TD as these things are not a democracy at the end of the day.
03 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Could someone please disqualify Austria for that flagrant violation of the sacred rule of anonymity?

My view is:
1. This tournament has no second or third. When I tell my grandchildren about my exploits in the 2019 ODC, I will quote my finishing position as "beaten finalist". To the extend that I care about my position here, it is for the game itself, not the tournament.
2. Even if there are rankings, the rules (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iC-LTw7dhtFU2XzAXBgJVQ6Qyfk53qLLA7VxJHxY90Q/edit) are very clear that the tiebreaker is to "declare the winner". I'd therefore assume all other ties are just ties.

My draw vote is in.
03 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Nooooo, don’t disqualify me!!
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Well everyone other than France claims they have voted draw.
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: I haven't. :P

I want more banshees
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: (Actually, I take it back. I apparently have had that decisive draw vote up this whole time. That's why everything has been so screwed up. Go ahead. Blame me.
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Moderator: (captainmeme): Hey all, I just received this question. I'm reaching out to the original TD to clarify, but my impression was that pre-final placement would be the tiebreaker if it came to it. I'm unsure whether this is stated anywhere in the rules, though.
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: I don't think it is. As per Russia's message above - the rules only talk about how to break the tiebreaker for the winner.
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Moderator: (captainmeme): tanyaToday at 14:10
Oh you mean 2nd place
CaptainMemeToday at 14:11
tanyaToday at 14:11
Yeah I'd use the qualifying scores

^Clarified with the original TD. The qualifying positions for the tournament will be the tiebreak in that case:

04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Italy, does that mean you are not going to want to draw until you are in second place?

I think I've said a lot in global and private before this point that should convince you *I* won't see this as me finishing about you, in case that's a consideration.
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: *above, rather than about.
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Frankly it is not super relevant where France won't draw.
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: I'm hoping France will see the light at some point :-)
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: I have been hoping that for years now....
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: But I can only sadly conclude that France and I 'see the light' in very different ways
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: From private communication, Italy is no longer up for a draw in light of that TD proclamation. So regardless of France's decision, we have at least another year of somewhat pointless play left.
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Reality is that Russia has been telling lies about Italy for a long time now - the most pointless thing has been how Russia has played the last few years.
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: But Russia can explain in the end of game statements the 'point' of how he threw the game.
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Italy,

You are looking for every excuse to make it clear that you dislike me and think I've made mistakes (here and in our private press). As a matter of basic politeness I'd ask you to stop. It serves no strategic purpose whatsoever, and being unpleasant to people for no strategic purpose is quite rude.

Yours sincerely,

04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Russia - please don't be such a hypocrite. You are looking for every excuse to engage me in a tit for tat press war on global press. You cannot commit the super ugly and ineffective stab you did and expect the recipient to smile as the knife goes in. As a matter of basic politeness I'd ask you to stop this rubbish on global press. It serves no strategic purpose whatsoever, and you just told me being unpleasant to people for no strategic purpose is quite rude. Yours sincerely, Italy.
04 Oct 20 UTC Autumn, 1923: Given the level of acrimony that is erupting, allow me to humbly resolve this contentious matter of who comes in second between Italy and Russia by offering myself as a consensus nominee for second place by popular acclimation so they can finally resolve their differences and move forward in peace...

Respectfully yours,
Prince Regal of the Hebrides
04 Oct 20 UTC I also would like to participate in biting my thumb at other players while also announcing my candidacy for the coveted position of 2nd place. I propose rap battle.
04 Oct 20 UTC Surely we should end as we begun - with a cheese pun contest.
04 Oct 20 UTC Put my draw vote in
05 Oct 20 UTC My dog’s name is bear. When I want him to follow me I shout “camembert!”

Now am I second?
05 Oct 20 UTC Sadly that one (well cheese anyway not exact joke) has already been deployed, albeit in private press. The list as far as I am aware of covered cheeses is:


Which is rather impressive
05 Oct 20 UTC Congratulations Brumark - it has been a long journey this one - well done on prevailing as the ultimate victor.
05 Oct 20 UTC Great game. Truly a great game. Thanks for playing everyone.
05 Oct 20 UTC My goodness was it ever a long journey, I think perhaps the key skills in this one were persistence and having more free time than others at key points.

Firstly I wanted to say thank you all for what was overall a wonderful game (and indeed tournament), I have now been in game with VI, YHN and teccles for a year straight including the semis. I have enjoyed playing against- and getting to know -you all, top top quality players all round.

Indeed I can think of fantastic plays by every single player on this board over the course of our 23 years together and I have never made so many mistakes in a game and that is down to the quality of play by everyone. Luckily for me none proved catastrophic but at this level things are so marginal on another day it could so easily have been Berlin lying in rubble.

The end was a bit odd when we were down to four players stacked against a stalemate line with an artificial end point approaching - made it very difficult to navigate in a game that normally would have been drawn way back in 1913 (and I naively thought it would be).

It was an honour and a privilege - however I am looking forward to a bit of a break and then playing in a pool slightly less filled with sharks.

I would be very happy to discuss any detail or thoughts on moves/strategy etc either privately or corporately so just let me know.

Otherwise I will leave you with one final cheese joke

What kind of Cheese is made backwards?

05 Oct 20 UTC Very well earned win Brumark, congrats! Since first meeting you in the semi's I could tell you were destined for greatness.

Very much enjoyed getting to know the rest of you as well, you're all champs in my books!
05 Oct 20 UTC And special thanks to Umbletheheep for subbing in for me back in March.
05 Oct 20 UTC My god. I was going to congratulate you until you said that.

Congrats and nicely done
05 Oct 20 UTC Congratulations to Brumark - you hugely deserve this win. Your ability to ruthlessly play as the situation dictates, while staying friendly with everyone, is truly remarkable.

And thank you all for an immensely fun and high quality game.
05 Oct 20 UTC Good game everyone!
05 Oct 20 UTC And congratulations on clinching second place, Ogion
05 Oct 20 UTC Cheers to silver medalist Ogion!
05 Oct 20 UTC ;)
06 Oct 20 UTC The odds were against you Brumark but you prevailed. Stellar win.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Brumark (2046 D)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 19 D
13 supply-centers, 12 units
Napoleon of Oz (2709 D)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 7 D
8 supply-centers, 8 units
teccles (1767 D)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 7 D
8 supply-centers, 8 units
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 3 D
5 supply-centers, 5 units
Ogion (3898 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
VillageIdiot (6818 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
swordsman3003 (14474 D (G))
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
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