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Finished: 11 AM Sat 10 Aug 19 UTC
Private GR Top 100 Gunboat Series I: Game 7
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 140 D - Autumn, 1915, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
2 excused missed turn
Game won by mdrltc (1818 D (G))
08 Aug 19 UTC Ouchy. Well played, mdrptc. That unwanted support into Marseilles in A12 really screwed me.

We had some opportunities to still make a stalemate line, but couldn't get it done. Kudos
08 Aug 19 UTC GG and well done to mdrltc
08 Aug 19 UTC What the hell Turkey.

GG mdrltc
08 Aug 19 UTC That was utter garbage, Turkey.
France, we would've made it if if you don't take that centre off me. Now I had to jump through hoops.
08 Aug 19 UTC I realized it a turn later. You could have come back for Portugal and we would have made it as well.
08 Aug 19 UTC I would have had the unit back, and we still would have been golden, but I screwed up in A12...
08 Aug 19 UTC I did not read your movements correctly looking back to A11. I was worried about living through the next year or two. Germany still seemed far away from the solo...
08 Aug 19 UTC I think I misread a couple builds and it cost me in the midgame. I wanted to finish off Austria and push south to Turkey in 1907 but I got spooked by army Berlin. In hindsight that was dumb, because he obviously needed an army somewhere, and Munich or Berlin are equally threatening. I shouldn't have moved Bohemia to Munich that turn.

Even still I think I had a shot to work with Turkey--when contemplating builds in A07 I was going to give Serbia to Turkey and vacate Trieste to fight Germany. I guess Turkey got fed up with my admittedly self-focused play in Austria, not even supporting him to Serbia in A07 when I probably could have read that he was going there (I wanted to ensure that someone tapped Serbia but he was so likely to do it), and built army Ankara. I figured a stab had to be coming, but then he held in Ankara and moved for Serbia again? I don't really get this tbh just build a fleet if you want to keep working with me, yeah?

Anyway by that point I had provoked Germany and got attacked by Italy AND hadn't done anything to help Turkey all game long so I got crunched. I bailed to Austria and tried to make Germany the solo threat which somewhat worked, but not as I had anticipated; think I got lucky because he didn't grow as out of control as I thought he would at first, but managed to get a big gain before I/T squeezed me out.

Then I think we had an ugly but viable stalemate line if Turkey just cuts through Tunis. I get that he didn't want to risk being bounced in Tunis because a disband creates a hole somewhere, but the alternative was literally giving Spain and the solo away so not much choice.
08 Aug 19 UTC Yeah. Even if Italy loses a build, Russia might have been able to plug the whole. Would have been tricky, but doable.
08 Aug 19 UTC *hole
08 Aug 19 UTC For me, there were several critical junctures during this game.

1st – S07. After several iterations of Norway/Sweden mutual love support, Russia attacked me. At the same time, England signaled his desire to suspend hostile actions against each other. I was more than willing to accept England’s overtures as sincere and thus turned in Russia’s direction.

2nd - A09. I am an adherent of the thought that there is no such thing as luck; however, there are positive unexpected outcomes! At this juncture of the game, I was really trying to help England gain a build and trying to help him in France. I was thinking about England as a long-term ally and previous to this turn, I had offered support into Norway a couple of times to help gain that build.

The move of Burgundy to Paris was intended to cut Paris support of Gascony to Brest. The Piedmont move to Marseilles was intended to cut support of Gascony to Burgundy. I found myself in possession of two more SCs than I expected.

It was after A09 that I thought I might have a chance at the solo. (I, uhh, disinvite England to take Norway in A10)

3rd – A11. England is in a difficult situation. The A Belgium could convoy to EDI, York or London. England had to respect that and his only COA was to cover all three options. Thus, I knew I could move F NOR to Norw Sea and A Belgium to Picardy while bringing A St Pete to Norway. I’m now starting think about how to secure Warsaw and Moscow.

4th – S12-A12. This is the start of cooperation between S/I/R/T. Turkey takes a superfluous (to Russia) RUM and threatens WAR and MOS. GAL became important to me not only for protection of WAR/MOS, but for another reason I’ll address in a moment.

Italy is in MAO and could have Supt Hold Breast, but instead moves to NAO. Was Italy’s intent to protect LIV?

I suspect France intends to bounce GAS and Spain in MAR to gain a build. I did not want to support Spain into MAR because I wanted Italy to lose a unit. Sooo - in went GAS and Italy disbands a fleet.

5th – S13. Why did Italy move F TYR S to ION S? This move is critical as it now puts Italy a move behind regarding the defense of Iberia/North Africa and causes Turkey to turtle in Aegean Sea (delays Turkey from moving a F to ION to support the Spain/North Africa defense).
Italy probably expected me to bounce in LIV, but I had determined it was immaterial whether Italy kept LIV and a build or not. I had already decided to convoy Clyde back to Norway.
Sent SIL to GAL and lived in fear of A RUM to GAL with support from UKR and BUD.
6th – A13. Took risk in using MOS to hit UKR. I was reasonably sure that Turkey would assume WAR support hold MOS. I could now move A NOR to St Pete and keep GAL. (GAL is important).

I would have bet money that F Spain would move to MAO to bounce F EC. Thought I was cute trying to slip into Spain from GAS.

7th – S14. OK, looks like Italy has thought this through. Italy has to moved F to West Med in order to support Spain next turn if I do get into MAO. F Rome has to get to GOL by A14 if I get a unit into POR or North Africa. My intent is to make Italy and Turkey: 1) have to make some big guesses and 2) think about what to do about Tunisia. Russia is Critical, Critical, Critical at this time but I don’t want to submit an order that would give it away.

8th – A14. At the end of A14, everything is in place for the big guess or series of big guesses.

9th – S15. Turkey move to West Med makes no sense, Italy had a choice to make with the F West Med: hold Spain or move to North Africa, hoping to bounce MAO if moving to North Africa. If Italy moves to North Africa and does bounce, then F Tyr Sea simply bounces, no good done, back to the big guess. If Italy moves to NA and I take Spain, the game is done. Turkey’s only move was to Tunis.


It was after A12 that I though I had a good chance for the solo. Italy did not have sufficient fleets after the disband to support Spain, defend NA and Tunis. The vulnerability of Tunis was a key part of my strategy. My question was, if Tunis falls, where does Italy disband? The only option for disband that didn’t completely throw the game to me was Tyrolia.

If Turkey went to Tunis in S15, I definitely planned to bounce him in NA. Italy still would have had a big guess to make: Support Tunis to NA or hold Spain. After a S15 attack on Spain and Italy‘s hold works, I was going to bet that Italy would hold again in A15.

Let’s assume Italy disbands Tyrolia. PIE still has to hold MAR. It would be up to Russia to fill the hole on Tyrolia. I planned to use my unit in GAL top cut Vienna support to Trieste to Tyrolia and use BOH to get into Tyrolia with support from Munich (or BOH support MUN in). Once in Tyrolia my options are to tap PIE, move to Venice, or attack Vienna with three units. Too much for Italy and Russia to defend through multiple guesses.

That’s why GAL was so important to me. GAL allowed options.

Finally, after A12, I was concerned that Russia would see the options above and do the one thing that would save the day: Trieste to Tyrolia with support from Vienna, Serbia to Trieste. I thought about using Munich to hold Tyrolia, but did not want to give a hint regarding the play.

GG all, I did enjoy this game (of course!)
09 Aug 19 UTC If Germany gets into North Africa, we lose. Germany did a good job breaking down the difficult situation we were in. I didn't see a way for us to win if Italy has to disband (which would've happened if I tried to go through Tunis), so I took the only move that I thought could save it. My hope was France would've tapped Gascony, thus keeping Spain in our hands, while Western Med goes to North Africa. Obviously that's a lot of cordination for a gunboat, but I didn't see Russia being to plug the hole at all.
09 Aug 19 UTC The mistake I made is that I didn't notice Russia would be able to fill up the line, so I went for the really risky play. Oops.

And Russia, my army in Ankara was a defensive build. In the build phase, it didn't seem obvious you weren't going for me (moving into Galicia and still hanging out in the Black Sea for whatever reason made me concerned!), so I wanted to make your push as hard as possible. Then you built in St. Petersburg, which helped me relax a lot, but then you were in Serbia (in response to my Ankara build), which in mind I needed to be at all relevant. So miscommunications all the way down.
09 Aug 19 UTC By S15, I was not going to allow Russia to fill the Tyrolia hole. That's why I hit Vienna with GAL with support from BOH, MUN to TYR. If Russia had used Vienna to support Trieste to Tyrolia, that support is cut.
09 Aug 19 UTC On further review we were probably cooked regardless so I take back my "what the hell Turkey" lol. I get the move now.
10 Aug 19 UTC I didn't read anything yet, but Tyrr-Tun followed by Tun-NAf gave us a 50-50 shot at securing the stalemate line. Tyrr-WMed never would've done anything but cede a solo.
10 Aug 19 UTC I concur with Claesar on this one.
10 Aug 19 UTC Tough scenario. I get that.

I actually expected Germany to move into NAf in the spring. Even so, as Italy, I don't *think* I move to NAf. Hindsight is 20/20 though, so I cannot say for sure.

I F'd up plenty, so it's not only Turkey :(

I played to conservatively the last couple years.
10 Aug 19 UTC *too
12 Aug 19 UTC I certainly wasn't flawless either.
12 Aug 19 UTC But the right move could never have been Tyrr-WMed. That loses to literally every German move. Tyrr-Tun in Spring followed by Tun-NAf in Autumn, therefore leaving the centre in my control, was the only exit. I would've had to guess between WMed S Spain and WMed S Tun-NAf, hence the 50-50 shot. I would've guessed right.
12 Aug 19 UTC @Germany: Yes, I should not have moved to Ion in S13. I thought I had another turn and wasn't too sure about Turkey's intentions yet. This was a blunder.

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mdrltc (1818 D (G))
Won. Bet: 20 D, won: 140 D
18 supply-centers, 16 units
Fortress Door (1842 D)
Survived. Bet: 20 D
7 supply-centers, 7 units
Claesar (4656 D Mod)
Survived. Bet: 20 D
4 supply-centers, 4 units
Survived. Bet: 20 D
4 supply-centers, 4 units
Matticus13 (2824 D)
Survived. Bet: 20 D
1 supply-centers, 1 units
rdrivera2005 (3533 D (G))
Defeated. Bet: 20 D
Defeated. Bet: 20 D
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