Finished: 06 AM Sun 07 Apr 19 UTC
Private Early Worm Gets The Worm
1 day /phase
Pot: 35 D - Autumn, 1911, Finished
Classic, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Ptor26 (157 D)

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02 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1901: Hello Everyone, here is a quick list of who everyone is:

Russia: Me - Ben (in RI)
England: Alex - My brother in RI
France: Niko - Fellow math grad student in RI
Italy: Samantha - Sister from another mister in the Windy City
Germany: Pierce - best friend of mine in California
Austria-Hungary: Eric - grad school friend from AZ, now in Las Vegas
Turkey: Cameron - friend of Pierces in Cali

Feel free to add anything that you want and keep the global conversation going, and dont be afraid to send messages and talk (its a very important part of the game).

Pierce, Cameron, Eric, and I have played one game of this (still going on), so if you have a question, these are the people to ask (as well as the internets).

Good Luck, and let the odds be ever in your favor.
02 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1901: Hello all!
Sorry for taking a while I work late on Saturdays. This is my first time playing and I'm excited and ready to work together so that I may dominate you all :)
09 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1903: Alright! We are in a position to fight back in the north! YAY!
Heres what I think we should do:
1) We will support hold eachother in Norway and Sweden. Though that may not be enough. if Pierce retreats to Baltic Sea, then you may need to cut support by attacking Ska or Den from North Sea. This will ensure that I can keep Sweden and then I can bring in another unit to try and clean up the north.

2) If you attack English Channel from Irish Sea you will cut support for a move in Belgium. Also, worst case scenario, you can retreat into Burgandy or Ruhr and cause them some trouble next turn.

Let me know if this seems good to you. Pierce made a mistake in not supporting Sweden that round and we can capitalize as long as France and Austria dont screw us up respectively.
09 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1903: Oh no, I sent that to Global instead of England, crap
09 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1903: Well this game just keeps getting better and better for me.
09 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1903: lol
09 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1903: We'll pretend you did try to send it to only England, but it was intercepted in transmission.
09 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1903: It was probably the pre-Nazis.....freakin pre-Nazis
17 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1905: Hey all, my university's spring break has started, and I am leaving tomorrow on a trip where I will not have access to the internet. Unfortunately I have to drop out of the game. It's been fun playing! (P.S. Anyone know how to leave the game so y'all don't have to wait on me to start your turns???)
05 Apr 19 UTC Well good game guys! Austria dropping out definitely gave me the advantage so I'm not sure I can really claim any credit. Hopefully we can play again when everybody can stick it through to the end