Finished: 08 AM Sat 30 Mar 19 UTC
1 day /phase
Pot: 70 D - Autumn, 1909, Finished
Classic, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by NormanWarrier (444 D)
28 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1901: Good luck everyone!
04 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1902: I say we all march as one on the States! who is with me??
05 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1903: GameMaster: nishabhatiaa was banned: Multi/meta/no reply. The time until the next phase has been extended by one phase length to give an opportunity to replace the player.
Remember to finalize your orders if you don't want to wait, so the game isn't held up unnecessarily!
05 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1903: man, if he got banned a little earlier i would've been flying
05 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1903: what do you think he did?
05 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1903: what country was he?
05 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1903: italy
05 Mar 19 UTC Spring, 1903: oh man and the plan we to let him take the states now what?
11 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1904: welp
11 Mar 19 UTC Autumn, 1904: gg
28 Mar 19 UTC Great game everyone!
28 Mar 19 UTC Good game guys! Quite a pity I missed a turn. But alas, Russia made a very subtle stab and Italy was really good at gunboats. I look forward to playing future games with you all.
28 Mar 19 UTC congrats Norman! ...(on beating a couple of chuckleheads with no eye for avoiding a solo).
28 Mar 19 UTC Playing Italy is miserable. Good game everyone
29 Mar 19 UTC Hauta, my initial plan was to have a Turkey-Russia alliance (The Juggernaut). However, it didn't work out. Hopefully, we can have a better alliance in the next game.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

NormanWarrier (444 D)
Won. Bet: 10 D, won: 70 D
20 supply-centers, 17 units
johndonof (111 D)
Survived. Bet: 0 D
13 supply-centers, 14 units
Flamebere (111 D)
Survived. Bet: 10 D
1 supply-centers, 2 units
Hauta (1618 D (S))
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
Fishnut (691 D)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
SuitClad (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 0 D
chavires (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
Civil Disorders
Zondak (100 D)Germany (Autumn, 1901) with 3 centres.
Supershane (100 D)Germany (Autumn, 1905) with 1 centres.
nishabhatiaa (80 D)Italy (Spring, 1903) with 4 centres.
Jerthrow (100 D)Germany (Spring, 1906) with 1 centres.
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