Finished: 10 AM Thu 21 Jun 18 UTC
Featured The Ultimate Showdown-9
1 day /phase
Pot: 875 D - Autumn, 1912, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring, Hidden draw votes
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Drummer Man (2767 D)

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19 Jun 18 UTC Good game everyone! Glad I could come out with the win.
19 Jun 18 UTC Well played Germany
19 Jun 18 UTC Atrocious end game play by England, Italy and Russia, so easy to have stopped this solo with correct play. I had Portugal locked down defended, with correct play by England... And Italy blocked me from getting out of the black for five turns! And Russia, I totally GAVE you rumania and sevastopol, and you didn't move full bore to the German front, you sat there and garrisoned stuff that I just handed you free and clear, ridiculous...
19 Jun 18 UTC Sorry, I'm still learning this game.
GG Germany.
19 Jun 18 UTC England: scroll back to spring of 1908: I have fleets in West med and NAF. Your last unit is in Portugal, surrounded. There is only one defense, a double cut. I hit MAO and Spain every turn, and you are protected. I did it in fall of 1908. But West med and NAF both need to STAY in place, and be protected, so that turn, you hit Spain, west med is also protected via a double cut, but a different one, you hit Spain from the other direction as well. it worked. Correct play that turn. spring of 1909, I did it again, you did something else, but we got lucky. Spring of 1909, you supported me into MAO, gigantic mistake. destroyed the position. Portugal was lost as soon as my fleet entered MAO. All you had to do is hit Spain every turn, and you would still be in Portugal now... It's a unique Portugal only defense as Portugal is the only SC on the map with only two bordering territories.
19 Jun 18 UTC Ah I see...

And if you would have retreated to Irish Sea instead of NA?
19 Jun 18 UTC no, that would have been worse, temporarily I can get into Liverpool, but it does nothing to protect Portugal, and throwing me out of Liverpool is super easy for him to do later.
19 Jun 18 UTC as another note, had Italy not grossly interfered with my fleet movements to Iberia, I might have gotten there in time to totally defend Portugal without your help....
19 Jun 18 UTC ALL: prior to the spring of 1906, I was playing to win, but in the fall of 1906, I evacuated both Rumania and Sevastopol, willingly giving them both back to Russia. this is like standing on the top of a mountain and screaming:


It was then mind-boggling for me to watch:

- Russian garrisons of the places I had just given him, greatly favoring the German land advance.

- Constant Italian (and Russian) interference with my fleets moves west.

to stop the German solo we needed:

MAX armies to the main front. (Russian and Italian responsibility)
MAX fleets to the western side of the med. (Turkish responsibility)

But apparently Italy and Russia preferred to give Germany the solo...

Another thing that just shocked the hell out of me: Fall 1906. I dislodged an Italian fleet in Naples. Venice was totally unprotected, with German armies closing in. Fleet Naples could have been disbanded in the retreat phase and rebuilt as an army in Venice. this alone may have changed the game entirely. What further good was a fleet in TYS going to do after Rome and Naples were lost to fleets? turkey had no more ability to threaten Italy as the fleets were all facing west. But Venice was hugely at risk from Germany...

Predicatably, Germany walked into a totally open Venice without even needing support.....
19 Jun 18 UTC Tugster, I wasn’t aware you were a teacher! Lighten up on Maximus. We’re there better moves to be made - absolutely, but congrats to Germany for taking advantage and achieving the solo.
19 Jun 18 UTC well, I've given up on you sweetwater on teaching you how to play the game, you're a lost cause... lol
19 Jun 18 UTC as witnessed by a German army sitting proudly in Warsaw as SC # 18...
19 Jun 18 UTC seriously you disbanded Livonia instead of Rumania with Germany overrunning the map?
19 Jun 18 UTC Wasn’t any way to stop it once Italy didn’t S VIE in Spring ‘11! Until another game...stay healthy!
19 Jun 18 UTC and then moved Ukraine to Romania, with Germany marching into Russia... move after move was a gift to the German
19 Jun 18 UTC that was another big mistake, breaking up his own perfect stalemate line.... just a comedy of errors by a bunch of rookies...
19 Jun 18 UTC it just annoys me when people cannot make basic moves...
19 Jun 18 UTC The numbers were always against me to hold LIV and eventually WAR. Took BUD to build at MOS but needed Italy to hold VIE. Hindsight is the greatest of all teachers!!! Until we meet again
19 Jun 18 UTC none of this was hindsight, I took notes in advance on all of it, it's basics...
19 Jun 18 UTC Even good players make mistakes! We’ve all done it. Be positive and give credit to Germany, not berate the poor moves.