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Finished: 10 PM Fri 27 Apr 18 UTC
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 175 D - Autumn, 1911, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Bawlofyarne (100 D)

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Chat archive


27 Apr 18 UTC oml
27 Apr 18 UTC Gg. Was a bit distracted tonight so I apologize for some wonky moves
27 Apr 18 UTC You all literally didn't see the blue tida wave of france coming, HOW could you miss it!
27 Apr 18 UTC Austria, I chose you over Russia, and you never helped me fight Russia, or France, all you did was provide a secure border
27 Apr 18 UTC you attacked turkey , who was helping ME take out Russia. And attacked Italy who was helping ME take out France
27 Apr 18 UTC like whyyyyyy...
27 Apr 18 UTC also, sorry England for not doing more to help you
27 Apr 18 UTC gg nice solo France
27 Apr 18 UTC France your a legend
27 Apr 18 UTC Turkey and Italy were the only ones I saw put up any kind of resistance. Think Germany has to be trolling here...did his utmost to hand France every SC possible. And what's with those last minute pause and cancel votes you threw up?
27 Apr 18 UTC I built all kinds of fleets to charge into the Mediterranean but Austria kept punching me in the nuts.
27 Apr 18 UTC sorry for attacking you @tyrolia italy, I thought we were gonna fight, and was just helping out Austria, thanks for attempting to take out Italy
27 Apr 18 UTC Frustrating last 30 minutes just readying up and watching the inevitable happen. Germany and Austria here acted like complete knuckleheads. You know there is no prize for second place in a winner take all game, right guys?
27 Apr 18 UTC what are you talking about Russia, I literally did everything to STOP France. But France took Denmark, and that was the end of me. AND added onto that he took Tyrolia. ADDED onto that you took Warsaw
27 Apr 18 UTC gg. game was the fun kind of chaos all over.
27 Apr 18 UTC lol in a gunboat game nothing should say "peace, Austria" like a bunch of Turkish boats. Can't exactly sail to Budapest
27 Apr 18 UTC gg it was fun
27 Apr 18 UTC How was I suppose to take out France, when I had to get rid of half my army
27 Apr 18 UTC gg. game was the fun kind of chaos all over.
27 Apr 18 UTC go to autumn 1906