Finished: 07 PM Tue 27 Feb 18 UTC
Koniggratz Freakout
18 hours /phase
Pot: 210 D - Spring, 1917, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
23 Jan 18 UTC Spring, 1904: Don't worry, i'm most definitely not drinking the Kool Aid.
31 Jan 18 UTC Autumn, 1907: Good game Germany.
01 Feb 18 UTC Autumn, 1907: gg all
01 Feb 18 UTC Autumn, 1907: GG Germany
15 Feb 18 UTC Autumn, 1912: Up to you now Italy
20 Feb 18 UTC Autumn, 1914: Take the draw.
26 Feb 18 UTC I think Turkey just drunk messaged me.

“~05:47 AM And, better yet - WHY DON'T YOU GO ELIMINATE ENGLAND YOURSELF! You have the fleets to move north. Stop being a turtle and go do something yourself.


That one put a smile on my face. :)
26 Feb 18 UTC No, I raged messaged because your continued insistence that we are dragging this game out by not eliminating England for a 3wd gets old.

There are 3 people voting for the draw and only one hold-out. The person being the hold-out is the one that’s the issue, not the others.
26 Feb 18 UTC For the record, even though I am not a vet or anything, I have had several games where when the board is stalemated, the game gets a 4wd.

This is the first time the turtler demands that we eliminate the weakest person for them to draw.
26 Feb 18 UTC Don’t be mad, just trying to share some much needed levity to this game. You guys are way too wound up.
26 Feb 18 UTC I think we are just tired of you dragging this on because of your principals for a good game.

Call it how you want. You expect us to make us to weaken our position for you to take advantage of it and get to 18.
26 Feb 18 UTC Yeah I'm glad Italy opened up the public messaging first because I almost did but restrained myself. Turkey, England, and myself are done stabbing each other. Just end it.
26 Feb 18 UTC Don’t worry I’ll end it when I’m bored, just not there yet. Don’t you guys have any fun?
26 Feb 18 UTC This game is now a turtle/stalemate, which isn't really fun at all. And one person, namely you, is drawing out the length of this because of their own ideals/beliefs.

That's selfish and rude behavior when playing a game with other people. If you were one of my friends IRL, I would never play a game with you again based on how you've carried yourself during this game - you've exhibited no sportsmanship at all.
26 Feb 18 UTC I like England quite a lot as a person, but we have to be honest that he stopped truely playing weeks ago. Even he would admit all his attention and interest is in his other games and is just going through the motions here and sometimes not even. This insistence this has to end in 4wd at all costs is simply an exercise in spitefulness because I wouldnt accept the draw when you first demanded. Russia took his solo shot and failed, I took mine and failed. Nothing personal with all of this, but the 3wd is clearly the proper finish for this game.
26 Feb 18 UTC I never 'demanded' a 4wd, in fact when I made mention of it, that is when you went for the stab to go for solo. As you said, you have failed to do this.

I mean this and I am unwavering on it: This game is going to end in 2 ways - a 4wd or a 3wd with England, Russia, and myself. Your choice Italy.
26 Feb 18 UTC And that’s utter bullshit Turkey. Up until now I was taking my shot and all you wanted to do was bitch and moan for the draw the entire time about it. That’s what bad sportsmanship looks like.
26 Feb 18 UTC And no, I am not going to try to 'convince' Russia to stab England like you keep telling me in PMs that I can do, so stop saying that I can or should.
26 Feb 18 UTC Drawing is not bad sportsmanship.
26 Feb 18 UTC I like the sudden change in attitude about now wanting a ERT 3wd. Somebody suddeny believes they may have an opening for a solo shot. I like the fire! ;)
26 Feb 18 UTC Regardless, make your pick on how this will end Italy. You are the only one with the power of choice, so exercise it or make peace with the fact you will not get your way and have England eliminated.

As I said, if you want him eliminated - do it yourself. Use your 4 fleets in positions around MAO and North Sea to push Russia back, then move your armies into England and take it all.
26 Feb 18 UTC I may like your fire for a solo attempt, but I’m certainly not going to make it that easy for you.
26 Feb 18 UTC Then draw the game.
26 Feb 18 UTC Again looking for the easy way. I’ve never seen a lazier player in all my life.
26 Feb 18 UTC If you don’t enjoy the way the game is played here then maybe stick to playing with your IRL friends over Ritz crackers and wine coolers.
26 Feb 18 UTC All that's missing is peanut butter M&M's and it would be dandy games night.
26 Feb 18 UTC Can we do real wine instead of wine coolers? I'm definitely there if there are pb M&Ms. Please include me in your next diplomacy night.
26 Feb 18 UTC We do usually one game of Diplo, then a game of Catan, followed by a bunch of Dominion with the people who stay later.

As I stated in my rant, typically Diplo turns into a stalemate after a couple of people are eliminated because it'll take hours and we'd like to continue having fun instead of dragging it out.
26 Feb 18 UTC Sounds wicked fun, unfortunately doesn’t translate great outside of moms basement.
26 Feb 18 UTC I’m not allowed wine while sneaking online at work.
26 Feb 18 UTC Have you never been to an adult's games night? You're missing out dude, but then again it requires actually having both friends and the ability to be respectful of other player's time/desires...
26 Feb 18 UTC Finally lightened up in here and you have to go back to being all grumpy-pants again. At least it was a better zinger then “DUHH!” this time.
26 Feb 18 UTC That type of attitude will not get you invited back to Dungens & Dragons night!
26 Feb 18 UTC (And I was going to let you be the level 12 Ranger Elf this time)
26 Feb 18 UTC Turkey, I love Catan. Seeing as my parents live 650 miles away from me, I don't foresee us using the basement. But my table has plenty of room for Catan. It's not as intense, but I am a big fan of Ticket to Ride to shake things up. Haven't played Dominion but heard great things. Same with Powergrid.
26 Feb 18 UTC I've been meaning to try Scythe
26 Feb 18 UTC Ticket to Ride is definitely fun. My wife enjoys the simplicity of it over Catan/Dominion so it’s nice to throw it into the mix
26 Feb 18 UTC Btw, #Paladinmasterclass
26 Feb 18 UTC You sir, are no Paladin Master Class. And i would destroy you in Ticket to Ride.
26 Feb 18 UTC Yeah my girlfriend prefers Ticket to Ride, but has become better at Catan. We get together with other people in the area once a week. Totally different realm, but have you played Codenames? That's been a fun (albeit competitive) double-date night game.
26 Feb 18 UTC Never done D&D before
26 Feb 18 UTC Totally played Codenames, awesome game.
26 Feb 18 UTC Dude, Paladin's are sick - especially with the new book. Playing as the Oath of Redemption is awesome, though I am only level 4 for now. D&D is really fun, but takes a lot of effort for the DM and also the players. It is really critical to set the story and give the group a purpose, otherwise it can turn into issues.

Codenames is fun as heck too.
26 Feb 18 UTC Going to go ahead and let this one go.

There was tonnes more game left in this, but certainly takes wind out of my sails when everybody legitimately was fired up about forcing ending on a lesser outcome at all costs. Surprising to see some of you having so many games under your belt and giving up without more of a fight.

It's been fun! Next time i'll be less merciful. ;)
26 Feb 18 UTC Well done Italy, Russia, England, Turkey.
My game ended at precisely Spring-1904 when the F/G convoy mis-ordered.
After that Germany was reduced quickly and I tried to re-build an alliance with England but we couldn’t agree terms.
Italy was excellent at the Diplomacy and remained always in contact – no matter whether we were for / against / neutral.
27 Feb 18 UTC Top 1% confirms to me you are a bitter vet Italy :P
27 Feb 18 UTC Top 1% confirms to me you are a bitter vet Italy :P
27 Feb 18 UTC Top 1% confirms to me you are a bitter vet Italy :P
27 Feb 18 UTC Wow, cell phone spam much lol...
27 Feb 18 UTC *tussles hair*

Stay this adorable forever!

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